Find Director Contacts for Private Limited Companies in India with Easyleadz

There are over 20 lakh private limited companies in India. Most of them are mid-sized companies and SMEs. It’s super hard to find the director contacts for private limited companies in India.

But, we are here to solve this challenging task for you.

How many times have you had to find contact information for directors of a company, but only knew the company name?

Still counting!


As Easyleadz helps you to find the direct contacts for private limited companies in India with just their name.

Easyleadz is an online platform that enables access to the Director Contacts of Private Limited Companies in the country. It provides a comprehensive list that includes name, designation, email ID, and postal address.

Easyleadz recently launched an update in its tool, Mr. E, which allows everyone to find Directors’ contacts region-wise or by company category.

If you are into sales, marketing or even starting your own business and need some contact information to pitch something – this will help you more than anything else out there! As with such robust up-to-date information available at your fingertips, success is near 🙂

When sharing about this updated feature with people on social media platforms, one person commented “Finally something easy!”.

We have a large database of directors’ contacts for private limited companies in India, and we can help you find the information you need.

Our contact finder tool is used by over 100,000+ businesses globally including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, OYO, UBER, Amazon and so many more. We’re confident that you’ll find it to be an invaluable resource in your business endeavors.

To Find The Director Contacts for Private Limited Companies in India:

1) Go to our website. Sign up for a free account and install our powerful contact finder tool Mr. E by EasyLeadz.

This will give you access to our tool Mr. E, a chrome extension that works on Linkedin and other websites mentioned below to find contact numbers.

2) Now visit any of these websites:




Let’s take the example of Zaubacorp further.

3) In the search bar, type any company name. This will bring up a list of results for you to choose from. Select the one that best suits your needs.

4) While on the company, open our contact finder extension and you will notice the list of directors appearing in the tool.

5) Just click on any of the directors to view their contact numbers and you will have the contact number of the director of the particular private limited company.

It’s that simple.

Now let me answer few of the basic questions you may have about Zaubacorp and the directors’ information of private limited companies.

Who is the owner of Zauba Corp?

Zauba Corp is a privately owned company and it’s founded by Mansoor Ahmed who is also the founder of This product is for Sales, Marketers, Founders, and Business Analysts to measure different sales & marketing efforts using data about people’s interactions with the business through their website or application.

How can I get the financials of a private company in India?

Many private companies do not release their data, and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs only allows some access via online filings.

Fortunately, firms like Zaubacorp provide exhaustive search options to quickly break down information by year and over time. Moreover, Tofler also provides thorough information on market climate with a robust set of analytics tools that can be used to track companies anonymously and uncover trends through customizable filters.

How do I find complete company information?

Some company information is easily available for any type of business. We at EasyLeadz have put together some guidelines to help you find the perfect one.

Let’s say, you are looking for your desired company data in New Delhi and it has a website or social media page, then use our services because we can offer their contact numbers, etc., other than that if its finding their financial information then check out LinkedIn with MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs) and Zaubacorp.

Do private companies have financial statements?

Yes, a private company is no exception. All potential buyers, investors, or other creditors are able to see a company’s whole financial picture by viewing its documents on the MCA website for a fee.

This product will help marketers understand if that client’s target market matches their own and offer solutions accordingly. For example, if you sell fitness equipment your target audience might not be people who like to play video games but rather those who enjoy outdoor activities like biking or running.

These insights could help future buzz marketing campaigns to run more smoothly because they would know where they should focus their resources in order to reach consumers with similar interests as themselves instead of trying certain techniques just “in hopes” it works out well.

How do I find the revenue of a private company?

Find the revenue of a private company nowadays can become quite difficult. In fact, it is almost impossible to find out the exact number if nothing has been shared by them. However, there are two main approaches that you can take in order to get some information related to their sales and such.

You can either look at news articles where the company has announced it or anyone who has published it and for those who are looking for more information on this topic thinks about getting their balance sheet documents through the Ministry website or websites like Zaubacorp.

That’s all from our side, if you need further help contact us on our email at

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