How to quickly get B2B leads for software testing business

There are over 25800 software testing business in India.

Its a competitive market and has low defensibility in business which is why many companies start their software testing business every year.

In order to generate high quality B2B leads for a software testing business you cannot simply apply the traditional methods.

You will have to start thinking ahead and start using tools and insights that helps you compete with these 25800 other software testing businesses.

In this article I will share some productive methods and tips on how to generate B2B leads for your software testing business.

Target recently funded companies

In order to generate good quality leads start tracking companies that have raised funding recently. A company that has raised funding recently will be investing money in following areas:

  • Technology upgradation i.e investing in software testing, outsourcing their web or mobile development.
  • Expansion to multiple cities and opening up new offices.
  • Hiring more people and specially in technology if they are into technology.

There will be many more opportunities for vendors in this case, it depends on company to company.

You can use an automated B2B lead generation platform in order to track recently funded companies and instantly reach out to those companies.

Target companies that are into BFSI or Ecommerce sector

The reason why companies invest in software testing is because they cannot afford to have a single bug on their website.

Their revenue or business depends on the customer experience.

If its a financial sector company or a banking company then its even more critical to have a bug free software because of the nature of the business.

That’s why a software testing company can reach out to companies in BFSI or Ecommerce sector specially and instantly generate good quality leads.

Using an email automation tool with multiple follow up sequences can help you generate more responses from your B2B email campaign.

Target SAAS i.e software as a service companies

A SAAS or software a service company is where the software is available for use over internet i.e cloud.

If you want to use an excel you can either install it on your laptop or computer or you can use Google excel online.

In this case, Google excel which you can use without any installation is a SAAS application i.e available online without any installations and can be used anywhere and anytime with just a login id and password.

A SAAS company relies on a good customer service and providing a bug free software that can be used online and from anywhere.

In order to generate good quality B2B leads for your software testing business you can target SAAS companies.

Target companies hiring for software testing roles

If a company is hiring for software testers then it means its already having project and budget in hands for services related to software testing.

Thus, tracking such companies and reaching out to them helps you improve your B2B sales targeting and reach out to the right companies at right time for quality lead generation.

EasyLeadz virtual AI based sales assistant automatically tracks all of the above targeting criterions.

It can reach out to the right decision makers and also automate sending them emails and follow up emails for improving your B2B lead generation.

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