How to get quality clients for a staffing agency

There are over 100,000+ staffing companies in India. Getting quality clients for a staffing business is hard.

I am going to share few tips on how you can generate quality leads for your staffing business. The tips are focussed on outbound sales. You can also generate leads via content marketing or inbound marketing.

I recommend to read Hubspot blog on inbound marketing.

Lets focus on outbound sales for now and see how you can improve your B2B lead generation for your staffing agency.

Target recently funded companies

In order to generate quality leads for any business the first step is to understand your Ideal customer profile or to say which kind of companies will be more likely to do business with you.

Startups who have recently raised funding will be the one who have just got money in their bank. The next thing these startups do is expand their business into multiple geographies or operational expansion.

Thus, these companies will have immediate need for hiring more staffing both technical and non-technical.

You can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence platform and setup an EasyBot which can automatically track recently funded startups daily and find the right decision makers in those companies.

Next step is to reach out to these companies.

EasyBot can automatically send personalised emails to these companies and if your prospects do not reply back then EasyBot can automatically follow up with these prospects so as to improve your response rates.

List of recently funded startups capture by EasyBot

While reaching out to these companies make sure your email is personalised and have a good email follow up strategy.

Always prefer to write short subject lines and include a call to action in your B2B cold email.

You can refer to cold email templates that we have written for our community based on experience of sending 100,000+ emails.

Track companies that are actively hiring

The companies that are actively hiring are already telling you that they have a hiring need. Now only difference is to figure out which companies are keen to outsource their hiring needs and which want to do it in-house.

You can always optimise your targeting to these companies by using industry and location as qualification criterion.

On top of it you can only reach out to companies that are hiring for roles that your staffing company has expertise to fill in.

Some staffing companies are expert in IT roles and some are in manufacturing roles. So depending on your business expertise you can narrow down your Ideal customer profile and target the right companies for your business.

EasyBot can also track companies hiring for specific roles and you can reach out to those companies by activating EasyBot and putting it on auto pilot mode.

Once it is on auto pilot mode you can relax as EasyBot captures companies daily, find the decision maker and reach out to those companies all by itself.

Track actively hiring companies

Track by company attributes

Your staffing company may have a specific niche that you have expertise in.

Most of the sales people spend hours in manual research and thats why they don’t do it. They simply use industry, location and few other parameters as qualifying criterion and do their outreach to these companies.

This may result in very broad targeting and your outreach may not give you the desired results.

Instead of that target companies by their attributes like if your business has expertise in BPO hiring then target companies which are in BPO business.

This way you will have better B2B targeting and high quality list.

EasyBot has the capability to give your a search criterion by company attributes.

You can target companies like BPO, Call Center, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech companies and many more other company attributes.

You can even target companies by their business model i.e if they are ecommerce companies, service based companies, product company or others.

EasyBot BPO companies list

The key is to define a perfect Ideal customer profile and apply sales intelligence on top of it to improve your qualification criterion.

This improves your targeting and further improves your quality lead generation process.

If you have a better targeting then the resources spend on generating leads is also less and your conversion will also improve.

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