1kosmos - Blockid - Email id & Phone of Key Contacts, Facts, Revenue

 1kosmos - Blockid

1kosmos - Blockid is a Computer & Network Security company and has headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 1kosmos - Blockid has 8 employees . It was founded in 2016. 1kosmos - Blockid specialises in blockchain, cryptocurrency. 1kosmos - Blockid is a private company.

1kosmos - Blockid overview Edit  

1kosmos - Blockid key facts like headquarters, number of employees, industry, estimated revenue, business model, presence & more.

Industry : Computer & Network Security
Headquarters : Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Tags : Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Business Model :
Website :
Social Handles :    
Presence : -
Company Type : Private
No of employees

1kosmos - Blockid technology stack

1kosmos - Blockid key technologies used on the website. Check the section to learn more about which tools and technologies are used by 1kosmos - Blockid and how much is 1kosmos - Blockid oriented towards technology.

Facebook Signal
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Amazon Aws
Google Tag

1kosmos - Blockid key contacts

1kosmos - Blockid key contacts like HR head, Founders, CEO, Directors, Marketing head, CMO and various others key decision makers. View their professional verified email ids.

1kosmos - Blockid similar companies

1kosmos - Blockid similar companies show companies that have similar matching attributes like industry, type, employees and are competitors to 1kosmos - Blockid.

1kosmos - Blockid recent tweets

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1kosmos - Blockid Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions about 1kosmos - Blockid. The questions are about 1kosmos - Blockid funding, 1kosmos - Blockid revenue, 1kosmos - Blockid founder, 1kosmos - Blockid CEO, 1kosmos - Blockid Head office, 1kosmos - Blockid contact details and more.

When was 1kosmos - Blockid founded?

1kosmos - Blockid was founded in 2016.

Where is 1kosmos - Blockid headquarters?

1kosmos - Blockid headquarters is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

How many employees does 1kosmos - Blockid have?

1kosmos - Blockid has 8 employees.

What sector does 1kosmos - Blockid operate in?

1kosmos - Blockid is in computer & network security sector.

Is 1kosmos - Blockid a private company?

Yes, 1kosmos - Blockid is a private company.

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