Everything You Need To Know About Enterprise Sales

The world of sales has changed more than most industries in the last decade. Consumers have more power than ever and information is literally at their fingertips. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to evolve their enterprise sales strategies to meet current consumer needs.

If you’re looking to adopt enterprise sales techniques in your organization. But, if you aren’t sure where to start, this blog will help! It covers everything. Let’s get started!

What Is Enterprise Sales?

Enterprise sales is selling to large businesses or companies. In other words, enterprise sales is a channel of distribution that allows you to sell your products/services directly to corporations. This can be done through direct sales, business development reps (BDRs), or consultants who work on commission and get paid based on the size of their contracts.

Enterprise sales is different from small business sales because of the size of the companies you are selling to and the amount of money you can potentially make. Enterprise sales is often done over a longer period of time than small business sales, which makes it more strategic and complex.

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Importance Of Enterprise Sales

Enterprise sales is really important for businesses due to the following factors:

Build brand credibility with your customers

As an industry leader, you need to build trust with your clients by showing them how reliable and trustworthy you are as a company. Plus, they’ll want to do business with you again in the future if they see how much value you provide them now.

Kick-start your revenue with well-executed deals

If you’re a startup or an early stage company, there will be a point where your revenue will not be enough to sustain your business. One of the ways to get past this hurdle is through enterprise sales. This can also help you gain more experience in dealing with bigger clients and their needs.

Deepen your relationships for the long haul

Even if you don’t land an enterprise sale right away, it’s still worth pursuing because it can lead to long-term success with a single customer or client. In fact, many companies use enterprise sales as an opportunity to build relationships with their customers so they’ll come back again and again in the future — even if they don’t need something right now!

Challenges Of Enterprise Sales

The most common challenges of enterprise sales are:

Sales cycles are longer

In most cases, you can’t just jump on a call and close the deal within 24 hours. Enterprise sales often require multiple meetings over several weeks or months, so your prospecting strategy should change accordingly.

Selling motion needs to be airtight

When it comes to enterprise sales, there are no shortcuts — you can’t just tell someone “Our product is amazing!” and expect them to sign on the dotted line right away. Instead, you need to lay out your case in detail and give them all the information they need before they can make an informed decision about whether or not your product is right for them.

How To Create An Enterprise Sales Model?

The enterprise sales process is complicated, but the basic steps are simple. Just remember: It’s all about selling the right thing to the right person at the right time for the right reasons.

Sell the right thing

When you’re selling to enterprise customers, it’s not just about having a solution that fits the problem. You need to have a solution that fits your business.

Selling to enterprise customers means understanding how different companies work and what makes them tick. You need to understand the priorities of your target customer and connect your product or service to those needs. So, focus on selling one thing really well.

Focus on the sweet spot in your market

Enterprise sales often come down to prioritizing your accounts — deciding which prospects are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t. How can you strategically allocate resources so that each salesperson works closely with the most promising clients?

The temptation to expand into every market is strong. To avoid spreading yourself too thin, focus on the markets where you have the highest chances of success and forget about everywhere else.

Get into “solutioning”

This means working with customers to understand their pain points and helping them find solutions rather than just selling products or services.

How To Succeed In Enterprise Sales?

Here are some helpful tips on how to succeed in enterprise sales:

Understand the customer’s pain points

Before even getting started with the sales process, it’s important to understand what your customer’s pain points are. You can do this by speaking with them directly or looking at their website or marketing materials.

By getting a sense of what they’re trying to accomplish and what challenges they’re facing, you’ll be better equipped to demonstrate how your product or service will help them get closer to their goals.

Understand the customer’s business needs

Try and get a better understanding of the customer’s business needs. Why do they want your product or service? What problems does it solve? How does it fit into their overall strategy? These questions will help you tailor your pitch so that it addresses exactly what they need right now instead of trying to sell something that doesn’t make sense for them right now (or ever).

Understand the customer’s buying process and buying decision-making process

You need to know how many people will be involved in the decision-making process, who they are, and their roles. For example, if your customer is a large corporation with multiple divisions, each division may have its own budget and purchasing requirements.

Understand their organizational structure and culture, as well as how it impacts purchasing decisions

For example, if your customer is a small business with few employees but lots of owner involvement in decision-making, then your product might not be suitable for them because only one person would be able to benefit from it.

On the other hand, if your customer is a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees but limited ownership involvement in decision-making, then your product might be perfect for them.

We hope the information provided here will be beneficial for you.

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Top 10 B2B Database Providers To Reach More Prospects

B2B database providers contain various information about customers and contacts of businesses, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. The database provides an easy way to access this information that is closely matched to your business needs and helps you reach more prospects.

Moreover, finding the right B2B database provider is a challenge, but it’s critical to find new prospects and improve your sales pipeline.

What Is A B2B Data Provider?

B2B data providers are companies that provide B2B data to their customers. They do this in a form that is easy to use and can be integrated into your existing marketing tools.

These data providers offer end-to-end solutions that ensure functionality, allowing entire sales teams to identify and sell products or services to qualified purchasers.

