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Google Analytics

Emami Ltd Frequently Asked Questions

When was Emami Ltd founded?

Emami Ltd was founded in 1974.

Who is the Founder of Emami Ltd?

Radhe Shyam Agarwal is the founder of Emami Ltd.

How much revenue does Emami Ltd generate?

Emami Ltd generates $410M in revenue.

Where are Emami Ltd headquarters?

Emami Ltd headquarters are in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

How many employees does Emami Ltd have?

Emami Ltd has 3004 employees.

What sector does Emami Ltd operate in?

Emami Ltd is in consumer goods sector.

Is Emami Ltd a public company?

Yes, Emami Ltd is a public company.

What does Emami Ltd Do ?

Founded in 1974 by two childhood friends - rs agarwal and rs goenka, emami ltd. has positioned itself as one of the leading and fastest growing personal and healthcare businesses in india. with a prodigious portfolio of household brand names such as boroplus, navratna, kesh king, fair and handsome, zandu balm, mentho plus balm and fast relief, emami employs over 20,000 employees across geographies. well known for its aggressive marketing powered by celebrity endorsements, emami products are available in over 4.5 million retail outlets across india through its network of ~3200 distributors with a global footprint spanning over 60 countries including gcc, europe, africa, cis countries & the saarc. emami ltd is the flagship company of the diversified emami group.

What does Emami Ltd specialize into ?

Emami Ltd specialises into Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

What is the Legal Name of Emami Ltd ?

The legal name of Emami Ltd is Emami Limited

What is the CIN number of Emami Ltd ?

The CIN number of Emami Ltd is L63993WB1983PLC036030

What is GST number of Emami Ltd ?

The GST number of Emami Ltd is 02AAACH7412G4Z2  view entire details in EasyProspect

Does Emami Ltd owns any trademarks ?

