5 templates of email introducing a new product

introducing a new product

Email introducing a new product is one of the most cost-effective and direct ways to reach out to the right prospects. When any product is new what it needs most is a tribe of right kind of early adopters who will not only use the product but also give valuable feedback that is so sought in early stages.

Either you can wait for those early users to discover your product or you can cut it short by directly sending an email introducing the new product, making them aware of the pain points your product solves.

The situation is unique given that there is no social proof yet which can be used as a unique proposition for prospects which means either the communication has to stand out or the product or even better Both.

The main objective of sending the email is not to immediately close a sale but to generate enough interest so that your prospect responds. Once you have their attention, you and your product can do all the talking and convince them to buy.

Keeping that in mind here are 5 examples of

Email introducing a new product

Adapt these to pitch to your prospective customers.

1. Be direct with product benefits as the core of communication

Hey {firstname},

This is John, I work in {Role} at {Company name}.
I came across your company profile and thought what we offer could be of value to you. 

We have recently launched {Product} which helps in 

  • {Benefit 1}
  • {Benefit 2}

If this sounds interesting, can we set up a time for a quick call? 


Pro Tip: Now the most important piece in this email is how you contextualize the benefits w.r.t. The business challenges or the pain points your prospect might be having. 

2. Weave a story around your product

Greetings {firstname},

I was browsing through your companies website and thought of dropping you a note. 
You have never heard of me, I am Joe from {company name}.

While working on X we realized that {Pain point 1},{Pain point 2} could be easily resolved using a tool which helps with {solution 1}, {solution 2}.

We buried ourselves into the problem and worked hard for the past 6 months on building {product name} which can help companies like {company name} with achieving {benefit 1}, {benefit 2}

If you can give me 15 mins of your time this week, I can walk you through how we can help you achieve these results.


Pro Tip: Study your prospects’ pain points in depth so you can customize it as close to their objective as possible 18

3. Be direct with the fact that yours is a new product.

(and how it is better than existing solutions)

Hey {firstname},

This is Joey, I work at {Company name}.
I came across your company profile and thought what we offer could be of value to you.

Although we have recently launched our {product name} but we solve {paint point 1}, {pain point 2} better than {competitor 1, competitor 2}.

We deliver {result 1}, {result 2} by {quantiy the benefit} at 10% less cost.

In case this piques your interest enough, Can we speak for 10 mins sometime this week? 


4. Let a personalized video do the talking

Greetings {firstname},

Apologies for interrupting your lovely day but I wanted to show you something that can be of value for {company name}.

{Video – Personally talking about the product}

Btw, This is Joe from {company name}
Have a great day ahead!


Pro Tip: Don’t send a basic product demo video with voiceover, instead, talk directly with the prospect and explain to him/her what you have built and why. Put your call to action in the video itself. 

Prospects will appreciate the time you took out to create a personalized video for them.

Your hustle will reflect positively on the product and create a positive image. 

Learn more about using personalized videos in emails.

5. Break the ice with a dash of humor and make it about yourself.

Largely intended to get a meeting or demo call. A tinge of humor lowers the unfamiliarity and warms up the reader.

In business settings, people generally receive to the point, professional-sounding emails. Your email could be a positive break from the pattern and might elicit a response.

Think like a stand-up comedian!

Greetings {firstname},

I wanted to show up on your doorstep and introduce myself, alas all I could manage is this email 😛
You have never heard of me, I have not done anything newsworthy yet!

This is Joe and I lead {role} for {company name}.

We are new kids on the block helping companies in {key areas, for e.g. Customer support} but with a much more powerful solution that delivers {X}% better results.

Oh, and I wanted to ask something before I show myself out of the mailbox.
Can we get on a demo call where I can show you how we deliver better results?

Now you can go back to sipping that cup of coffee you have been waiting for.

Have a great day ahead!


You can try mixing and matching the content and format (text/video). Test different versions to optimize response rates. 

Don’t forget to follow up 2-3 times with your prospects not everyone might have to time to reply the first time itself.

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