Learn How to Ethically Scrape Public Data for Lead Generation

Have you ever tried to scrape public data to generate leads? If not, maybe, you are among those who follow the notion “Public data cannot be scrapped“. But it’s not true. You can ethically scrape public data for lead generation and in this article, you will explore how to do that in an easy way.

Generally, a lot of people in sales, marketing or market research want to scrape data for academic purposes. Yet, there is a thin line between what you can scrape and what you cannot scrape. In fact, if the public data is visible to you, then, you can always create a copy of it. However, you cannot use that public data for commercial purposes. Well, this scraping of data ultimately helps you in lead generation.

Lead generation is an integral part of sales & marketing. In fact, professionals have to spend a specific amount of money in order to generate leads. However, sometimes, it becomes a bit difficult to spend extra money on getting leads.

But, what if you can generate leads that too in bulk for free? Sounds delightful!

As you all know, Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of EasyLeadz – the B2B contact data provider, hosts weekly webinars to share some useful insights with you all for lead generation. Recently, he found a tool to scrape data in bulk. He disclosed the tool name and its usage during the webinar.

Earlier also, he used to suggest some tools like Phantombuster to make automation or lead generation easier for you.

But this time, he discovered an amazing tool, i.e Academy Scraper. This tool is totally free of cost and has zero restrictions. It works in an effective manner without raising any bandwidth issues.

Academy Scraper – A Hidden Gem

While scraping data for lead generation, use Academy Scraper. Basically, this tool is a chrome extension that operates well on the platforms like LinkedIn & Sales Navigator.

How does Academy Scraper work?

Install the extension to your browser. Go to the LinkedIn search. Suppose you want to scrape the data of marketing directors. Now search for them on LinkedIn. You can filter your search by setting location. After clicking on the extension, you will get a list of marketing directors in that particular location. The list shows the name of the person, job title, company they work for and location. You can save the list in your local browser. If you want the data in the excel sheet, you can also download the list.

Once you get the list, you can use it for research and marketing purposes. If you are looking for their contact details as well, you can use the Mr E tool to find their direct phone numbers and mail ids. Even you can upload the entire list under the Bulk upload feature of Mr E.

Hope you enjoyed this content, for more such informative tricks and tools, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

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