JodoPay Increases Revenue by 20-30% Monthly via EasyLeadz

About JodoPay

JodoPay is a fintech start-up building payment solutions to make education payments convenient & affordable for parents while simplifying fee collections for education institutes.

Before leveraging EasyLeadz, JodoPay is facing difficulty in reaching out to the key decision makers of Educational Institutes – K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coachings, etc.

Targeted Industry: Education Management, Professional Training & Coaching

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Target Location: PAN India

Job Titles of Decision Makers to reach out: CXOs, Owners, Directors

Customer Success Metrics:

40-60% increase in prospects reach20-30% increase in revenue growth rate (on monthly basis)

Before: The Pain

In the industry JodoPay works with, it is very difficult to identify and connect with the right prospects. Not many people are on LinkedIn or have a significant online presence. Due to this, it is becoming really hard to reach out the potential customers.

During: The Process  

EasyLeadz provided them access to contacts that were otherwise un-findable. Within a few days, their entire team of 4, was up and running on the tool, and the data mining velocity grew exponentially. The DIN search turned out to be a game-changer in the same for them.

After: The Gain

The accuracy and contact rate of the data were impressive, and their comprehensive filtering options allowed JodoPay to pinpoint the exact audience they were looking for. The accuracy rate of the contacts they are getting so far is 90%. 

More so, after using EasyLeadz, their contact rate has increased by 30%. They witnessed a 40-60% increase in their prospect reach and the revenue growth rate also improved by 20-30% on a monthly basis.

But what really sets EasyLeadz apart is their outstanding customer support. Their team was always responsive and eager to help, answering all our questions promptly and providing valuable insights into how to make the most of their service.

Their contact data and exceptional customer support have helped JodoPay to streamline its sales process and achieve unprecedented results. 

“With EasyLeadz, we are reaching out to prospects that were impossible to find before. It has opened up a whole new avenue for us.” – Divyansh Verma, JodoPay

Healthysure Boosts Conversions by 35% with EasyLeadz

About Healthysure

HealthySure is India’s most loved employee benefits platform for SMEs, Startups, and Enterprises in India. The platform offers a suite of group health, life, and accident insurance products with curated health and wellness programs.

Before leveraging Mr E by EasyLeadz, they were struggling to find the accurate contact details of top decision-makers. Their earlier B2B contact data provider was not up to the mark. But with the help of EasyLeadz, they get a 90% accuracy rate in the contacts and also their contact rate has increased by 40%.

Targeted Industry: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Human Resources

Company Size: 1-5000 employees

Target Location: India

Job Titles of Decision Makers to reach out: HR Leaders, Finance Directors, and C-Suite of Startups

Customer Success Metrics:

35% increase in conversionsMore than 50% increase in revenue growth rate (on monthly basis)

Before: The Pain

Healthysure was struggling to find the right contact details of the decision-makers. As reaching out to decision-makers is always a task, they were able to reach out to them over email and LinkedIn but having their calling number/Whatsapp number was very much important. That’s when they came across EasyLeadz and decided to give it a try. 

During: The Process  

Through Easyleadz, they were able to get the numbers of the desired person’s Linkedin ids. EasyLeadz’s bulk search feature allows them to upload a list of LinkedIn URLs and quickly provides the contact details of various prospects at once. 

This feature streamlines their sales process and enables them to focus on more important tasks, such as engaging with prospects and building relationships. Easy Search feature also allows them to tailor their searches to meet their specific needs.

After: The Gain

With EasyLeadz, Healthysure was able to reach the decision-makers and boost their conversion rates by 35%. The accurate contact details of decision-makers helped them reach out to the right people.

After using EasyLeadz, Healthysure skyrocketed its revenue growth by more than 50% on a monthly basis and witnessed a 40-60% increase in its prospect reach. They were amazed at the level of customer support provided by EasyLeadz.  

The other B2B contact databases which Healthysure used only had email addresses, not the correct contact numbers. But Easyleadz has the correct Indian contact details, which was crucial for their business. 

“We had been struggling to reach out to the right people for a long time. But with EasyLeadz, we were able to target the decision-makers of the companies, and our conversion rates shot up by 35%.” – Udit Narayan, Business Development Manager, Healthysure