How to generate quality leads for corporate gifting

You reach out to 100 companies and then you get disheartened that they are not replying to your emails. This is what a normal day looks like for a sales person.

This post is focussed on lead generation strategies for a corporate gifting business. Companies like Amazon are too in this space with their corporate gift cards. Others like Sodexo are also competing for the same pie of customer wallet.

So how can you compete with these big companies that have deep pockets?

By using these simple strategies you can reach out to more relevant companies and generate high quality leads for your corporate gifting business.

First and most important aspect is to understand who is more likely to spend money on corporate gifting and when are they more likely to invest.

One time is when there is a festival and the other time is a business milestone or a strategic employee or consumer promotion. Following are the use cases when a company buys corporate gifting or gift cards so to say:-

  • Employee gifting on birthdays etc
  • Sales incentives to sales people
  • Festival gifting like Christmas, Diwali, New year
  • Promotion for its customers like a giveaway campaign or reward program
  • Gifts to distributors or channel partners tied to their sales

Depending on where your use case is most relevant you can time your outreach according to that use case.

If your gifts are more used for Festivals then reaching out to corporates during that time is more relevant. However, if your gifts or gift cards can be used for other use cases then you can do your outreach all year using certain intelligence that I will share below.

Let’s see how you can compete with others and improve your lead generation.

Target companies with focus on employee wellness

One way is to target companies with a large number of employees (over and above 500) and the other way is to further optimise your outreach by targeting companies that are already investing money in employee welfare or wellness.

But how you can find those companies?

You can start by tracking companies that have a job role related to employee wellness or employee welfare or companies who are actively hiring for these roles.

These companies are already having a budget and dedicated team that focus on employee wellness so why not chase these companies that resonate with what your business do?

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can put this tracking on auto pilot mode. The tool will find such companies daily and find the right decision makers and reach out to them over email so that your sales team do not have to spend time manually on researching such companies.

Companies hiring for employee benefits

Target companies into channel sales or distribution

One of the major contributor to gifting business is distribution business. A company that has retail or distributors partners incentivises its partners using certain reward programs.

If that retail partner do a certain size of business then they are rewarded with a gift card.

This is major chunk of business for many corporate gifting companies.

If you are not thinking of this use case then you are missing out on a lot of business.

If you want to do such targeting then you can either do manual research on Linkedin or Google to find companies that have distribution or you can use EasyLeadz B2B sales automation tool to find such companies and reach out to decision makers.

Companies in channel sales

Target companies in consumer space

Companies that are into ecommerce sales or entertainment business keep on running promotions on their channels. This promotion helps them engage their user base and reward them time to time.

Reaching out to these companies effectively can give your business an edge over the others by not just giving you business but also establishing you as a brand when the other company use your brand as a way to reward their users.

Reaching out to such companies is an easy task if you use EasyLeadz sales automation tool.

List of ecommerce companies

Sales incentives to employees

Companies that have a direct sales team or customer support team can use your gift cards or gift products as a method to reward their sales team or customer success teams.

This gift can be linked to their performance and can be given by the employer to their sales or customer support/success teams.

Once it becomes a part of their program the business will keep become recurring.

You can search those companies over Linkedin and see which companies have a large sales team or customer support team.

Alternatively you can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool to find such companies like SAAS business who are more into direct sales and customer success and reach out to them automatically using the fully automated sales tool.

List of SAAS companies in USA

Also remember while reaching out to these companies make sure you also work on your email subject lines. Having a good subject line improves your email open rates and having a good email template helps you improve your response rates and meetings with these prospects.

Once you start reaching out to these companies keep working on your email deliverability and improve your response rates.

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