Scaling lead generation for software testing business

About 99Tests

99tests is a crowdsourced software testing platform that enables businesses build robust software products. Its cloud testing platform shortens release cycles by helping dev teams to scale their QA process. They provide on-demand access to QA testers with 20,000+ testers across 150+ countries available to test software applications. They were featured in Gartner’s list of top crowd testing companies.

  • Size: 30+ Employees
  • Industry: Technology Services
  • Location: Bengaluru, India


  1. Generating High quality leads.
  2. Ability to scale lead generation process.
  3. Save time and resources.
  4. Targeting right companies to improve response rates.

Before Easyleadz

They had been using both Inbound and Outbound channels to drive leads. Inbound marketing and Ads drove awareness and leads, which worked well. Lead generation through outbound emails required manual prospecting and was too time consuming.

Given their team size it was leading to poor targeting and waste of resources. They were not able to scale their lead generation efforts and create predictable lead flow.

Why Easyleadz?

They needed a tool that would enable them to target companies based on precise criteria at scale and automate the process of identifying decision makers and running email campaigns. Easyleadz perfectly met their criteria of automating lead generation at scale.

Using Easyleadz, they were able to

  1. Create niche targeting segments via Intent signals like Funding, Hiring. Ability to use targeting options like SaaS, E-commerce, Mobile app in combination with Industry, Employee Size and location to target right companies.
  2. Completely automate the process of identifying right decision makers and engaging them via email sequences with personalised content.

Easyleadz came along at the right time, i had been looking for a solution which would allow me to create hyper targeted criteria and test response rates for these criteria. – Praveen Singh – Founder 99Tests


What changed after using Easyleadz?

Easyleadz has not only automated their outbound sales but also made it more streamlined and effective. Now they are able to easily measure the effectiveness of their targeting segments, campaigns and identify areas that need optimisation to improve response rates and drive more conversations with customers.

They have been able to scale their outreach to 500+ companies a month as compared to 100+ earlier. Easyleadz has helped them scale but at the same time ensured that they are reaching out to right companies at right time.

Their prospecting time has been cut down to 1 hour a month, spent in setting up multiple Easybots with different targeting criterias and email content. They now invest their time focussing on handling responses, booking demos and optimising campaigns.