The Top 5 Essential Elements Of A Successful Lead Generation Strategy

“Persistence is probably the single most important skill that you will need to make your business a success. Almost nothing you will try will work on the very first attempt.” – Alex Genadinik

Generating leads and creating profitable sales opportunities can be easier than you think. Learn the secrets of lead generation to create a strategy that helps your business grow. 

B2B sales are very easy!……….. Alright!….. I am just kidding.

Lead generation is a bit tough if you don’t the technique, however, with the right strategy and tactics you can rock the market, Boom, you got it! 👍 

There are a number of Softwares available in the market which we are going to talk about later in the article but before that let’s understand what lead generation actually is and how it is important to understand it in depth.

What is lead generation?

A lead typically is the contact data and at times, segment data of a client who is keen on a particular item or administration. There are two kinds of leads generation market: sales leads and marketing leads.

Sales Lead A sales lead is a person or business who may eventually become a client. Sales lead also refers to the data that identifies an entity as a potential buyer of a product or service. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, third parties, and other marketing efforts.

A sales lead is not really a sales “prospect” per se because a business would need to examine and qualify the potential new client further to determine their intent and interest

Marketing leads are brand-explicit leads produced for an extraordinary promoter offer. In direct differentiation to deals drives, marketing leads are sold just a single time. Because transparency is a necessary requisite for generating marketing leads, marketing lead campaigns can be optimized by mapping leads to their sources. 

An investor lead is a sort of a potential customer. An investor lead is the personality of an individual or element possibly keen on taking an interest in speculation and addresses the main phase of a venture deals measure.

 Investor leads are considered to have some extra cash that they can use to partake in suitable venture open doors in return for profit from interest as revenue, profit, benefit-sharing, or resource appreciation. 

Investor lead records are typically created through speculation studies, financial backer pamphlet memberships, or through organizations raising capital and selling the information base of individuals who communicated an interest in their chance. 

Investor Lead records are ordinarily utilized by private companies hoping to finance their endeavor or essentially requiring extension capital that was not promptly accessible by banks and conventional loaning sources.

How important it is to understand lead generation?

To sustain in the market you have to plan accordingly or better to think one step ahead, after prediction is the only thing which you can do for free, lol. 

Behind the complexity and vision of many promoting activities and missions, for the most part, sits a similar goal: producing new leads through various securing methods. Leads (also called prospects or potential clients) inside the promoting climate are clients that have given their data to an organization and, as a result, are currently essential for that association’s data set.

 As per an examination by BrightTALK, over half of showcasing subject matter experts (53%) devote in any event half of their proposition to lead age as it were. This gives us a thought of its significance.

First of all, you need to realize that a lead indicates to any individual or organization that is conceivably intrigued by your item or administration. Leads that show interest initially are called procured or warm leads, while drives that have no earlier information on your business are called sourced, or cold leads.

Lead Generation Process

Step 1:- Search for B2B leads

Step 2:- Pitch the leads

Step 3:- Proceed with a high prospect lead

Step 4:- Close leads

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.” – Eric Bower

Lead Generation Tools

In today’s era, everyone is dependent on tools be it for any business owners, students, or for the house purpose and it’s valid too I guess. After all, it’s the 21st century.

In the marketing world, you have to collect and interpret the data on a colossal scale, and there is the possibility of mistakes. Why take that risk? 

Let’s have a peek at the tools-  

Drift: live chat, calendar scheduling, landing pages email lookup, email followup sales engagement

Leadfeeder: identifying who’s browsing your website

Lead Generation Strategy

It may sound stale saying that content is the king but it’s true, content is not only the king but the lifeblood of the lead generation effort. While an incredibly broad term, content marketing encompasses every type of format imaginable. 

The key to a sound content material advertising and marketing method is mapping messaging to an income funnel. For instance, even though interplay with case research and product sheets may additionally be indicative of a sales-ready lead, that doesn’t suggest an advertising group ought to lead with this kind of content, as these sorts of belongings are generally added similarly down the income process.

So, the place does content material advertising and marketing earn its recognition as a lead technology magnet?

10 points to be remembered in lead generation

1. Use SEO for organic lead generation

3. Reach out to customers of products related to your niche

4. Use live chat for B2B lead generation

2. Get featured on review websites

5. Build a brand community on Facebook

6. Create a free tool

7. Do highly personalized cold outreach

8. Use Facebook Ads to generate leads

9. Utilize LinkedIn lead generation

10. Amplify lead generation with affiliate marketing

I hope you have an idea of how you can increase your lead generation skills by following these elements. It is not necessary that all of the tips work perfectly fine for your business as every niche has a different set of audiences and has different goals so you need to make sure of all.

You can check our startup, Mr. E, for Startups in case you need any help. We are more than welcome to help you.

