EasyEmail – find anyone’s professional email id

2019 is going to be an year where we don’t have to worry about “how to find email id’ of companies where we want to sell our products and services. For our sales, marketing and founders we are doing a lifetime giveaway deal in which you can find email id’s of your target people in companies by name search.

How EasyEmail tool works?

EasyEmail is a tool in which you can search companies by entering their name or domain. The results will have list of people working in that company and their professional email id. Like my email id is easyemail find anyone email id   Its that simple.

Can I try it out for free before buying this lifetime deal?

Off-course. You can simply go to this link  And then Click on “Start 100 free searches” and it will prompt you to signup. You will need a gmail for work account to signup. Once you signup you will get 100 free credits. You can even refer others to earn 50 more credits on every referral. If you face any issues email us at

How Easyemail captures data?

We search publicly available data only. Just like you and I do google searches, our smart AI algorithm searches the internet and use machine learning to generate several patterns for the email ids. Like if I work in EasyLeadz and my name is Nitin Bajaj then our algorithm to run several patterns in the background to find and verify your email id. Only if an email is found valid then we add it to public database for everyone to use it.

I tried signing up but it gives me an error?

You will have to signup by your work email not personal email like Also, you will need a work email that is on Gmail i.e Gsuite account.

Why do you ask permission to view my gmail contacts?

Apart from doing pattern matching we also crowdsource data from our community members. Whoever uses the EasyEmail tool is basically contributing to the development of the tool. The more the users the better the data becomes. If you have used Truecaller then its a similar approach to email id. Just like Truecaller crowdsources phone book, we crowdsource email id from your contact book. Only the email id’s are captured. We don’t capture, read or save any of your email content.

I tried searching for a company but there were no contacts?

We are adding contacts and companies to our database everyday. Its not possible to add all data in one go. So its growing everyday. Both via our own algorithms as well as crowdsourcing explained in previous portion. Even if you are not able to find contacts in one company today, it will be added in few days. We will also be releasing a feature where it can notify you if new contacts are added in company of your choice where you were not able to find contacts previously.

How can I get lifetime deal?

There are two payment options:

For Indian customers: Pay via PayuMoney.

Click here to make the payment. Total amount is INR 8260 which includes 18% GST over INR 7000. (99 USD converted to Indian Rupees).

For customers outside India: Pay via PayPal.

Click here to make the payment. Once you click enter the amount 99 USD and proceed to make the payment.

What is the worth of this lifetime deal?

If you buy email database from us or from anyone else the average cost per email is roughly about 20 cents or INR 15. Let say you target 500 companies per month and 2 people per company so that would be 1000 email per month. Thus, you will spend 200 USD per month on a good quality database or INR 15,000 per month. Considering atleast 2 years of usage it will be INR 3,60,000 or 4800 USD worth of this deal that you are getting at just 99 USD. Thats 98% discount. I am considering the minimum usage and average time period. If you have higher usage and higher time period then its even higher benefit to you. Important Note: The email tool will only work on Gmail work email account. We wont be able to signup you on other email accounts. The life time deal cannot be transferred to any other email id once it is activated on one email id. If you have any questions or need help feel free to email us at