A company must rely on a wide range of data sources to maintain an accurate and diverse database. Before making a decision, we recommend you explore various data providers.

Why B2B Database Is Valuable To Marketers?

B2B database is a valuable resource for marketers and salespeople as it helps to target and connect with the right prospects at the right time.

Moreover, B2B databases offer a wide range of information about their clients, which helps marketers in creating targeted marketing campaigns.

Here are some reasons a company might choose to hire an outside vendor:

  • Builds lists of potential new customers and clients.
  • It maintains the integrity of your data by controlling when it is updated.
  • Ensures that the company follows all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • It saves time and resources of companies.

Top 10 B2B Database Providers For Your Business:

Now, let’s get into the top 10 B2B database providers.

1) EasyLeadz

EasyLeadz, the B2B contact data provider offers a wide variety of B2B data that can be used to reach more prospects. They use the ultimate power of machine learning combined with human intelligence to deliver you highly accurate, and customized B2B data to fuel your revenue.

Mr.E by EasyLeadz helps you to identify quality prospects, reach out to decision-makers, and track sales signals. The tool has a 100% accuracy rate along with high-quality delivery.


EasyLeadz has 3 different pricing models- Startup, Scaleup, and Growth. The pricing for the Startup plan starts from $32 per month. You will get Scaleup at $76 per month and a Growth plan at $156 per month.

2) LeadSift

LeadSift is one of the best sources for compiling data on potential customers’ needs and buying intentions. They gather information from publicly available sources, such as social media, to create a daily summary of leads relevant to your business.

Its sales intelligence platform produces leads from the public internet by choosing the best alternatives based on 28350 verified user evaluations and monitoring public reviews of rivals’ content and keywords.

They give you the opportunity to target prospects who have shown interest in your competitor’s products. They also provide personal-level insights that help you understand better how to target a specific group of users and integrate data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).


LeadSift offers three plans – Startup, Premium, and Enterprise. The pricing for Startup starts at $750 per month, Premium at $1500 per month, and Enterprise at $2500 per month.

3) PureB2B

PureB2B is a B2B data provider that offers a combination of demand generation technologies and predictive analytics. It automatically collects data from visited web pages, domain names, URLs, and website cookies.

They keep tracking behavioral patterns and campaigns to monitor online interactions and account-based content engagements.


PureB2B does not provide a free trial. The potential buyers have to contact the sales team for a price quotation.

4) OneMoreLead

OneMoreLead is a B2B database provider that gives dynamic data lists. The company specializes in providing valid and accurate data that will help you to generate leads and reach the right prospects.

They keep track of each and every contact in your database and update it from time to time.

5) ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is among the popular B2B database providers that offer data on companies including information about their employees, products and services, competitors, and more. The company specializes in contact data, lead creation, enhanced prospecting, sales intelligence, marketing intelligence, business connections, and Account-Based Marketing.

They create profiles of business professionals and companies and gather business information.


ZoomInfo has 3 pricing models: Professional, Advanced and Elite.

6) Leadspace

Leadspace assists companies with the development of demand-generating technologies and processes. They help clients improve their marketing intelligence, data management capabilities, lead generation performance, and account-based marketing (ABM).

It offers a customer data platform that uses the most successful sales and marketing methods to attract ideal consumers by tailoring interactions with them.


Leadspace does not offer a free trial and its pricing plan starts at $25,000 per year.

7) Ampliz Salesbuddy

Ampliz Salesbuddy is a B2B database provider that offers contact data of key decision-makers around the world. They also provide a secure and reliable marketing platform free from solicited business emails.


Ampliz Salesbuddy offers a free demo and a very basic plan for only $1.

8) Matrix Marketing

Matrix Marketing is a leading B2B database provider that offers easy and cost-effective access to sales lead data. They also offer digital marketing services to start-ups and other small businesses.

They have a team of specialists who generate leads for the most engaging forms of content to increase sales, and they use their B2B customer data to promote those sales.

It speeds customer acquisition by providing ready-to-use leads, accurate contact information for people interested in your business, use of tools to manage sales and reach key decision makers inside high-profile companies.


Matrix Marketing’s APIs start at $4,500 per month and also provides free samples for individual data requirements.

9) Salesify

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing (formerly, Salesify)provides a wide range of services to companies. These include lead generation, integration, and strategic account management services. It also offers a custom-built B2B email database and the cleaning of CRM.

They have also helped data-driven marketers pinpoint their target audiences and achieve business goals. It collects vital data to improve the customer service experience.

10) Span Global Services

Span Global Services is a global business database provider that offers data consultation services via their data solution specialists. The company specializes in boosting sales and increasing revenue through data-driven marketing insights.

Its data-driven platform includes industry insights, detailed profiles of companies and individuals with contact details like phone numbers, and email addresses as well as social media handles (like LinkedIn) links for each contact listed in its database.

This comprehensive information makes it easy for you to reach out to potential clients efficiently so you can start building relationships with them quickly.

Final Thoughts

There are many other B2B data providers that can help you to reach more prospects. The key is to select the right one. If you are looking for a good B2B data provider, then we suggest you try out the above-mentioned ones first before going ahead with any other option.

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