How to Generate Leads for Software Development Business

Lead Generation is a crucial part to make sales in a business. Moreover, to run a business successfully, we need to make sales. Similarly, to make sales, the first step is to generate leads. Lead generation is not a piece of cake for everyone, why? Because it includes lots of research, some marketing strategies, emailing, cold calling, and what not.

In today’s competitive era, almost every business faces difficulties in generating leads or reaching its target audience. But, here EasyLeadz acts as a Saviour, not only for the established businesses but also for the brand new Start-Ups. Even after having tools like Mr E, few companies still fail to get leads. The reason behind this is simple – not following a systematic approach to get leads.

Therefore, to tackle this problem of lead generation, Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of EasyLeadz hosted an amazing webinar on the topic “How to generate Leads for Software Business“. In this webinar, he revealed very useful tactics. These tactics will help the sales guys to get leads for the software services as well as product businesses.

So now, let’s dig deeper to find out how it works!

As we all know that in the software industry, lead generation is a bit difficult. But, with the right marketing strategies and understanding of the Lead Generation process, one can easily do so.

How to generate leads?

The major problem with the software service business is that the barrier to entry is very less. One can easily start his software business as it basically needs a laptop and an internet connection along with an excellent skill set. As compared to other businesses, it does not require any infrastructure and big manufacturing plants at an initial stage.

This could also be the reason why there are more start-ups in the software industry. Eventually, this arises the competition in the software market. Further, this brings problems in making sales. As everyone is targeting the same customers, it becomes difficult to stand out among other competitors.

Moving further, to generate leads for the software business, the first step is to identify the right set of companies and the other is to target the industry. To do so, you can try the foremost approach, which is Intent Signals. Intent means the timing of the message, i.e how we can personalize our approach in such a way that we can reach them at the right time.

For instance, if we target an SME, then to trigger it, we will send an intent signal. An intent signal is to keep track of recently funded companies, new products, apps or office launches.

Suppose there is an ABC company, which recently raised some money for the company’s growth. Then to further its growth, the company will definitely outsource some of the work, especially in the software industry. So, here an indirect intent is given by the company.

After getting the intent signals from various companies, segregate them to find your ideal customers. Segregation can be done based upon region, industry, company size, and decision-makers. For outreaching them, you can go for Cold Calling, Emailing, Social Selling, or LinkedIn Messaging(figure out what works best for you).

Basically, a general LinkedIn message or email can also work as per intent. For example, you sent an email or LinkedIn message to a recent fundraiser:

Hi Daksh, Congratulating on your recent fundraising. I have noticed that you are expanding your business. So I thought you might be looking for a web developer to scale up your business. Are you?

Even after sending an email or LinkedIn message, you can also reach them on the phone call by saying:

Hi, I have mailed you. Did you get time to see that? Would be interested to know how we can scale up your business as we did the same for ABC company recently.

Now, many of you think that how we come to know that the prospect has opened our mail. So don’t worry, MailTrack has got you covered. MailTrack is a tool to check whether your mail has been opened or not.

Besides this, Nitin also revealed some other tools to find emails: Hunter, Mailboxlayer, and Clearbit. For social listening, you can use Mention and obviously for finding contact details of your prospects, you can use Mr E.

So, stay tuned to this video to know how the lead generation process actually works in the software industry.

Hope this helps!

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