Need leads for your CRM software? Try 5 powerful methods

There are literally thousands of CRM application software providers. A lot of them sell their own tools while others resell and distribute someone’s else CRM tool to other businesses.

Everyone has the same challenge, more or less.

How to find high quality leads for their CRM software?

Even after running a lead generation aka B2B database company ourselves, we still have to think hard about lead generation for our own business.

So, it’s natural to go nuts when it comes to lead generation.

Let’s talk about a CRM application first and see how a sales development representative can generate high-quality leads for their CRM application software.

Let’s take the example of a car dealership.

What is a CRM tool?

Customer relationship manager (CRM) is a tool or an online software on which you can manage and communicate with your existing or potential customers.

The moment you took your car to the service station, the service manager asked you your car details and entered that information in their CRM tool along with your contact information.

He also entered the next expected service date.

The CRM tool will now remind the service in charge that your car service is due in 5 days. All he needs to do is to call you and remind you that.

Once you get a call from that service in charge, you will be thanking him and you will also take your car again to the same service station.

This is what CRM does. It stores data about the customer and lets you manage their relationship with your business.

What kind of businesses use a CRM tool?

Every business that deals with customers can use a CRM tool. But you cannot target every customer as not every customer or perhaps CRM tool can serve all the applications or use cases.

A lot of CRM tools are specially designed for B2B businesses and a lot is designed for a use case like serving car dealership businesses.

Focussed CRM helps businesses serve their customers well.

How to generate leads for a CRM business?

Every CRM business is hunting the market and trying to generate leads from the same pie.

How will you try to be different and create a niche for yourself so that customers who are underserved can get benefit from you at the right time?

I am going to share 5 powerful lead generation techniques that you can adopt for your CRM tool business.

Target companies that have recently raised funding

Companies that have recently raised funding are the ones who invest in building their sales team, adopting technologies like CRM, ERP tools.

They invest in people and infrastructure.

So reaching out to these companies right after they have raised funds gives your sales team a lot of opportunities for pitching your CRM tool application.

In order to track the recently raised funding, you can always check Google alerts or use EasyLeadz.

Once you have identified the company to target, you can simply look up their decision-makers on Linkedin and connect with them or you can find their emails using any email finder tool.

If you want to save time, then you can directly procure a high-quality B2B database list of recently funded startups along with their decision-makers verified contact data through companies like EasyLeadz.

Target companies that are hiring for sales roles

Most CRM tools are used when there is a sales team in a company. The sales team interact with their prospective customers or existing customers.

These are the companies which are more relevant to pitch for CRM tool application.

Now, if a company is actively hiring for roles like inside sales, corporate sales, business development, enterprise sales then that means the company is growing and have money to spend on sales growth and probably on CRM infrastructure as well.

Reaching out to these companies will improve your chances of getting high-quality leads.

You can track these companies by setting up alerts on Google Jobs or job portals like Indeed, Naukri, Linkedin etc.

Once you have the list of accounts aka companies to target, next step is to reach out to the decision-makers for which you can either connect with them through Linkedin or cold emails using an email automation tool.

Target companies that already have sales roles

A company that already has a large sales team becomes a relevant prospect for a CRM tool application.

It might be the case that this company have already adopted a CRM by now in order to support their existing sales team.

But you can always increase your lead generation campaign performance by targeting the pain points for large sales team use case.

This will help you focus on companies with high ticket size and low volume through relationship selling.

The best way to identify such companies is by using both Industry and company size as a filter to narrow down companies.

Companies in B2B industries like ITES, Computer Software, Staffing, Logistics with more than 1000 employees will have a large sales team to support their growth.

EasyLeadz B2B database can help you find those companies along with their decision makers contacts or you can simply use Linkedin to narrow down your companies.

Target companies with a large customer base

If you are into a B2C CRM business then targeting companies with large consumer base or companies in B2C space that are growing fast will optimise your lead generation.

Companies like MakeMyTrip, UBER, OLA Cabs, OYO Rooms have a large consumer base.

A lot of startups that have recently raised funds like CRED will also be growing at a rapid pace.

All these businesses interact with their customers on a daily basis and they either build their own CRM tool or will integrate a third party CRM tool.

Finding such companies is easy. Simply go to Linkedin and choose industries like Travel, Internet etc and narrow down your search to specific companies. Within those companies find the right decision-makers.