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How To Generate More Leads For Small Business

Numerous effective entrepreneurs are consistently hoping to extend their client base and develop their organizations. Business development can be a troublesome and long-haul measure, however. One of the fundamental components of growing a business is approaching a constant flow of deals leads. 

A lead is an individual, or business on the off chance that you have an organization that offers to different businesses (B2B), that has an interest in the items or administrations you are selling. 

Here are a few hints for making a framework that will assist you with distinguishing potential customers in your independent venture, and — with the correct concentration and exertion — transform them into clients. 

As a small business, generating leads is a top priority.  Luckily, there are many ways to get more leads quickly and effectively. But the catch is which one is perfect for your business.

Contrast this to the 63 million MSMEs in India which contribute 30% to the nation’s GDP and are hailed as the “growth engines” of the economy. Notwithstanding the scale, be that as it may, the development and example of overcoming adversity of the MSME area in the nation is hindered by a few bottlenecks. All in all, what is the explanation for this hole? (source Indian economics times)

Small Business is the no 1 killer of the human brain. If you are running a small business you are bound to have any or all of these symptoms. Learn how to generate leads for your small business by using other people who don’t even know they are doing it.

Nowadays everyone wants to be their own boss and that pretty well I think, if you have accurate knowledge and skills then just give it a shot but wait did you missed something? 

YES, the right person to connect with or to reach for your business to grow like the top decision-makers of the companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Airtel, and many more like this. 

There are a number of tools available in the market for B2B contact database provider for your help. 

Without wasting much time let’s get into some ways through which you can generate leads for your business-

Make Connections / Partnerships

make connections- easyleadz

Whether it is a small business or a big one you also have to earn valuable connections to grow in the business world.  

As an independent company, you can create leads by banding together with other private companies. A basic method to encourage this is with a reference organization. 

For this situation, you get a level of income from references you ship off the other business and the other way around. 

Have your attorneys or legitimate group make and confirmation desk work, to guarantee the two sides are sure about the specifications. Incorporate data about necessities like nature of the leads, all-out deal sum, rate levels, and that’s just the beginning.

Have you heard about the name Kembhavi (Managing Director of Accenture, Bangalore) or Nancy Chen-Salgado (Co-founder of Officeninjas, Oakland, California) or Dinesh Tyagi ( Ceo of Csc E-governance Services India Limited, South West Delhi) these are some of the know names you can get connected with them and understand the business world in a better way.

Delegate, systematize, and measure

Delegate:-  To develop, you should have the option to fulfill more customer projects, subsequently you should have the creation and administration limit just as the interior ability to deal with all business activities. This implies you need more ‘hands-on-deck,’ and you, as the entrepreneur, should have the option to allow others to build up a portion of these exercises.

Systematize:- Some kind of automation needs to happen so more things can complete simpler and quicker. Having a framework set up permits a cycle to be satisfied in a precise way, with a normal outcome from particular info. It permits you to oversee time all the more proficiently and allows you to expect what amount of time it will require for you to convey a help or item to your client. 

Measure:- You can’t improve what you don’t quantify. When you characterize your business objectives, you need to recognize the key exhibition pointers that help you contact them, and these should be followed so you can perceive how far or close you are from your objectives. At that point, you can characterize bigger goals and more aspiring business projects.

High-quality content

“Content is the king”. Content is an extraordinary method to fabricate site improvement for your site, show your insight as a business, and produce leads. 

The initial phase in utilizing content as a lead-driving instrument is to recollect that this term includes something other than blog posts. Content could be an ebook, guide, white paper, inside and out an examination, or video. 

The content is then gated, so potential clients give you their contact data in return for admittance to it.                                                                                                                     

To benefit as much as possible from this substance, consider how you can make it generally significant and focused on. 

At this point, it is vital to have a customer relationship management (CRM) database that will help you keep track of potential customers through the process.

Email Marketing

Now that you’re in contact with possibilities, it’s an ideal opportunity to develop those connections so you can take them from the lead stage through a deal (and ultimately a recurrent deal!). Probably the most ideal approach to make predictable correspondence with your possibilities is through an email bulletin. 

While you are arranging your email promoting plan, ensure you know about and follow guidelines that are a piece of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Create a Sales Funnel

When you know who you are focusing on and have decided how best to contact them, you need to have an arrangement for gathering contact data. The initial segment of the cycle includes channeling all possibilities to a standard structure or presentation page that urges them to share their contact data, for the most part as a trade-off for an unconditional present, a coupon, an example, or some other worth-added impetus.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisements are probably the most ideal approaches to drive leads. In case you’re not kidding “pay to play,” you approach explicit focusing on choices, including age, area, interests, and that’s just the beginning. 

