How to generate quality leads for travel business

If you are into corporate travel business then your sales team will be working hard to find the qualified prospects and convert them into your customers.

Corporate travel is a highly competitive space and staying relevant in this space demands lot of sales efforts and a good customer service to retain the existing clients.

You need to understand which kind of customers will be more likely to spend money on corporate travel and approach them effectively.

I am sharing few tips on how you can target the right companies for your corporate travel business.

Target IT, Pharma, Management Consulting companies

As per a report published by Business Traveler, in USA alone companies spent 45 billion USD in travel.

Information technology, Pharma, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Construction companies spend the most on corporate travel.

So if you are a corporate travel business then you can reach out to companies in these industries and optimise your sales outreach.

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool you can setup an EasyBot which can find companies in above segments and reach out to the decision makers over email automatically on your behalf.

EasyBot capturing Pharma companies

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding are the ones who will invest money into expansion and growth of the company.

They will be hiring more people and opening new offices in new locations. Hence an inherent need for more travel in coming months.

If you reach out to these companies right after they raise funding then your chances of converting them into a client improves a lot.

EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool tracks recently funded companies daily and automatically triggers a personalised email to the right decision makers, as preset by you.

List of recently funded startups

Target companies who launch new products

Companies that launch new products invest money in distributing those products into multiple regions. The people responsible for distribution travel a lot.

Track all recently launched products specially physical products and reach out to those companies at the right time.

Using a sales intelligence tool like EasyLeadz can solve your problem of finding such companies and reach out to them at scale. Thus helping your sales team to scale the process.

While doing all these targeting you will have to also work on following:-

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Corporate Travel Leads

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

Sales Intelligence