Need leads for your CRM software? Try 5 powerful methods

There are literally thousands of CRM application software providers. A lot of them sell their own tools while others resell and distribute someone’s else CRM tool to other businesses.

Everyone has the same challenge, more or less.

How to find high quality leads for their CRM software?

Even after running a lead generation aka B2B database company ourselves, we still have to think hard about lead generation for our own business.

So, it’s natural to go nuts when it comes to lead generation.

Let’s talk about a CRM application first and see how a sales development representative can generate high-quality leads for their CRM application software.

Let’s take the example of a car dealership.

What is a CRM tool?

Customer relationship manager (CRM) is a tool or an online software on which you can manage and communicate with your existing or potential customers.

The moment you took your car to the service station, the service manager asked you your car details and entered that information in their CRM tool along with your contact information.

He also entered the next expected service date.

The CRM tool will now remind the service in charge that your car service is due in 5 days. All he needs to do is to call you and remind you that.

Once you get a call from that service in charge, you will be thanking him and you will also take your car again to the same service station.

This is what CRM does. It stores data about the customer and lets you manage their relationship with your business.

What kind of businesses use a CRM tool?

Every business that deals with customers can use a CRM tool. But you cannot target every customer as not every customer or perhaps CRM tool can serve all the applications or use cases.

A lot of CRM tools are specially designed for B2B businesses and a lot is designed for a use case like serving car dealership businesses.

Focussed CRM helps businesses serve their customers well.

How to generate leads for a CRM business?

Every CRM business is hunting the market and trying to generate leads from the same pie.

How will you try to be different and create a niche for yourself so that customers who are underserved can get benefit from you at the right time?

I am going to share 5 powerful lead generation techniques that you can adopt for your CRM tool business.

Target companies that have recently raised funding

Companies that have recently raised funding are the ones who invest in building their sales team, adopting technologies like CRM, ERP tools.

They invest in people and infrastructure.

So reaching out to these companies right after they have raised funds gives your sales team a lot of opportunities for pitching your CRM tool application.

In order to track the recently raised funding, you can always check Google alerts or use EasyLeadz.

Once you have identified the company to target, you can simply look up their decision-makers on Linkedin and connect with them or you can find their emails using any email finder tool.

If you want to save time, then you can directly procure a high-quality B2B database list of recently funded startups along with their decision-makers verified contact data through companies like EasyLeadz.

Target companies that are hiring for sales roles

Most CRM tools are used when there is a sales team in a company. The sales team interact with their prospective customers or existing customers.

These are the companies which are more relevant to pitch for CRM tool application.

Now, if a company is actively hiring for roles like inside sales, corporate sales, business development, enterprise sales then that means the company is growing and have money to spend on sales growth and probably on CRM infrastructure as well.

Reaching out to these companies will improve your chances of getting high-quality leads.

You can track these companies by setting up alerts on Google Jobs or job portals like Indeed, Naukri, Linkedin etc.

Once you have the list of accounts aka companies to target, next step is to reach out to the decision-makers for which you can either connect with them through Linkedin or cold emails using an email automation tool.

Target companies that already have sales roles

A company that already has a large sales team becomes a relevant prospect for a CRM tool application.

It might be the case that this company have already adopted a CRM by now in order to support their existing sales team.

But you can always increase your lead generation campaign performance by targeting the pain points for large sales team use case.

This will help you focus on companies with high ticket size and low volume through relationship selling.

The best way to identify such companies is by using both Industry and company size as a filter to narrow down companies.

Companies in B2B industries like ITES, Computer Software, Staffing, Logistics with more than 1000 employees will have a large sales team to support their growth.

EasyLeadz B2B database can help you find those companies along with their decision makers contacts or you can simply use Linkedin to narrow down your companies.

Target companies with a large customer base

If you are into a B2C CRM business then targeting companies with large consumer base or companies in B2C space that are growing fast will optimise your lead generation.

Companies like MakeMyTrip, UBER, OLA Cabs, OYO Rooms have a large consumer base.

A lot of startups that have recently raised funds like CRED will also be growing at a rapid pace.

All these businesses interact with their customers on a daily basis and they either build their own CRM tool or will integrate a third party CRM tool.

Finding such companies is easy. Simply go to Linkedin and choose industries like Travel, Internet etc and narrow down your search to specific companies. Within those companies find the right decision-makers.

Either find their emails using any email finder tool or you can simply get a quality targeting list using EasyLeadz sales prospect tool.

Target companies with a global customer base

Companies that have a customer base globally also need a CRM tool to communicate with their existing or prospective customers.

The use case becomes a niche since the time zone comes into the picture.

All the reminders, follow-ups etc, need to be scheduled according to the customer time zone.

This creates an opportunity for companies who do support such features in their CRM tools.

You can always search those companies using both headquarter location of companies as their primary location and person location secondary.

Let’s say companies that are MNC’s and are either into B2B or B2C business both will have the need for a country-specific CRM application.

Now that we have the above methods, it’s important to understand that reaching out right companies at the right time is an art.

If you simply just focus on finding the right niche for your CRM tool, half of your sales efforts will be reduced.

As a next step, I would recommend you to go through with this cold email guide and few cold email templates that have created for you.

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