Either find their emails using any email finder tool or you can simply get a quality targeting list using EasyLeadz sales prospect tool.

Target companies with a global customer base

Companies that have a customer base globally also need a CRM tool to communicate with their existing or prospective customers.

The use case becomes a niche since the time zone comes into the picture.

All the reminders, follow-ups etc, need to be scheduled according to the customer time zone.

This creates an opportunity for companies who do support such features in their CRM tools.

You can always search those companies using both headquarter location of companies as their primary location and person location secondary.

Let’s say companies that are MNC’s and are either into B2B or B2C business both will have the need for a country-specific CRM application.

Now that we have the above methods, it’s important to understand that reaching out right companies at the right time is an art.

If you simply just focus on finding the right niche for your CRM tool, half of your sales efforts will be reduced.

As a next step, I would recommend you to go through with this cold email guide and few cold email templates that have created for you.

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How to select the right B2B contact data provider in 6 steps

b2b contact data provider

Don’t like hopping around and renegotiating with different B2B contact data provider every now and then? Read on, this post is for you.

B2B contact data is the backbone of any outreach campaign be it cold emails, cold calls or social. Although accurate and targeted data helps in generating qualified leads, building accurate contacts lists is a time-consuming process. 

As per 2018 Salesforce State of Sales report, 50% of sales reps feel they spend way too much time finding the right contact information.

Hence, the right B2B contact data provider can take on the hard work leaving your team free to do the most productive task, i.e. reaching out to prospects and closing deals.

On the outside, all contact data providers may look equal but some may be more equal than others for your specific use case. They should be able to work with you as business partners rather than mere providers of contact information.

Here are the 6 steps you can follow to select the right b2b contact data provider for your company.

Step 1 – Define your lead generation process 

First, you need to work with all your internal stakeholders – outbound sales reps, inside sales team, and marketing team to identify how your lead generation process will be set up. 

Consider these key points in your discussion

  • Work out a well defined Ideal customer profile on which everyone is aligned. You can have a few variations to find the sweet spot.
  • Decide what channels you will be targeting for lead generation activities. Your ideal customer profile will give you an idea as to where your prospects are spending most of their time. If they are active on emails reach them via emails or if they are more responsive on phone call them.
  • Based on the above two define what data points you need to get started. For example, do you also need extra information like funding, hiring, management changes to qualify companies over and above the basic contact information?

This will help you in deciding 

  • Whether you actually need an outside B2B contact data provider depending on how niche or broad your requirements are.
  • How closely different contact data providers are able to align with your process in the long term.

Step 2 – Define key KPI’s to measure ROI  

Defining key KPI’s from the start will help you in measuring the ROI of your investment and understanding whether it is cost-effective in the long run to keep outsourcing contact list building to an external partner or not.

It also aligns all the stakeholders towards utilizing the data effectively and set up a consumption rate. 

To define the KPI’s work backward by first defining the number of leads you need to generate to reach your revenue goal. 

For e.g. Let’s say you are planning to run a cold email campaign and your objective is to get around 100 positive responses to fill up the pipeline of your sales team of 4.

Now set a starting value for 

  • Open rates, 
  • Response rates and 
  • Positive response rates you plan to achieve 

Based on above calculate the total number of contacts you need to procure.

calculation of contacts required for cold email campaign

Monitoring KPI’s will help you –  

  • Understand which contact data provider would be able to provide you with not only accurate contacts but contacts matching your customer profile to achieve the desired response rates. 
  • In assessing whether data provider is flexible enough should your requirements change depending on your key performance indicators.

Step 3 – Cost Comparison

Compare the cost of building prospect list in-house vs the cost of outsourcing.

Consider the following factors while doing your calculation, you can add more scenarios depending on how your team is currently building their contacts list.

cost calculator

You can access the Spreadsheet and run calculations to your specific use case.

Step 4 – Quantity of Data

Quantity of data available with any vendor would directly affect the speed, scale, and flexibility with which you can run your lead generation campaigns. 

Apart from the overall size of the database of companies and contacts consider following factors 

  • How fast are they able to scale their database i.e. number of new contacts they are able to add to their database on an average monthly basis.
  • Amount of flexibility you would have going forward in case you plan to expand your lead generation campaigns to new geographies. How much of your total addressable market can they cover?
  • Turn around time i.e. how fast are they able to provide data on the basis of your requirements.  
  • Flexibility in terms of excluding what you already have and only paying for new contacts?

