Chase Your Sales Goals With Nishant Varshney, Sprinklr

This Masters of Sales podcast features Nishant Varshney, Sprinklr. In today’s competitive era, every salesperson desire to boost their sales. But, are they following the right marketing strategy to generate higher revenue? Let’s find out with the help of Nishant’s live examples.

“Success in Sales is the result of discipline, dedication and sacrifice” – Thomas Roy Chromwell

Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Easyleadzthe B2B contact data provider, hosted an interactive session with Nishant Varshney, a perfect blend of EQ and IQ. During the session, Nishant disclosed his deep insights on sales and marketing using wonderful analogies. He is a Sales and Business Development leader and a phenomenal personality who always leads by example.

More so, Nishant has 12+ years of Sales Experience in SAAS, Cloud & Managed Services. He has upskilled constantly by working in the organisations like Crown Worldwide Group, Nippon Express, ADP, Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd & Freshworks. Currently, he is working with Sprinklr as the Director – Sales & Business Development.

Besides this, his positive attitude to get things done is contagious. Nishant, a fully energetic & enthusiastic person, is also an exceptional leader who holds a PGDM degree in Retail & Marketing Management.

His core experience in Enterprise & Mid-Market sales across various industries resulted in building up a business from scratch, driving revenues, and maintaining client relationships. His way to manage people makes him outshine and very different from others.

Moving ahead, Nishant started his sales journey by selling mobility solutions in the Crown company. But, he stepped into the world of technology through ADP.

How to chase Sales Goals?

From his more than 12 years of work experience, Nishant shared deep factors which should be considered while driving sales, revenues and businesses. These factors depend upon the demographics, analytics and marketing strategies.

While performing for different locations, he revealed having an understanding of the marketing culture for those locations is the first step towards making sales. For example, you cannot run the same marketing campaign in India as well as the US. As there’s still a chance to convert a “NO” into “YES” from Indians. But for the US people, No means No. So, at that point calling them again for selling doesn’t make any sense.

In order to boost your sales, he recommended it is really important to know the customer’s requirements as well as consumption. Because, if the customer does not consume the product more than 60% then there’s no sense in selling that product to the customer. The consumption rate will decide the retention rate. Moreover, the consumption rate of a customer from Day 1 is becoming the first metric to analyze the sales growth.

Apart from this, Nishant has disclosed many basic things to boost your sales that sales professionals often ignore. To figure it out, come and learn sales with Nishant Varshney by watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this content, for more such informative sales concepts, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

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Learn How To Make Sales With Rahul Nanellu In Pharma Company

This Masters of Sales podcast features Rahul Nanellu, National Head Alliances from a large pharmaceuticals organisation. Here, you will learn how to make sales in a pharma company.

Masters of Sales is a series hosted by Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Easyleadz – the B2B contact data provider, in which the sales experts share their wisdom to boost sales.

Rahul Nanellu is a sales enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in the companies such as Vi Ltd, Samsung Electronics, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, etc. His interests include programming, artificial intelligence, and cricket. Besides this, he is a firm believer of “family first” and keeps pushing himself to beat the odds every day.

Rahul comes from a commerce background and has completed his MBA in sales & marketing from the University of Pune. He has worked in different industries. Therefore, he has a deep understanding of sales in technology, telecom, insurance and the pharmaceutical industry.

Moreover, an interesting fact about Rahul is that even being a South Indian, he prefers Marathi food over South Indian food. He worships his work in such a manner that even being a die-hard fan of Cricket, Rahul always gives first priority to his work, even on the day of the India-Pakistan Match.

Learn Sales In Pharma Company

Rahul on his sales experience with various companies revealed that Pharma is the only industry in which he never thought to work. But then, how he had entered into this industry? (Find out in the Podcast)

According to Rahul, there are two ways of doing business in Pharmaceutical. One is a traditional way of doing business where a medical representative visits the doctor, informs the doctor about products and align himself with the doctor to gain trust. The second is to allure the doctors with some sort of gift or promotional product.

But his organisation does not support the second way of doing business. He believed that the right way to do business is a traditional one. In this way, businesses in Pharma possess longevity and tend to stay longer. He also stated that this is the basics to do any business.

Similarly, to do the right business in Pharma is to gain the trust of the doctors as well as the patients. This is only possible if you do the business in a traditional way. Furthermore, Rahul also shares a glimpse of his day-to-day role in his Pharma company where he manages the 900 hospitals. He also disclosed a structured way to manage such a large scale.

Apart from this, he also shared some quirky facts about himself during the session. In addition, he suggested a smart way to make sales in Insurance companies.

So, stay hooked!

Not only this, but Rahul also revealed a top-secret of selling businesses just by following a broad equation, i.e,

No. of people who sells * No. of calls that they make = Amount of Sales

Social Selling Index

Besides this, Rahul explained the importance of having a good Social Selling Index. Social Selling Index is a LinkedIn formula that defines how much you are engaged with the audience. It depends on how well you are connected with peers, connecting with the right people, using LinkedIn in a proper manner & your activity on the feed. The higher the value of an index, the higher the chances of getting reach & engagement.

Hope this helps you out in your Sales journey!!

Watch the entire session and learn how to make sales in the pharma industry.

