Upgrad – scaling E-learning business using EasyLeadz

About Upgrad

Upgrad is an E-learning platform helping professionals in their career growth. Upgrad gives professionals access to industry relevant online courses on subjects like Machine Learning, Product Management and Data science.

Through partnership with some of the most renowned institutions like IIIT-Bangalore, BITS-Pilani, ISB and Cambridge Judge business school they are imparting University learning through their online programs.

  • Size – 200+ employees
  • Industry – E-Learing
  • Location – Mumbai,India


  • Generating leads for corporate tie-ups
  • Targeting right decision makers
  • Setting up a scalable lead generation channel

Before EasyLeadz

They had primarily relied upon contacts in their own database and LinkedIn to connect with right decision makers and drive corporate tie-ups. Although this process worked it was time consuming and limiting in terms of scale. They still faced the issue of getting in touch with the right decision maker to improve response rates.

Why EasyLeadz?

Easyleadz solved their biggest pain point of targeting the right decision maker across companies and on top of it they were able to run personalised e-mail campaigns to improve response rates.

Using EasyLeadz, they were able to:

  • Create niche targeting segments via Intent signals like Funding, Hiring. It proved very effective in their case as it enabled them to target right companies at right time.
  • Completely automate the process of identifying right decision makers and engaging them via email sequences with personalised content.

Easyleadz is a unique lead generation platform which gave us multiple ways to
target companies and run e-mail campaigns across different segments.

Avani Shah, Associate Manager – Corporate Relations

What changed after using EasyLeadz?

Easyleadz has not only automated their outreach to right decision makers, it also ensured that they were targeting right companies at right time which created big impact on the response rates.

They have been able to scale their outreach to 250+ companies a month as compared to 100+ earlier.

All the benefits of precise targeting and growth in outreach came without having to spend additional time, instead complete automation allowed them to cut down on prospecting hours. They are now able to focus more on customer interactions rather than bothering about from where the new leads will come in.

What i like most about using Easyleadz is the smooth user friendly platform and
responsive customer support team.

Avani Shah, Associate Manager – Corporate Relations

Here are few highlights of the improvements Upgrad had using EasyLeadz.