Emami Luxury Creme Hair Colour, Navratna Cool Talc(dev) (bust Of A Man) (label), Boroplus Choco Soft, Eidos, Emami Active Herbal (label), Himani Navratna Coconut Cool Oil, Emami Mr. Handsome India, Zandu Immutwist, Emami, Himani Sona Chandi Chawanprash, Thanda Thanda Cool Cool [device], Boroplus Total Results, Zandu Dreamwell, Device Of Rising Sun, Half Moon, Stars, Himani Navratna (label), Boro Plus Healthy Skin (device Of Wave), Kesh Hoor, Himani Sun N Lite, Boroplus Healthy White 7 In One Fairness Cream, Zandu Sona Chandi Cprash Plus, Dermi Cool, Emami Hairlife, 7 Oils In One Damage Control Shampoo, Emami Amrit Sagar, He, Cool Cool, Anti-hairfall, Hridyarishta, Zandu Hridyarishta, Triple Guard Protection, Kesh King, Kesh Parivartan, Navratna, (device Of Sant), Emami 7 Oils In One Device, Vishrant, Zandu Memo Plus, Zenstone, Zandu Sardi Ja, Sona De Surakshit Tan, Chandi De Tez Dimaag, Diamond Fair, Golden Age, Young And B Eautiful, Zanducare, Himani Bakemagic Bake Oil, Swasthyaprash, He Advanced Grooming Icy Collection Arctic, Covishakti, Kesh Piyush, Radiant And Handsome, Zandu Balm, Nature Shield Complex(device), Navratna, Emami Forever Handsome, Emami Smart And Handsome, Glow Cream For Men, Coroprabal, Honest And Handsome, Navratna Ayurvedic Oil Cool, Stizza, Knows Me, Emami Naturally Glow, He Multi-action Skin Lotion (dev) (label), Emami Shine And Lovely, Boro Plus Healthy Skin (label), Salon Handsome @ Home, Himani, Navratna., Himani Bamm, Eman, Ayurganics, Himani Boro Plus, Zandu, Emami Hairlife (label), Alocimum Complex Technology, 3 In 1, Emami French Flower, Nutriboosters, Label, Video Autograph, Kesh Plus, Emami Mr. Black, Voice Autograph, Madhuri"s Beauty Secrets Young (device), Boroplus Aloe Vera & Coconut Moisturising Face Wash, Zandu Joint Therapy, Stizz, Himani Gold N Lite, Boroplus Ayurvedic Lotion, Menomax, Boroplus, Navratna Cool Talc (dev) (bust Of A Man) (label), Hydra Rich Complex, Fair And Handsome, Navratna Smart Cool Blast, Zandu Balm, 1 Balm, 3 Kaam, Himani Aaram, Himani Bake Magic, Www.shecomfort.com (label), Zandu Nityam(device), Himani Healthy & Fair(device), Navratna Ayurvedic Oil Almond Cool, Sampoornprash, Madhuri Just Nature, Beauty Secrets By Madhuri, Beauty Secrets By Madhuri Young And Beautiful, He Advanced Grooming Icy Collection Lagoon, He Advanced Grooming Hypnotic, Kesh King (label), Vegi - Strength, Zandu Nityam Fibre Plus, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus, Device Of Man, Woman & Children, Zandu Pancharishta, E Logo,, Zero Dull Zero Dry Face Wash, Laser Action Technology, Zandu Nirog Toothpaste, Thanda Thanda, Emami Fair And Handsome Fairness Advanced Fairness Cream With Spf 15 (device Of Man), Navratna Almond Cool Ayurvedic Oil, Himani Boroplus-ice, Kesh Sakhi, Navratna I-cool Talc, Zandu Dreamwell, Diafen, Emami Glow And Handsome, Zandu, Device Of Man Representing Butterfly, Immuzan, Zanosto, Pedizan, Vigor-x, Deep Action Pro Peptide, Prash Plus, Zandu Sona Chandi, Emami Fair And Ageless, Himani Beeu Plus, Boroplus Total Oil & Pimple Relief, Madhushiva, New Bgv 24 Formula, Nature Shield Complex, Himani Best Choice (device), Zandu Snez Cure, Zandu Golden Age Daily Multipurpose Tonic, Himani Sona Chandi Khatta Meetha Properties Of Chyawanprash With Imli And Anardana, Laxmibilas, Activate Handsomeness, Zandu Amla + 5 Herbs Health Juice, Halka Halka Cool Cool, Madhuri"s Beauty Secrets Sun Screen Shampoo, Boroplus Anti Pollution Face Wash, Emasol, Be Interesting, Himani Icemagic, Fair And Handsome Advanced Fairness Cream, Fair And Handsome Perfect Whitening Fairness Cream, Crème 21 Germany, Emami Emasol, Fair And Handsome Nature First, Emami Hair Life, He Recharge, Himani Royal Bee Honey, Zandu Fast Relief, Zandu Seniorz, Zandu Pancharishta (device), Zandu Cafe-d, Smart Safe-aai, Emami Realty (device), Peteria, 8 Action Fairness For Tough Winters, Zandu Golden Age Bone Strength, 5 Action Fairness System, Himani Gold, Madhuri"s Beauty Secrets Cool Shampoo., Kesh King (device), Nutri - Veg, Pure Skin Brightening Fairness Cream, Mentho Plus, Navratna, (de. 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Doctor Fruit, Zandu Pure Honey, Keshpari (device), Beauty Secret By Madhuri, Himani Sona Chandi Chocoshakti., Himani Amritdhara Special, Emita, Lumino Peptide, Honest Ayurveda, Anand Balm, He Advanced Grooming Gearup, Zandu Immunity Booster, Boroplus Zero Oil & Zero Pimples Face Wash, Emami Cold Cream, He Gearup, Zandu Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juice, Kesh King India’s No. 1 Hair Fall Expert, Kesh King Deep Root Comb, The Earth Society, Boroplus Frommaa, Handsomegiri, Pro Peptide, Zandu Slimsure, Zandu Sonaprash, Kesh King Dhoopan, Kesh King Prabhakaran, Kesh King Shiroabhyang, Zandu Healthcare, Zandu Immune India Offer, Zandu Lean & Slim, Navratna Therapy, Clear And Handsome, Tough & Handsome, Bright And Handsome, Zandu Ortho Vedic, Bgv 24 Protect, Emami Lovely And Lovely, Emami Clear And Lovely, Zandu Nositizer, Papitab, Zandu Good Morning, Fair And Handsome Radiance Cream, Zandu Testochamp, Pancharishta, Zandu Anand, Dr. Fruit, Kesh King Hairfall Ka Ayurvedasan, Kesh King Plus, Sweat Absorption Technology, He Advanced Grooming Biker Series, Expert In Lifestyle Disorders, I-cool, Hridayarishta, Perfect Touch, He Magic Duo Angel & Demon, Zandu Chyavanprashant, Zandu Chyavanprashad, Emami Double Bull, Root Comb Applicator, She Comfort Care-dry, Zandu Sona Chandi Chyawanplus, Kesh King Scalp And Hair Medicine, Zandu Control D, Zandu Daily Health Tonic, Zandu Ridayarishta, Zandu Zanocalm, Kesh Super King, Pocket Ac, Kesh Naari, Vegipower, Vegibite, Odour Shield Technology, Brightcell Technology, Diamond Serum, Zandu Striveda, Zandu Ayurvedic Health Juice, Twoker Aponjon, Emami Viveda, Emami Id, Viveda, Ayursip, Zandu Ayuras, Zandu Diabrishta-21, Diarishta, Snazz, Zandu Pure, He Waterless Face Wash, Emami Naturally Fair Everyday Radiance, Zandu Immujoy, Zandu Immuchakra, Tribang Shila, Dreamwell, Advanced Whitening Complex, Ovoutoline, Re 1 Mein Pocket Ac, Pocket Ka Ac, Zandu Zancard, Zandu Pancharishta Plus, Gluco Z, Himani Soyalite, Himani Navratna Gold Ayurvedic Cool Oil, Himani Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, Navratna Cool Talc, Naturoloss, Hi Handsome! Hi Handsome!!, He Advanced Grooming Icy Collection, Kesh Ghana, Livayur, Zandu Naturals, Emami Gold, Zandu Dantveer, Har Dard Se Aaram, Zandu Balm, Emami Pure Glow, Zandu Daily Health Super Greens, Zandu Super Greens, Zandu Junior Rub

