How to create a high quality B2B targeting list

When you do outbound sales for lead generation the most important aspect is to create a high quality B2B targeting list for your campaigns.

If the targeting list is not right, everything else is just waste of time and resources.

The most important factors that you will have to take into account while creating your targeting list are:

  • Having a well defined Ideal Customer Profile
  • Prepare a list of prospects and their emails
  • Verifying the targeting list before campaigns

Use a well defined ideal customer profile

When you do outbound sales then even before writing your first cold email template you need to identify who are the most prominent buyers of your product or services.

The process of identifying the right prospects falls into the purview of creating an ideal customer profile.

Ideal customer means that you have a clear understanding of your buyers profile that is where do they live, which industry they fall into, how many employees they have in their organisation, how much revenue they have.

Once you have defined a ideal customer profile then next step is to figure out where to get the information of your prospects i.e their company and decision makers information.

Check out: The guide to creating a killer Ideal Customer Profile

Prepare a list of prospects

In order to prepare a list of prospects including the decision makers information and their emails you can use EasyLeadz tool.

Let’s say your ideal customer profile is following:

  • Industry of prospect: Retail, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services
  • Location: United States
  • Size of the company: Mid size firms i.e having 50 to 500 employees
  • Title of decision makers: Head of marketing, VP of marketing, Director of Marketing

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool EasyBot you can instantly create your B2B targeting list.

Create B2B targeting list

You can also use other tools like:

Verify your targeting list

Once your targeting list is ready then before sending out emails you should verify the email list.

If you send emails that get bounced back then your domain authority goes down which means your future emails will either go in SPAM or in promotion box.

Its always better to have a clean email list which has 100 prospects instead of 1000 prospects whose emails will go bounce.

If you use EasyLeadz then you don’t have to verify emails as all emails are pre verified with 10 step AI based SMTP verification process.

If you use other tools to prepare your emails then you may have to verify your emails.

There are two great tools that you may use to verify your emails in bulk:

You can simply upload your bulk list in excel and download the list back with information of whether emails are verified, not verified or catch all emails.

Always prefer to send emails to only verified emails.

Once you are ready with your verified list of targeting accounts and contacts then you can focus on other aspects like writing an effective cold email, using sales automation tools to send email campaigns.

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