A single data provider will not be able to cover your complete TAM w.r.t. geographies, in such a scenario, consider multiple vendors combining their individual geographic strength.

Step 5 – Quality of Data

Assess the quality of data as per your specific use cases and remember it goes beyond just the accuracy of email and phone numbers. 

A data vendor should be able to match your complete criteria in terms of – 

  • Type of companies you want to target 
    • Size
    • Revenue
    • Industry
  • Type of decision-makers
    • Titles
    • Seniority

For e.g., If you are getting correct emails and phone numbers of Marketing managers and your target are Marketing heads you are still hitting off the mark.

Additional key points you can consider while assessing the quality –

  • How data is processed, do they pull contacts out of static lists or do they run real-time processes for verifying contacts? Real-time processing almost always ensures 5-10% better accuracy. 

For e.g. At Easyleadz we build fresh contacts list on the basis of target requirements and run real-time verification of emails which enables us to commit 90% accuracy on our data.

  • The number of data points included in the data set. For e.g. do they provide additional information about companies like Funding, Hiring or Social profiles for contacts which can be used for running multi-touch campaigns.
  • Ask for the source of data and how often it is validated. Based on the sources and how frequently it is validated you will get an idea of how accurate data can be. 

As per Marketing Sherpa research, B2B data decays by 2.1% every month and turnover is higher for middle management compared to the top management

Depending on how fast any data vendor validates its database, will give you an indication of overall accuracy. 

  • Finally test whatever any data vendor is claiming by asking for a sample of contacts for your quality check, if they don’t provide one, it’s a big red flag.

Step 6 – Pricing and SLA’s

All said and done Pricing is going to play a huge role in your decision to go or not go with a data vendor. 

While how affordable any data vendor is will be driven by the budget at your disposal, still you can look at the structure of pricing contracts.

You can ask the following questions

Are they asking you for upfront commitment with long term contacts although the price per unit may be low or 

Do you have the flexibility of paying on the go and scaling up and down as per your requirements?

It makes more sense to pay a reasonable premium for higher accuracy instead of getting more contacts for less or the same price. 

Understand different SLA’s (Service level agreements) any data vendor operates with. For example  – 

  • How much accuracy are they willing to commit upfront.
  • How fast do they replace bad contacts beyond the committed accuracy limit?
  • Is there a refund available in case of non-fulfillment.

In conclusion, you should spend time in bringing on board a partner who can work alongside you, understanding your needs and willing to invest in your success rather than simply providing you a database of contacts.

Here is what to do next

  • Tell us how has been your experience of working with contact data providers.

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How to get leads for chat support tool

Every day the job of the sales person is getting difficult because of low attention span of customers.

Sales people reach out to 1000 prospects and get only limited replies and often get disheartened.

There can be many reasons for not being able to generate good quality leads, few of them are:

  • Not defining your ideal customer profiles
  • Not having a well targeted B2B list
  • Poor quality database
  • Not having an effective email template and follow up strategy
  • Not improving your targeting consistently based on results

We at EasyLeadz too faced this challenges in initial days, that’s why we built our own tool EasyBot which can research companies for us, find the right decision makers and initiate a conversation with them over email.

Based on our experience of working with many chat support tools I am sharing some effective tips that can help you generate quality leads for your chat support tool business.

Target recently funded companies

The reason why recently funded companies are relevant to any chat support tool is that these companies have now money in their bank and they can invest this money in improving their customer support function.

Now, if you are a customer support or chat support tool provider then reaching out to these companies can improve your chances of generating a quality lead.

There are many ways to track such companies:

  • Crunchbase
  • Google news articles
  • EasyLeadz automated sales intelligence tool

If you go to Crunchbase then you can find daily alerts of funded companies globally. The only challenge will be that in their free plan you cannot setup email alerts or download the list.

You will have to manually go every day (infact every few hours) to track these companies.


The other method of tracking recently funded companies will be setting up Google news alerts.

You will receive notifications whenever there is a keyword mention like “startup funding” in google news. The problem with this approach is that you will miss lot of these companies as not everyone gets a news article coverage for their funding announcement.

