Key Advantages of using Mr. E by EasyLeadz over Lusha

Mr. E by Easyleadz is an affordable alternative to Lusha. Being a Lusha competitor and alternative, Mr. E by Easyleadz serves many of the same purposes (and more) as one of the leading B2B contact data providers.

Lusha has been providing corporate data since 2016 and positions itself as the “leading provider of companies database or contact data or recruitment data”.

Is Lusha always the best choice for all targeting needs or would it benefit B2B marketers to look at an alternative like Mr. E by Easyleadz.  In this article, we dive into comparison to help B2B sales and marketing to make an informed choice as per their needs.

As a B2B business, it is always great to have choices when you are looking to run lead generation campaigns or recruitment needs. Having a data partner which can fulfil varying criteria over a period of time is a competitive advantage.

We will consider 5 parameters to flesh out the comparison.