Learn How To Target Manufacturing Companies In India

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In Sales & Marketing, it is really important to target the right audience for generating leads. But, if we look into the manufacturing sector, it becomes a bit difficult to reach manufacturing companies in India. The reason behind this is, these companies do not have a presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. So, it seems back-breaking to identify or reach them. In this scenario, Nitin has got your back and he will share some useful tactics to reach them.

So, let’s dig deeper to figure out how to target manufacturers in India.

To reach manufacturing companies in India, you can take help from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Zaubacorp, and EasyLeadz.

How to target Manufacturing Companies?

However, still, there are many working professionals who want to target manufacturing companies in India owing to various business reasons. Moving further, many of you may not even be aware that every business has to register under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to get a Company’s Corporation Number or Director Identification Number.

Basically, MCA onboards the new startup businesses and issues a list of newly registered businesses every month. This list of companies is available publicly for everyone. For example, if you visit the website of MCA, there is a feature available to get Companies Master Data. Besides this, it also has another version that provides you similar data in an excel sheet.

In addition, another way to target SMEs or manufacturers is Zaubacorp. It is a private company that lists the details of all the companies registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The good part about Zaubacorp is that you can also filter which particular industry you want to target. Moreover, there are other factors available like the age of the company, plans of a company, or size of a company to reach manufacturers.

Once you find out the companies you want to target, you can reach them via call or mail, with the help of Mr E tool. Using this tool you will get the phone numbers of the CEOs, COOs, CTOs, MDs, Directors and other employees of the companies you are targeting. In general, this tool gives contact details of the decision-makers of B2B companies.

List of Top 200 Manufacturing Companies in India

Hope this helps you out and you will make the best out of it. For more informative business-related content, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

Watch this video to find out the three simple ways for reaching manufacturing companies in India.


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