To make your promotions effective, and drive qualified leads, utilize best practices and follow your information. Here are a couple of tips to remember as you make your first Facebook promotion: 

 The advertisement ought to be firmly identified with the substance individuals are navigating to. On the off chance that there’s any disarray, individuals are bound to click away, accepting there was an error. Use eye-getting, splendid tones, instead of blues or whites. The last will in the general mix in with Facebook’s marking, recommends James Scherer of Wishpond. 

Run your first promotion dependent on a “lookalike audience,” which utilizes your rundown of imported clients to discover comparative Facebook clients. Know the Contrast between CPM (cost per impressions) versus CPC (cost per click). Peruse Facebook’s guide on this prior to picking either.

Leverage Social Media to Connect and Engage

Social media provides a number of opportunities for small businesses to create conversations with prospective customers and generate new leads. You can create a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn company page, Pinterest account, or a YouTube channel to attract and engage your audience, then funnel them through your process to become leads.

Plus, once you have leads in the system, you can use social media to talk to engage and find out more about what they need and want. The more positive touchpoints a customer has with your business over time, the more likely he or she will be to trust your brand and eventually purchase from you.

Lead generation should be thought of as a long-term and continuous process. If you get an efficient system in place using the sales lead tips above, you can streamline the lead generation process and increase your opportunities for business growth.

Now I guess you have knowledge of how to generate b2b leads for small businesses by following these ways you can definitely make a huge difference in your business. Here are some complimentary 10+ best cold email outreach tools in 2021. Thank me later (😛)


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Generate Leads: 11 ways to become an expert in sales

Generating b2b leads is hard especially in this COVID era when the sentiments of the market are haywire.

Spending is less, people are more likely to hold on to their purchase decisions, thus it’s more important to spend your time and efforts wisely in identifying various ways to generate b2b leads.

I will be sharing 15 ways using which you can become an expert in sales or to say at least improve your lead generation efforts.

I don’t think so one becomes an expert in sales, one becomes an expert in the process of SALES.

Let’s dig right into it then.

Follow the signals

Your potential customer’s release signals in various forms, all you need to do is listen to those signals and strike out at the right time.

What are those signals?

Let’s say a company has raised funding today, the next thing the company will do is to invest that amount of money into technology, product, marketing, hiring more people, expanding into new markets etc.

So if you are looking for such companies that have both a budget and need, this is the signal you need to listen.

By either checking recently funded startups on EasyLeadz or downloading Mr. E b2b contact data finder app, you can track such companies for free and reach out to them instantly.

When nothing works, try outbound

You are reading this it means either you have been impacted by the COVID and your sales are down or you are lucky but still want to work upon your sales and generate more b2b leads.

In both cases, outbound sales work.

Outbound is when you reach out to other companies or potential customers and identify their needs.

Inbound leads are the reverse of outbound where the customer is reaching out to you on your website or your contact us page and asking for more information about your products or services.

A simple message on Linkedin to a potential customer works wonders if done right and a simple cold email to a potential customer with the right follow-up can lead to a sale.

All you need to do is to figure out the right set of customers who are more likely to buy what you offer and make a list and start reaching out to them.

No point waiting for Corona to get over. It’s the new normal, act upon it.

I have written an article on how to set up cold email and generate potential leads.

Cold calling is the key

I did a survey of over 831 sales and marketing professionals and over 39% of them said they prefer cold calling over anything else.

And this was before CORONA kicked in, imagine what options people will have now and how the preference will have shifted towards cold calling, now that people cannot do walk-in sales anymore.

Voice gives a human touch to the conversation and leads to more sales.

So if you are not into cold calling, step up your game and try it at least for a few months and see for yourself.

You can use Mr. E b2b contact data finder app or chrome extension for a quick free trial to get direct mobile numbers of potential decision-makers.

Social selling is the future

If you are into social media you will love this term of social selling even more. 

It means creating engagement with prospects on social media. I am not talking about the ads that keep following you on Facebook. 

I am talking about someone writing content on any of their social channels and that drives engagement which further leads to qualified leads.

So I write content on Linkedin on my profile which drives over millions of views, hundreds of comments and profile views which further lead to people reaching out to me asking for more about our business and services.

What did it cost me?

Nothing in monetary terms but I had to write content almost every day that gives value to my community.

Automated anything yet?

I honestly dislike people who want to spend time doing the same thing repeatedly instead of finding ways to automate it.

You can’t buy time, period. 

If you could find ways or know a way to automate your business processes or any part of your job, do it. No robot is going to invade your job. 

When you save time, you could invest that saved time in doing meaningful things and focus more on real sales and customers.

One example is when I use our own B2B contact finder tool, Mr. E, I use zapier to integrate it with our CRM which is Hubspot.

As soon as I fetch a new contact through the tool it saves it in Hubspot for the sales team to follow up.

