As promised on Linkedin, I have come up with this massive giveaway for you all lovely growth hackers and sales and marketing professionals.

No more wait!

What you will get in the giveaway? – 15 growth hacks and rewards worth lakhs!

Do you want to grow your Twitter following? Do you want to know who follows your competitor on Twitter? There is a hack for that.

Do you want to find anyone’s email id? I can share a hack using which you never have to pay to anyone for finding any email id.

Do you want to use Linkedin for free forever and bypass Linkedin search limits? I can share a hack for that in this giveaway.

Do you want to find anyone’s contact number that too for free? I can help you with that!

Want to scrape thousands of job postings and target them? I can help with a tool for that.

Struggling to write cold emails? I will tell you how to use AI to write amazing cold emails that get replies!

Do you want to scrape the profiles of your target customers through Linkedin? I can share a free tool that will help you with that!

You are feeling sad for all those who are missing out on this giveaway right? Well, their loss!

But it’s not over yet, there is more!

I will be giving away a cold email guide that I have written personally and helped me get an open rate of over 80% and a reply rate of close to 20%. With some cold email templates that work, in this giveaway!

I am giving away my B2B Lead generation course for free that will help with defining your ideal customer profile, finding them, getting their contact information, sending them personalised connections and cold emails and cold calling, all putting on auto mode later on!

Want to get on a consultation call with me? I am giving away my time to 10 people.

Want EasyLeadz contact finder tool for free? I am giving away our annual startup plan worth INR 26499 to one person for free!

Is targeting recently funded startups your goal? Get a list of 5000 recently funded startups for free!

Want to know who started their business in India recently and reach out to them? Giving away a curated list of 50000 companies who opened their business in India in the last 5 months. Crazy right?

How to scrape local businesses data instantly and connect with them for free. There is hack for that too!

And more such lists in the giveaway once you unlock it with your password.

You will need a password to get these amazing growth hacks and giveaways, how to get the password?

It’s released in my Linkedin posts, broken down into 5 of my recent Linkedin posts as well as in my Linkedin LIVE SESSION. So go get it from my Linkedin profile if you have not got it yet.

I will give you a clue, it’s a mobile number.

And it’s live only for the next 12 hours, so grab it before the page goes down!