Does Emami Ltd owns any patents ?

We are unable to find any patents related to Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Who are the key investors in Emami Ltd ?

Emami Ltd does not have any investors associated with the company.

Is Emami Ltd an ecommerce company ?

No, Emami Ltd is not an online store or an ecommerce company.

Is Emami Ltd a SAAS company ?

No, Emami Ltd is not a SAAS Company.

Who owns the company Emami Ltd ?

Emami Ltd is owned by the public markets as its a public company.

Is Emami Ltd a business to business i.e B2B company ?

No, Emami Ltd is not a business to business i.e B2B company.

Is Emami Ltd a Business to consumer i.e b2c company ?

No, Emami Ltd is not a business to consumer i.e B2C company.

Is Emami Ltd an exporter ?

No, Emami Ltd is not an exporter of products or services.

Who is the CEO of Emami Ltd ?

Radhe Shyam Agarwal

Who are the directors of Emami Ltd ?

The directors of Emami Ltd are Yogendra Premkrishna Trivedi, Pradip Kumar Khaitan, Chandra Kumar Dhanuka, Satya Ganguly Brata, Kashi Nath Memani, Aditya Vardhan Agarwal, Sushil Kumar Goenka, Mohan Goenka, Harsha Vardhan Agarwal, Radhe Shyam Goenka, Radhe Shyam Agarwal, Priti A Sureka, Prashant Goenka, Amit Kiran Deb, Debabrata Sarkar

Which Products are sold by Emami Ltd ?

We do not have the information about the Products of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

What services Emami Ltd provides ?

We do not have the information about the Services of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

What is the stock symbol of Emami Ltd ?

We do not have the information about the Stock Symbol of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Is Emami Ltd listed on stock exchange ?

We do not have the information about the Stock listing of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Who is the brand ambassador of Emami Ltd ?

We do not have the information about the Brand Ambassador of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

Is Emami Ltd an Indian Company ?

Yes, Emami Ltd is an Indian Company.

Is Emami Ltd an MNC ?

No, Emami Ltd is not a Multinational Company.

Who are the top competitors of Emami Ltd ?

We do not have the information about the Competitors of Emami Ltd. Our systems are trying to find it, we will update it as soon as we have it.

When was Emami Ltd incorporated ?

Emami Ltd was incorporate on 1983-03-11

What is the authorized capital of Emami Ltd ?

The authorized capital of Emami Ltd is INR 500000000

What is the paid up capital of Emami Ltd ?

The paid up capital Emami Ltd is INR 453935238

What is the registered address of Emami Ltd ?

The registered address of Emami Ltd is 687 anandapur ;e.m. bypass; kolkata; west bengal; 700107; india