In Hubspot, we have further created a task that automatically sends them a follow-up email after a few days with a set template.

It doesn’t just save me time but improves productivity and efficiency and conversions.

Growth hacking is the new mindset

We have always heard hacking in negative connotation but what if it can help your company grow in a positive way?

In simple terms, growth hacking is when you find ways to grow one metric say user signups using non-conventional methods.

How dropbox grew their user signups via referrals or how AIRBNB created a program that created listings directly on Craigslist leading to thousands of users to their website, for free.

Especially in a tech company you could experiment fast and do multiple experiments at the same time. All you need is one WIN.

All I am asking from you is to be OPEN and explorative in your experiments.

I am not just saying for the heck of it, we do it all the time at our own company EasyLeadz.

Search on Google – Recently funded startups in India

You will see our website result in 2 or 3 positions. When you open it you will see the complete list.

Look at the intent of the searcher, it directly leads them to a list and over there they see a button that says download the list for free? 

That’s where growth hacking happens.

When they click to download it asks them to share it on Linkedin, they get a free list. We get visibility on Linkedin where our users are and that’s how we get more visitors to our website and the cycle continues.

Understand the pulse of the market

Asking your product team to build features is one thing but knowing the market is another.

There are various tools in place that will help you understand what your customers really want.

We did a survey where we asked our customers what they hate the most about our contact finder tool.

Lot of them said, they hate the fact that we don’t provide a mobile app.

So we made one for them.

Make something people want

We made various products in the past, almost all of them failed but what we learned along the way is what people want.

So when we finally launched Mr. E tool which is the contact finder tool, it had all the elements of product-market fit that one hopes for.

We grew from 30000 users in just 10 months to over 30,000 USD MRR in just 10 months without a single investment in ads or marketing.

Sales are about similar experiments, keep doing it, until you get one WIN.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with pricing

Every day your customers will tell you, you are expensive or your competitor is giving them at less price or things that customers tell us to get what they want.

Listen to the customers and keep experimenting with your pricing.

Even companies with 100 years of existence still do it, because the market changes everyday, its dynamic.

A new competition will emerge out of nowhere and that will push you to experiment with pricing.

We recently introduced an unlimited number of credit plans on our contact finder tool, no one bought it, and everytime we talk to customers they ask for an unlimited plan. That’s the irony.

But we still keep doing it and come up with new pricing options.

Remember, when it comes to sales and marketing, out of the 4P one of the P is pricing.

No one knows everything

Don’t expect to know everything in the beginning, but don’t keep yourself from knowing everything.

Generating leads demands cross-linking between various inputs.

What market wants, what competition is offering, where customers are, who are the customers, you might have to know a lot about it.

If you don’t know it all, that’s okay, but sales start in steps.

That’s where experimentation comes into play.

If you believe customers who have more than 50 employees are the right fit, reach out to them, see if your hypothesis is right, if not, start over and try a different segmentation.

But still, know your CAC

Over the period, expect to know your customer’s acquisition cost.

If you invest 1 USD to acquire a customer and that customer pays you 3 USD over their lifetime, it’s a WIN.

Now you can invest 100 USD to earn 300 USD on similar customers.

But if you are not even aware of this ratio you don’t know what you are investing into and what your returns are going to be.

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Top Venture Capital firms in India with contacts

Venture Capital is form of investment that investors provide to startups and small and medium sized businesses that are likely to have high growth potential. Its a high risk high reward scenario where 1 out of many investments done by the VC firms leads to a potential investment return that covers the other failures. Founders need resources and capital and often spend hours finding the list of Venture Capital firms. We have compiled list of 200 venture capital firms in India with contacts using EasyLeadz algorithms.

Kalaari Capital

  • Portfolio companies: CashKaro, Instamojo, Industrybuying, OvenFresh, Milkbasket, Holachef, ScoopWhoop, PopXo, Simplilearn, Snapdeal, Stalkbuylove, Urban Ladder, Vakilsearch, Yourstory and many more renowned companies.
  • Key Team Members: Vani Kola – Managing Director, Rajesh Raju – Managing Director, Kumar Shiralagi – Managing Director, Rahul Garg – Principal.
  • Investment size: Starting onwards 500K USD from their seed stage program Kstart.
  • Sectors interested in: Ecommerce, Internet, Fashiontech, Adtech, Edutech, Fintech, B2B, Blockchain, AI

View contacts in Kalaari Capital

Accel Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Portea Medical, PropTiger, OLA Cabs, Power2Sme, Blackbuck, Swiggy, Coverfox and many more other renowned companies.
  • Key Team Members: Mahendran Balachandran, Abhinav Chaturvedi, Anand Daniel and Dinesh Katiyar.
  • Investment size: Onwards of 3-4 million USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, SAAS, Marketplaces, Security Tech, Developer Tech.

