Startups Funded In October 2018 In India With Contacts

Companies that have recently raised funding are gold mine for sales. We bring you startups funded in October 2018 in India. These recently funded companies will now be investing in growth, advertising, marketing, technology development, hiring more people, expanding to new locations and office and thus unlimited opportunities for sales and marketing people. Let’s take a look at startups that have raised funding in October 2018 in India and their key decision makers.

Startup funded in October 2018 with contacts


Raised a seed round of 1 million USD on October 30th. Founded by Akshay Pratap Singh and Shashank Chauhan, Techyboltz is an online news aggregator and a digital publisher. They are strictly no advertising website and focus on technology updates and crowdsourcing of gadgets related news. Check contacts available at for free

2. Medikabazaar 

Mumbai based company recently raised a Series A round of 5 million USD. They are into online selling of medical equipments, hospital furniture and disposables. Its founded by Vivek Tiwari. The recent investors include Sunil Kalra, Sasaki Foods, Rebright venture partners, Healthquad and more. Check contacts available at Medikabazaar for free

3. Eupheus Learning

Its a New Delhi based organisation and have recently an undisclosed amount in seed round of funding. The company provides E-Learning solutions and have more than 70 employees now. Founded by Sarvesh Shrivastava, Rohit Dhar, Ved Prakash Khatri and Amit Kapoor. Check contacts available at Eupheus Learning for free

4. Sukkhi Jewellery

Based out of Mumbai, Sukkhi Jewellery is an online Jewellery selling website. They also sell offline via their stores, thus making them an omni-channel company. Founded by Bhavesh Navlakha and the recent investors include Duane Park and Carpedium Capital. Check contacts available at Sukkhi Jewellery for free


Its a Gurugram based company and have more than 20 employees. The company provides financial services and have raised a seed round of around 29 million USD. Its a Artificial intelligence powered wealth management company. With a 3 member founding team Amrita Sirohia, Pratiksha Dake and Varun Bhatia. Steadview Capital is their recent investor. Check contacts available at for free

6. Medimetry

Gurgaon based organisation which has recently raised an undisclosed seed round. Its an online platform where patients can consult doctors online. They are a young startup and have around 6 employees. Bluesky Capital is their recent investor. Check contacts available at Medimetry for free There are over 38 startups that have raised funding in October 2018 in India. Check the complete list of startups

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