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Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited is a Oil & Energy, Retail, Textiles, Oil & Energy based company and has headquarters in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance Industries Limited has 81092 employees working in various departments like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance & Operations. It was founded in 1973. Reliance Industries Limited specialises in Diversified Group, Retail, Integrated Energy, Refining & Marketing, Petrochemicals, Telecom : Broadband, Exploration And Production Get Meesho company profile, CEO, top employees, contacts on EasyLeadz. Reliance Industries Limited contact number is 91 2222785000 Reliance Industries Limited contact email id is

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Reliance Industries Limited - Business Model, Products & Services Offered

Below Table Gives information on the business model of Reliance Industries Limited & the products & services offered by Reliance Industries Limited. It also includes who are the ideal customers that Reliance Industries Limited currently sells its products & services to.


SAAS No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a SAAS Company.
Ecommerce No, Reliance Industries Limited is not an ecommerce company.
B2B No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a B2B company.
B2C No, Reliance Industries Limited is a B2C company.
Exporter No, Reliance Industries Limited is not an exporter.
Products Not available
Services Not available
Ideal Customers Not available
Company Spends Money on Not available

Reliance Industries Limited Frequently Asked Questions

When was Reliance Industries Limited founded?

Reliance Industries Limited was founded in 1973.

Who is the Founder of Reliance Industries Limited?

Aashutosh Bajaj is the founder of Reliance Industries Limited.

Where are Reliance Industries Limited headquarters?

Reliance Industries Limited headquarters are in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

How many employees does Reliance Industries Limited have?

Reliance Industries Limited has 81092 employees.

What sector does Reliance Industries Limited operate in?

Reliance Industries Limited is in oil & energy, retail, textiles, oil & energy sector.

Is Reliance Industries Limited a public company?

Yes, Reliance Industries Limited is a public company.

What does Reliance Industries Limited Do ?

Our motto “growth is life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of reliance. our activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail, and telecommunications. in each of these areas, we are committed to innovation-led, exponential growth. our vision has pushed us to achieve global leadership in many of our businesses – including our position as the largest polyester yarn and fiber producer in the world. reliance industries limited is a fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in india. as reliance sets sights on even more ambitious goals, we remain inspired and guided by the story and philosophy of our founder chairman dhirubhai ambani. hailing from modest means, he followed his dream to create india's largest company. reliance as an organization has adopted this ethos of converting adversity into opportunity and making the impossible possible by challenging conventional wisdom. our ultimate aim has always been – and will always be – to touch the lives of people in a positive way

What does Reliance Industries Limited specialize into ?

Reliance Industries Limited specialises into Diversified Group, Retail, Integrated Energy, Refining & Marketing, Petrochemicals, Telecom : Broadband, Exploration And Production

What is the Legal Name of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The legal name of Reliance Industries Limited is Reliance Industries Limited

What is the CIN number of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The CIN number of Reliance Industries Limited is L17110MH1973PLC019786

What is GST number of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The GST number of Reliance Industries Limited is 02AAACR5055K2ZI  view entire details in EasyProspect

Does Reliance Industries Limited owns any trademarks ?

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Does Reliance Industries Limited owns any patents ?

We are unable to find any patents related to Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Who are the key investors in Reliance Industries Limited ?

Reliance Industries Limited does not have any investors associated with the company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited an ecommerce company ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not an online store or an ecommerce company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited a SAAS company ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a SAAS Company.

Who owns the company Reliance Industries Limited ?

Reliance Industries Limited is owned by the public markets as its a public company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited a business to business i.e B2B company ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a business to business i.e B2B company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited a Business to consumer i.e b2c company ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a business to consumer i.e B2C company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited an exporter ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not an exporter of products or services.

Who is the CEO of Reliance Industries Limited ?

Aashutosh Bajaj

Who are the directors of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The directors of Reliance Industries Limited are Nikhil Rasiklal Meswani, Hital Rasiklal Meswani, Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, Madhusudana Sivaprasad Panda, Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, Dipak Chand Jain, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Pawan Kumar Kapil, Shumeet Banerji, Nita Mukesh Ambani, Adil Zainulbhai, Raminder Singh Gujral, Veerayya Chowdary Kosaraju, Yasir Othman H Alrumayyan

Which Products are sold by Reliance Industries Limited ?

We do not have the information about the Products of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

What services Reliance Industries Limited provides ?

We do not have the information about the Services of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

What is the stock symbol of Reliance Industries Limited ?

We do not have the information about the Stock Symbol of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Is Reliance Industries Limited listed on stock exchange ?

We do not have the information about the Stock listing of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Who is the brand ambassador of Reliance Industries Limited ?

We do not have the information about the Brand Ambassador of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Is Reliance Industries Limited an Indian Company ?

Yes, Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian Company.

Is Reliance Industries Limited an MNC ?

No, Reliance Industries Limited is not a Multinational Company.

Who are the top competitors of Reliance Industries Limited ?

We do not have the information about the Competitors of Reliance Industries Limited. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

When was Reliance Industries Limited incorporated ?

Reliance Industries Limited was incorporate on 1973-05-08

What is the authorized capital of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The authorized capital of Reliance Industries Limited is INR 150000000000

What is the paid up capital of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The paid up capital Reliance Industries Limited is INR 64450998435

What is the registered address of Reliance Industries Limited ?

The registered address of Reliance Industries Limited is 3 rd floormaker chamber iv; 222 nariman point; mumbai; maharashtra; 400021; india