How To Generate Quality Leads For Advertising Business

Thousands of advertising agencies and software tools exist today and its a competitive space. Finding more clients in this space is challenge to sales representatives.

The reason most sales people struggle in finding leads for their advertising business is because they rely too much on referrals and often do random cold calling to companies.

I am going to share some tips on how you can generate high quality leads for your advertising business.

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding from investors will have money with them. The first thing that any company do after they have money is that they invest in marketing and growth.

So reaching out to companies at this point will lead to a higher conversion because their focus will be to grow marketing function of their organisation.

An advertising agency can reach out to these companies and customise their offering according to the business of the company and generate high quality leads.

List of recently funded startups

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can automate the process of finding recently funded companies, find the decision makers in those companies and reach out to those decision makers over email.

Target companies hiring for specific roles

Companies who are hiring for roles like digital marketing, advertising, media planner are the ones who have already decided that they want to invest more money in advertising and marketing function of their organisation.

As an advertising agency if you reach out to these companies at the right time there will be better chances of conversion and a potential client.

Hiring is a big aspect of a company focus area. If any company is hiring for SEO it means they want to grow their SEO and have a budget allocated for SEO.

Companies hiring for marketing roles

EasyLeadz sales automation tool can find these companies on a daily basis and find the right decision makers in these companies.

Once it has found the decision makers it will start reaching out to them over email using a personalised template that you can setup in the dashboard.

Target using niche sectors like Ecommerce

The other targeting criterion can be niche sectors like Ecommerce companies. You will have to understand that the kind of companies who invest more into advertising are more consumer focussed companies and they invest heavy chunk of their money into offline advertising.

So in order to optimise your cold email conversion you can start targeting companies sector wise based on whether are Ecommerce or not.

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can find list of ecommerce companies and automatically reach out to the decision makers in those companies over email.

List of e-commerce companies

Key to generating good quality leads is understanding your Ideal customer profile and having a good email subject line and a well defined cold email template.

Once you have these things in place you can then focus on improving your cold email deliverability and use a proper sales follow up sequence to improve your response rates.

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