How to get quality leads for web development agency

There are lakhs of web development companies in India and United States. Everyone is competing for the same customers and trying to win more clients.

Its a tough market to be into. If you do not innovate then your revenues will not grow at a pace that you expect it to grow.

Generating high quality leads for web development agency is not hard if you understand your customers well and prepare a targeted accounts list based on relevancy and stop targeting companies randomly.

I will share some targeting criterions that will help you target more relevant companies and generate good quality leads for your web development business.

Target recently funded companies

When are the companies more likely to invest into web development or mobile app development?

The answer is : When they have money to invest and when they have a need to invest and on top of when they want their product to be revamped or likely to grow fast.

All the above factors are checked when a company raises funds. As this company will be now keen on investing money into product upgrade, technology and infrastructure upgrade and already have a need to grow fast.

Thus, targeting companies who have recently raised funding becomes the number one priority for any web development company.

You can use google news to search for such announcements daily or you can use a fully automated sales solution like EasyLeadz using which you can find recently funded companies, find the right decision makers in those companies and automatically trigger an email to the prospects.

Easyleadz – list of recently funded startups

Target companies hiring for web developers

Who else is more likely to invest into outsourcing their web development work to an agency?

The companies who are already showing an intent that they have web development projects in hand.

The companies who are actively hiring for web developers or similar roles are already investing money into projects related to web development.

Thus, they become more relevant when it comes to targeting companies for your web development agency.

Instead of randomly targeting companies if you can streamline your targeting criterion and reach out to more relevant companies then it will give you a better targeting approach and improve your response rates on your sales campaigns.

You can use either job portals to track companies actively hiring for roles related to web development or you can use EasyLeadz to track such companies and put your outbound sales on auto pilot mode.

EasyLeadz sales prospecting tool will automatically track such companies daily and reach out to the decision makers in those companies and send them an email.

Companies hiring for web developers

While reaching out to these companies there are few things that you will have to remembers:

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

Web Development Leads