How To Use Sales Navigator To Generate High-Quality Leads

When it comes to sales, there’s no magic in it. To drive sales in a flow is to consistently generate high-quality leads. But, in order to do that you often neglect the right way to make sales, which is to consider yourself as a guide who can take people where they desire to go. In actual, you guide their thinking in such a way that leads them to choose your solution for their problem.

Wondering! who are they? The ones who are on the phone call with you because they want you to help them.

So, before implementing this sales concept, you must know about the ways through which you can reach your prospects. There are various tools and software that help you in lead generation. For example, Sales Navigator – a social selling platform by LinkedIn, Mr E – the B2B contact data provider by EasyLeadz, Clearbit – to find emails of your prospects, Academy Scraper – to scrape data and many more.

Usually, sales professionals use Sales Navigator to reach their prospects. But when they do so, they get a number of leads. Among those leads, many of them are not even useful. The reason behind this is they are not using the search and filter features properly on the tool.

So, Nitin BajajFounder & CEO of Easyleadz – the B2B contact data provider, hosted a webinar to share the right way to use a sales navigator to generate high-quality leads and extract them in bulk.

Let’s begin!

Sales Navigator to Generate Quality Leads

Sales Navigator offers various features that focus on assisting you to find the right prospects. But only if you use its search and filter features right. For example, let’s suppose you need to target people who are into sales and marketing. There are two ways to target in sales navigator:

  1. Lead (a person or a decision-maker)
  2. Account (basically, a company)
How to use sales navigator to generate high quality leads

Now, if you have to do account-based marketing, then you will target companies by searching and narrowing down the right set of accounts. In case, you want to target decision-makers, go to the Leads tab. Now set your targetting by setting a location like India. You can also further narrow down the search by selecting the industry. Choose “Sales and Marketing”. As you have to target people, you can narrow down the search by choosing their title or their designation, such as Marketing Head.

Not only this, you can again narrow down the search by choosing the employee size of the company as per your requirements. This process will give you quality leads with a specific number that can be easily targeted.

Further, you can use Academy Scraper to get the leads data in bulk in an excel sheet. To get their contact details, you can use the Mr E tool.

Hope this helps you out in your sales journey. For more informative business-related content, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

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