View top contacts at Accel Partners

Helion Venture Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: Bigbasket, BabyOye, CrownIt, Doormint,,, livspace, MakeMyTrip, MoEngage, NetAmbit, QwikCilver, mysmartprice, TrulyMadly, RedBus, Whatfix, Toppr and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Rahul Chandra, Sanjeev Aggarwal, Rajiv Kataria.
  • Investment size: Early to mid stage companies.
  • Sectors interested in: Ecommerce, Online services, Enterprise software, Mobility, Outsourcing.  

View top contacts at Helion Venture Partners

Blume Ventures 

  • Portfolio companies: Cashify, Exotel, Dunzo, Explara, E2E Networks, Factory Daily, HealthifyMe, Instamojo, LBB, MilkBasket, Mettl and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Arpit Agarwal, Ashish Fafadia, Karthik Reddy.
  • Investment size: Early Stage rounds
  • Sectors interested in: Tech focussed

View top contacts at Blume Venture

Sequoia Capital India

  • Portfolio companies: Capital Float, Car Dekho, B9 Beverages, 1mg, Awfis, Belong, CleverTap, CraftsVilla, Faasos, Freshworks, Grofers, Global Logic, Healthkart, Homelane, JustDial, Infoedge, Ixigo, Mobikwik, Meesho, NearBuy, OYO Rooms and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Shailendra Singh, Abheek Anand, Mohit Bhatnagar.
  • Investment size: Mid sized to late stage rounds.
  • Sectors interested in: Tech focussed companies.

View top contacts at Sequoia Capital India

Nexus Venture Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: Biz2Credit, CraftsVilla, Delhivery, PropTiger, MayMyIndia, OLX, SnapDeal, PubMatic, UnAcademy, Zomato and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Naren Gupta, Pratik Poddar, Sameer Brij Verma.
  • Investment size: USD 500K to 10 million USD in early growth stage companies.
  • Sectors interested in: Business services, consumer, Enterprise, Data & AI, Healthcare, OSS

View top contacts at Nexus Venture Partners

Inventus Capital Partners

  • Portfolio companies: AasaanJobs, Cbazaar, FundsIndia, MoveInSync, PolicyBazaar, Power2SME, RedBus, Savaari, TrueBil and many others.
  • Key Team Members: Parag Dhol, Samir Kumar, Rutvik Doshi.
  • Investment size: Early Stage fund
  • Sectors interested in: Tech focussed primarily consumer businesses.

View top contacts at Inventus Capital Partners

Chiratae Ventures formerly IDG Ventures

  • Portfolio companies:, AgroStar, Cloudcherry, CreditMantri,, EarlySalary, FirstCry, Flipkart, iCrushiFlush, Lenskart, NestAway, Myntra, PipeCandy, PopXo, RentoMojo and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sudhir Sethi, TCM Sundaraman, Karan Mohla.
  • Investment size: Seed stage, Early stage and growth stage.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Media & Technology, Software/SAAS, Healthtech, Fintech.

View top contacts at Chiratae Ventures


  • Portfolio companies: CodeAcademy, Delivery Hero, GoIbibo, MakeMyTrip, PayU, PaySense, Myntra, Swiggy and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: David Tudor, Bob Van Djik.
  • Investment size: Large rounds, late stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies.

View top contacts at Naspers

Steadview Capital

  • Portfolio companies: Saavn, Urban Ladder, INDWealth
  • Key Team Members: Joy Bhakat, Teemish Gupta.
  • Investment size: Late stage growth rounds.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies.

View top contacts at Steadview Capital

Jungle Ventures

  • Portfolio companies: CatchThatBus, Crayon,,, Moglix, Milaap, Paysense, ZipDial and many other companies.
  • Key Team Members: Amit Anand, Anurag Srivastava, Jayesh Parekh, Arvind Sankaran.
  • Investment size: Series A and above.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer Internet specially in Retail, Financial services, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality.

View top contacts at Jungle Ventures

Zodius Capital

  • Portfolio companies: BigBasket, Culture Machine, FreshMenu, Pepperfry, Zivame and many other companies.
  • Key Team Members: Neeraj Bhargava, Varun Laul, Shilpa Kulkarni.
  • Investment size: Early stage growth companies.
  • Sectors interested in: Business Services, Digital and Technology.

View top contacts at Zodius Capital

Qualcomm Ventures

  • Portfolio companies: Clearmotion, MapMyIndia, Cohesity, CloudFlare, Capillary, Lookout, Fitbit, Portea, MagicLeap and many more renowned companies.
  • Key Team Members: Varsha Tagare, Varun Jain, Rama Bethmangalkar.
  • Investment size: Series A and above. 7 to 8 Million USD onwards.
  • Sectors interested in: Automotive, Data Centre & Enterprise, IOT, Mobile, Digital health.

View top contacts at Qualcomm Ventures

SAIF Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: AutoNinja, BlueStar, Bookmyshow, CapitalFloat, ClearTax, CoverFox, HomeShop18, FirstCry, IndustryBuying, JustDial, Little, NoBroker, Meesho, PayTM, Rivigo, UrbanClap, Treebo Hotels and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Ravi Adusumalli, Alok Goel, Deepak Gaur, Vishal Sood.
  • Investment size: Seed to growth stage funding. Series A onwards with cheque size of 2 million USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Information Technology, Internet, Mobile, Consumer Products and Services, Healthcare, Cleantech, Education, Modern Agriculture, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

View top contacts at SAIF Partners

Ascent Capital Advisors

  • Portfolio companies: BigBasket, RBL Bank, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, NewGen, iNurture, Care Ratings.
  • Key Team Members: Ajay Mittal, Subhasis Majumder.
  • Investment size: Growth stage funding with investment range of 10 million USD to 30 million USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Infrastructure.

View top contacts at Ascent Capital Advisor

Axon Partners Group

  • Portfolio companies: Just Eat, iYogi.
  • Key Team Members: Swarandeep Singh Kambo.
  • Investment size: Seed stage and beyond.
  • Sectors interested in: Digital economy sector, Energy, Healthcare and Emerging markets

View top contacts at Axon Partners Group

Bain Capital Private Equity 

  • Portfolio companies: Axis Bank, BMC Software.
  • Key Team Members:  Samonnoi Banerjee, Amit Chandra, Ashish Kotecha.
  • Investment size: Series A and beyond.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed.

View top contacts at Bain Capital Private Equity

Basil Partners

  • Portfolio companies: Relevance Lab, GAVS, SDG, Apar, Accion Labs.
  • Key Team Members: Rajeev Srivastava, Soma Ghosal Dhar.
  • Investment size: Growth stage capital.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies in IT Space.

View top contacts at Basil Partners

Battery Ventures

  • Portfolio companies: Tejas Network Limited,, TechProcess Solutions Ltd, High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Key Team Members: Ramneek Gupta, Gautam Patel.
  • Investment size: Early stage venture funding from 2 to 50 million USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Financial services and Technology.

View top contacts at Battery Ventures

Bessemer Venture Partners

  • Portfolio companies: Snapdeal, IL & FS, Medi Assist, NetAmbit,, StayGlad, PharmEasy, DocsApp, Hungama, Ganesh Housing and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Vishal Gupta, Dhruv Jain, Rani Yadav.
  • Investment size: Early stage funding and beyond.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Enterprise and Healthcare

View top contacts at Bessemer Venture Partners

Catamaran Venture Partners

  • Portfolio companies: Achira, Coverfox, HealthSpring, Paperboat, SKF, Vyoma, Wabco.
  • Key Team Members: Narayana Murthy, Arjun Narayan, Abishek Laxminarayan.
  • Investment size: Early stage and above.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology, Consumer, Healthcare, Enterprise, SAAS.

View top contacts at Catamaran Venture Partners

Forum Synergies PE Fund

  • Portfolio companies: Ameyo, Drishti, Cbazaar, Attero, JustEat, Ampere Vehicles.
  • Key Team Members: Samir Inamdar, Hemchandra Javeri.
  • Investment size: Growth stage and beyond.
  • Sectors interested in: Engineering, Healthcare, Clean Technology, ICT.

View top contacts at Forum Synergies PE Fund

Fulcrum Ventures India

  • Portfolio companies: Curatio, Four Fountains, Richfeel, Swaas, NoBroker, SpecsMakers and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Krishna Ramanathan, Ethan Khatri, Magesh Ragaavan.
  • Investment size: Early stage and late stage.
  • Sectors interested in: Pharma, Healthcare, Consumer, Technology.

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General Atlantic LLC

  • Portfolio companies: BYJU’s, PNB Housing, IIFL, Mu Sigma, BillDesk and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sandeep Naik, Shantanu Rastogi.
  • Investment size: Growth stage and above.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare.

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India Quotient

  • Portfolio companies: LendingKart, Creditmate, LoanTap, DogSpot, Pretty Secrets, Curofy, Roposo, iimjobs, Shephertz and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Madhukar Sinha, Prerna Bhutani, Anand Lunia.
  • Investment size: Early stage to growth stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Big Data, Consumer, Healthcare, Edutech, Financial Products, Housing.

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Intel Capital

  • Portfolio companies: Avaamo, HappiestMinds, Snapdeal,,,, WSO2, July Systems, HelpShift, Deals and You.
  • Key Team Members: Kumud Srinivasan
  • Investment size: Seed and early stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Hardware, Technology focussed, IOT, Mobility, Consumer Internet.

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IvyCap Ventures

  • Portfolio companies: Clovia, FarmBee, ftcash, GrabonRent,,, and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Vikram Gupta, Ashish Wadhwani.
  • Investment size: Early stage funding around 200 USD onwards
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Healthcare, Enterprise Tech, Fintech, Emerging Tech, Agritech.

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Kae Capital

  • Portfolio companies: InMobi, Myntra, Fractal, ZipDial, EduKart, CloudByte, QubeCell, shopsense, Airwoot, Fynd, Listup and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sasha Mirchandani, Navin Honagudi
  • Investment size: Early stage venture capital funding with around 500 USD cheque size and above.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed sector agnostic fund.

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Lightbox management

  • Portfolio companies: Flinto, Droom, Furlenco, Melorra, Rebel Foods, Embibe, Magic Bus, Paymate and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sandeep Murthy, Prashant Mehta.
  • Investment size: Early stage venture capital
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer technology companies.

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Lightspeed Venture Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: DarwinBox, BYJU’s, Freshmenu, Limeroad, OYO Rooms, Udaan, Shuttl and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Akshay Bhushan, Anshoo Sharma, Bejul Somaia, Dev Khare, Harsha Kumar.
  • Investment size: Seed stage, Debt, Early and late stage venture capital funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Enterprise, Technology, Cleantech.

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Lok Capital 

  • Portfolio companies: Affordplan, Suryoday, Veritas, Drishti and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Vishal Mehta, Venky Natarajan.
  • Investment size: Late stage private equity investment.
  • Sectors interested in: Healthcare, Financial Inclusion and Agritech.

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Matrix Partners India 

  • Portfolio companies: &Me,, Chumbak, CloudNine, CreditVidya, DailyHunt, Fiitjee, Doctalk, Loadshare, LimeRoad, MSwipe, OLA Cabs, Practo, Quikr, Ziploan and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Avnish Bajaj, Raghav Nagarajan.
  • Investment size: Early stage investment.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer technology, B2B, Enterprise, Fintech.

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Mayfield Fund

  • Portfolio companies: Amagi, Box8, Centum Learning, The Beer Cafe, Knowlarity, Lending Kart, TripHobo, Payment and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Rajeev Batra, Navin Chaddha.
  • Investment size: Early stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology, Consumer, Enterprise.

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Nirvana Venture Advisors

  • Portfolio companies: Zopper, KartRocket, UNBXD, UrbanPro,, Games2Win and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Amit Patni, Rajan Mehra, Ritu Dhariwal.
  • Investment size: Early stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Internet and mobile focussed technology companies.

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Norwest Venture Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: Appnomic Software, CRMnext, ElasticRun, Pepperfry, Manthan, Swiggy, Thyrocare, Sulekha and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Anirudh Singh, Sumer Juneja, Niren Shah.
  • Investment size: Seed to late stage venture capital funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare.

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SIDBI Venture Capital 

  • Portfolio companies: Pragmatix, Bonzai, Mycity4kids, Printland and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: SIDBI team.
  • Investment size: Growth stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector agnostic fund.

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Unitus Seed fund 

  • Portfolio companies: AddressHealth, Betterplace, Cuemath, DriveU, Milaap and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Atul Bindal, Milind Shah.
  • Investment size: Seed stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Business Services.

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Ventureast fund advisors

  • Portfolio companies: Little Eye Labs, Portea Medical, Atyati, Richcore, Orca Systems and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sarath Naru, Raghuveer Mendu.
  • Investment size: Early to mid stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology, Healthcare, Clean Environment.

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Trifecta Capital Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: CarDekho, BigBasket, Box8, Cashify, Faballey, Magicpin, PaperBoat, NinjaCart, StalkBuyLove, Zoomcar and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Rahul Khanna, Nilesh Kothari.
  • Investment size: Early and seed stage venture capital fund.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector agnostic companies.

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Orios Venture Partners 

  • Portfolio companies: Boonbox, GoMechanic, LetsMD,, MissMalini, PrettySecrets, Zooty, Zipgo and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Rehan Yar Khan, Anup Jain.
  • Investment size: Early stage venture capital funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector and industry agnostic.

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Unilazer Ventures 

  • Portfolio companies: Shopclues, Lenskart, INI Farms, UpGrad, EasyPolicy.
  • Key Team Members: Ronnie Screwvala
  • Investment size: Early and late stage venture capital funding. 1Million USD onwards.
  • Sectors interested in: Micro finance, Agritech, Consumer Technologies, Edutech, GreeenTech.

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Tracxn Labs

  • Portfolio companies: Daily Ninja, Indifi, FabHotels,, Twigly, LoanZen, Wishup and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Neha Singh, Abhishek Goyal.
  • Investment size: Seed stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies.

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500 Startups

  • Portfolio companies: Edukart, Instamojo, Lafalafa, KartRocket, OnlineTyari, MyGola, Origa, PriceBaba, Sheroes, SocialCops, SourceEasy, Switchme,Tripoto, Urjakart and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Shalini Prakash.
  • Investment size: Seed stage around 120K USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector and Industry agnostic.

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Brand Capital 

  • Portfolio companies: Accurate Developers, Imagica, BlueJay, FreshMenu, Flipkart, Ethos, Fasoos and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Sam Subramaniam, Puneet Suri, Vish Sathappan.
  • Investment size: Growth stage companies.
  • Sectors interested in: Consumer focussed companies.

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ah! Ventures 

  • Portfolio companies: Ketto, TestBook, BlueGape, LogicRoots, Inc42, Aha Taxis, DriversKart, FreightBazaar and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Harshad Lahoti, Abhijeet Kumar, Mukesh Malik.
  • Investment size: Early stage angel rounds.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector agnostic, Technology focussed.

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Axilor Ventures 

  • Portfolio companies: Awesummly, Betterwealth, Castiko, Events High, EasyFix, Mistay,, Sigtuple, WorkAdvantage and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Kris Gopalakrishnan
  • Investment size: Seed stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies.

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Eight Roads Venture

  • Portfolio companies: PharmEasy, Specsmakers, Plasmagen, BankBazaar, Cipla Health, Chai Point, Early Salary, Netmagic, Manthan Systems and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Shweta Bhatia, Prem Pavoor.
  • Investment size: Mid to growth stage funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology, Healthcare.

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Let’s Venture 

  • Portfolio companies: Aisle, Innov8, WishBerry, DailyNinja, Adpushup, ToughTalent, Belita, TestBook, Ressy and many more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Ganesh Nayak, Mihir Jha.
  • Investment size: Seed and early stage funding, Angel funding.
  • Sectors interested in: Technology focussed companies in all sectors.

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GrowX Ventures 

  • Portfolio companies: Adsparx, BetterButter, Locus, Claro, FastFox, Stashfin, ZipLoan and few more companies.
  • Key Team Members: Ashish Taneja, Manu Sikhye.
  • Investment size: Early stage seed funding around 100K USD.
  • Sectors interested in: Sector agnostic.

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We will be updating this list and the contacts in the list frequently.

Recently Funded Startups

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Startups Funded In October 2018 In India With Contacts

Companies that have recently raised funding are gold mine for sales. We bring you startups funded in October 2018 in India. These recently funded companies will now be investing in growth, advertising, marketing, technology development, hiring more people, expanding to new locations and office and thus unlimited opportunities for sales and marketing people. Let’s take a look at startups that have raised funding in October 2018 in India and their key decision makers.

Startup funded in October 2018 with contacts


Raised a seed round of 1 million USD on October 30th. Founded by Akshay Pratap Singh and Shashank Chauhan, Techyboltz is an online news aggregator and a digital publisher. They are strictly no advertising website and focus on technology updates and crowdsourcing of gadgets related news. Check contacts available at for free

2. Medikabazaar 

Mumbai based company recently raised a Series A round of 5 million USD. They are into online selling of medical equipments, hospital furniture and disposables. Its founded by Vivek Tiwari. The recent investors include Sunil Kalra, Sasaki Foods, Rebright venture partners, Healthquad and more. Check contacts available at Medikabazaar for free

3. Eupheus Learning

Its a New Delhi based organisation and have recently an undisclosed amount in seed round of funding. The company provides E-Learning solutions and have more than 70 employees now. Founded by Sarvesh Shrivastava, Rohit Dhar, Ved Prakash Khatri and Amit Kapoor. Check contacts available at Eupheus Learning for free

4. Sukkhi Jewellery

Based out of Mumbai, Sukkhi Jewellery is an online Jewellery selling website. They also sell offline via their stores, thus making them an omni-channel company. Founded by Bhavesh Navlakha and the recent investors include Duane Park and Carpedium Capital. Check contacts available at Sukkhi Jewellery for free


Its a Gurugram based company and have more than 20 employees. The company provides financial services and have raised a seed round of around 29 million USD. Its a Artificial intelligence powered wealth management company. With a 3 member founding team Amrita Sirohia, Pratiksha Dake and Varun Bhatia. Steadview Capital is their recent investor. Check contacts available at for free

6. Medimetry

Gurgaon based organisation which has recently raised an undisclosed seed round. Its an online platform where patients can consult doctors online. They are a young startup and have around 6 employees. Bluesky Capital is their recent investor. Check contacts available at Medimetry for free There are over 38 startups that have raised funding in October 2018 in India. Check the complete list of startups

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