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How To Generate Quality Leads Via Social Listening

As we all know, lead generation is the most crucial part for running a business. There are various ways and strategies to generate leads, true but have you ever heard about Lead Generation via Social Listening?

Well, if you don’t know about it, worry not.  Because we have got you covered. How?

Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Easyleadz – the B2B contact data provider, hosted a webinar to share his insights on “Lead Generation via Social Listening”.

Yes, you got it right, one can easily generate leads just by using different social media platforms, but in an effective manner.

So, let’s dive into it to find out how social listening helps us in lead generation.

Social Listening

Many of us may don’t even know the actual meaning of social listening. Basically, Social Listening is a process in which users utilize social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram & Facebook in search of solutions for their problems.

On social media platforms like Instagram, a keyword like “real estate” can help generate leads for real estate agents or companies. How? Stay hooked!

Overall, this is social listening, where due to social media, we are trying to extract the information of our clients that can be used for lead generation, brand building, content creation or partnership alliance.

Moreover, there are various tools for social listening. Among these tools, the highly recommended tool is the Mention. Because this tool is very easy to track or monitor your prospects’ activities just by setting and using some keywords. By using this tool, you can filter out the source about which you need information.

However, if you want to use the Mention tool on LinkedIn, then it will not work. Because LinkedIn does not allow social media listening. So you need to track and monitor your customers’ requirements manually.

Besides this, if you directly want to call or mail your prospects instead of sending a LinkedIn message, you can find their contact details using the Mr E tool. The tool helps in providing direct contact details of the potential prospects.

Apart from this, you can also perform Sentimental Analysis to target specific leads (know more about it in the video).

But, remember! Lead Generation is not an instant process. It needs a bit of patience and lots of analysis.

Now, moving on to lead generation through LinkedIn.

In this, there is not a specific tool for tracking, but, you can do the same by using specific keywords or phrases. However, this has to be done manually. Although you can go for automation, it may impact your LinkedIn profile.

Watch the entire video of the webinar to see how this process of lead generation via social listening works practically.

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How to Generate Leads for Software Development Business

Lead Generation is a crucial part to make sales in a business. Moreover, to run a business successfully, we need to make sales. Similarly, to make sales, the first step is to generate leads. Lead generation is not a piece of cake for everyone, why? Because it includes lots of research, some marketing strategies, emailing, cold calling, and what not.

In today’s competitive era, almost every business faces difficulties in generating leads or reaching its target audience. But, here EasyLeadz acts as a Saviour, not only for the established businesses but also for the brand new Start-Ups. Even after having tools like Mr E, few companies still fail to get leads. The reason behind this is simple – not following a systematic approach to get leads.

Therefore, to tackle this problem of lead generation, Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of EasyLeadz hosted an amazing webinar on the topic “How to generate Leads for Software Business“. In this webinar, he revealed very useful tactics. These tactics will help the sales guys to get leads for the software services as well as product businesses.

So now, let’s dig deeper to find out how it works!

As we all know that in the software industry, lead generation is a bit difficult. But, with the right marketing strategies and understanding of the Lead Generation process, one can easily do so.

How to generate leads?

The major problem with the software service business is that the barrier to entry is very less. One can easily start his software business as it basically needs a laptop and an internet connection along with an excellent skill set. As compared to other businesses, it does not require any infrastructure and big manufacturing plants at an initial stage.

This could also be the reason why there are more start-ups in the software industry. Eventually, this arises the competition in the software market. Further, this brings problems in making sales. As everyone is targeting the same customers, it becomes difficult to stand out among other competitors.

Moving further, to generate leads for the software business, the first step is to identify the right set of companies and the other is to target the industry. To do so, you can try the foremost approach, which is Intent Signals. Intent means the timing of the message, i.e how we can personalize our approach in such a way that we can reach them at the right time.

For instance, if we target an SME, then to trigger it, we will send an intent signal. An intent signal is to keep track of recently funded companies, new products, apps or office launches.

Suppose there is an ABC company, which recently raised some money for the company’s growth. Then to further its growth, the company will definitely outsource some of the work, especially in the software industry. So, here an indirect intent is given by the company.

After getting the intent signals from various companies, segregate them to find your ideal customers. Segregation can be done based upon region, industry, company size, and decision-makers. For outreaching them, you can go for Cold Calling, Emailing, Social Selling, or LinkedIn Messaging(figure out what works best for you).

Basically, a general LinkedIn message or email can also work as per intent. For example, you sent an email or LinkedIn message to a recent fundraiser:

Hi Daksh, Congratulating on your recent fundraising. I have noticed that you are expanding your business. So I thought you might be looking for a web developer to scale up your business. Are you?

Even after sending an email or LinkedIn message, you can also reach them on the phone call by saying:

Hi, I have mailed you. Did you get time to see that? Would be interested to know how we can scale up your business as we did the same for ABC company recently.

Now, many of you think that how we come to know that the prospect has opened our mail. So don’t worry, MailTrack has got you covered. MailTrack is a tool to check whether your mail has been opened or not.

Besides this, Nitin also revealed some other tools to find emails: Hunter, Mailboxlayer, and Clearbit. For social listening, you can use Mention and obviously for finding contact details of your prospects, you can use Mr E.

So, stay tuned to this video to know how the lead generation process actually works in the software industry.

Hope this helps!

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