Avenue growth – scaling sales as a service platform

About Avenue Growth

Avenue growth is a sales as a service platform. Avenue growth connects brands with freelancer sales specialists. They give companies access to on-demand direct sales force without the need to hire sales manpower full time. They have a network of 10,000 growth specialists across major locations in India.

  • Size – 10+ employees
  • Industry: Sales outsourcing
  • Location: Gurugram,India


  • Generate high quality leads
  • Ability to scale lead generation process
  • Targeting right companies

Before EasyLeadz

They had been using Linkedin, Cold calling and Email marketing for lead generation. Linkedin outreach and cold calling was being done manually. Email marketing campaigns were run at a broad level. There was little segmentation and scale.

They had option of either expanding team size or using a tool/solution to scale lead generation process.

Why EasyLeadz?

They started looking for a tool that would enable them to target companies based on precise criteria at scale and automate the process of identifying decision makers and running email campaigns. Easyleadz perfectly met their criteria of automating targeted lead generation at scale.

Using EasyLeadz, they were able to:

  • Experiment with different segments by setting up multiple Easybots each with different targeting criteria and E-mail content. This allowed them to identify targeting segments and campaigns which performed best and double down on them.
  • Save time otherwise spent in manual prospecting.
  • Prioritise their efforts towards handling responses, taking calls and optimising campaigns further.

We tried Easyleadz at the right time as we had been looking for a solution which would help us in reaching right target segments and decision makers”

Dilkash Rai Malhotra – Cofounder/CBO – Avenue Growth

What changed after using EasyLeadz?

Easyleadz has not only automated their outbound sales but also given them the ability to experiment and optimise their targeting at scale. Now they are able to quickly set up different targeting segments via Easybot and measure effectiveness of their email campaigns.

This frees up time at their end to identify areas that need optimisation to improve response rates and drive more conversations with customers.

They have been able to scale targeted outreach to 800+ companies a month as compared to 100+ earlier.

Their prospecting time has been reduced by half. They now invest their time in handling responses and speaking to customers thus closing more deals.

We like the complete automation and range of filters available to build different
targeting criteria.

-Dilkash Rai Malhotra, Co-Founder/CBO, Avenue Growth

Some of the key changes Avenue Growth observed after using Easyleadz are: