5 killer cold email subject lines that will improve open rate

Sending cold emails is a part of every sales person life. Be it a inside sales rep or a founder, cold email is your weapon when it comes to scaling your B2B sales.

Personalisation is the key to outbound sales. Imagine if you get an email from a stranger and the subject line of that email has your name in it versus a generic email with a generic subject line. Which one will you open over the other?

The one that has your name on it will be more likely to get opened because it feels connected.

I am sharing 5 killer cold email subject lines which will improve your cold email open rates and thus response rates.

Cold email subject line 1: Nitin, quick question

This subject line is super short and has first name of the prospect in it. Its also referring to a question in the body of the email thus its driving your prospect to open the email and look for the question.

Cold email subject line 2: Looking for a sales contacts in EasyLeadz

This subject line is asking your prospect about the right contact in a particular department in their company.

So two personalisations are mentioned in the subject line. One a name of department and second is the name of the company.

Cold email subject line 3: Quick, can we talk?

This subject line is asking a direct question whether your prospect is interested to have a quick call or not. Its no bullshit approach and being direct and saves lot of time on both the sides.

Cold email subject line 4: Nitin, you checked our website

This subject line has worked really well for us. This prompts the prospect in thinking that someone from their organisation or them have already shown interest in your product and you want to initiate that discussion further.

Cold email subject line 5: Nitin, need more productivity in sales?

This cold email subject line attacks the problem of the prospect i.e whether they want to improve their sales or not. You can include the problem your product solves for them.

It also has a personalisation i.e first name of the prospect.

Remember the key to get good response rate will be in the cold email copy or the cold email templates that you have as well as what kind of businesses you are targeting.

Targeting the right audience is first step before even thinking of writing an effective cold email.

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