Google alerts for recently funded startups

The third approach is using EasyLeadz sales intelligence platform that will automatically track recently funded companies and even find the right decision makers in these companies and reach out to them over emails with a personalised email template that you can edit.

Recently funded startups EasyLeadz

You can filter companies based on industry, their headquarters and employee size. There are advanced filters like Ecommerce, SAAS and technology used by the companies.

Once you setup an EasyBot – it can literally work like your sales person 24/7 and start finding funded companies daily and reach out to the decision makers over their emails via your connected email account.

We use the same method to reach out to B2B companies who have recently raised funding as they will now spend more money on sales and can use tool like EasyLeadz.

Target companies hiring for complementary roles

The other effective strategy is to track companies who are hiring for roles that are complementary to your business.

In your case a company that is hiring for chat support or customer support or customer service roles are more relevant.

Why you should care to track such companies?

Its simple. If a company is hiring for customer support than it clearly means they have more need for customer support and this company is already having a budget to afford a person for customer role and is determined to address challenges in customer support function.

A company that is already investing money in this function is the one who is more likely to invest money in a tool for customer support.

You can use following methods to track such companies:

  • Google job search
  • Job portals like Indeed, Naukri
  • EasyLeadz sales automation tool

In Google job search enter roles like customer support, chat support and track such companies daily. After tracking these companies you can also use free email finder tools to find the email id’s of decision makers in these companies.

Reach out to these companies to identify whether they have a need for a chat support tool or not.

Google job search

The challenge will be if you want to further narrow down your search and do it daily then it becomes too much manual work for any sales person to do.

The other option is to go to job portals like Indeed or and track companies who are hiring for customer support roles.

Job portal Indeed

The challenge will still remain the same i.e how to do it manually at a scale and narrow down your search by size of company, industry of the company, location of the prospects, further advanced targeting criterions like SAAS, Ecommerce and many more options.

Third option is to use Easyleadz sales intelligence and automation tool to track companies who are hiring for customer support role and setup an EasyBot to capture those companies daily.

Once EasyBot captures these companies it will start finding the right decision makers as per your defined criterion and start reaching out to them over email with a personalised email template added by you.

EasyLeadz hiring intent signals

Target companies by technologies they use

The other targeting criterion is by identifying what kind of technologies your customers are using.

By technology I mean if they are already using your competitors chat support tool then you can reach out to them.

You can always customise your email campaign based on this particular targeting criterion and include in your email copy more information on how you are better than your competitor’s chat support tool.

There are two methods to find such companies:-

  • Builtwith technology finder tool
  • EasyLeadz sales intelligence & automation tool

If you have a tool which is similar to Intercom then you can search for which companies are using Intercom already by using Builtwith or EasyLeadz.

Once you have that list you can find the right decision makers either over Linkedin or use a free email finder tool like EasyEmail finder.

After you have the list then you can start reaching out to these prospects over email and follow up if they don’t reply you back. This too can be automated using several tools like Replyup or Mailshake or EasyLeadz.

Builtwith Intercom

Builtwith is a great tool which can be used for your initial research.

The only challenge will be to automate this process because once you have the list of companies after that you will have to apply several other factors like location, job roles, company size, industry, company type in order to narrow down your company targeting.

The other option is to use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool to automate this process of finding companies using Intercom and reach out to the decision makers over email.

Companies using Intercom

EasyLeadz will keep tracking such companies and reach out to the right decision makers all by itself thus saving you tons of manual research.

Target companies by their business model

Depending on what type of companies are your existing users you can narrow down your search criterion by targeting companies based on their business model and reach out to right prospects.

If your chat support tool is used by B2C companies like ecommerce companies then you can track ecommerce companies and reach out to them.

If your chat support tool is used by mostly technology companies like SAAS companies then you can just focus on SAAS companies in order to generate more effective leads.

This can be further narrowed down by the industry of the company like if your chat support tool is more relevant to fashion based ecommerce companies then you can do that.

In order to target ecommerce companies or find list of SAAS companies you can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool.

Ecommerce companies in USA

EasyLeadz sales automation bot – EasyBot – will automatically find more ecommerce companies and start reaching out to them over email and follow up with consistently to generate more leads on its own thus saving you manual hours you may otherwise spend on researching companies.

SAAS companies in USA

Thus, the need to do manual research can be eliminated by using sales automation tools or you can still do the same thing manually by using free information providers like Google and generate more quality leads for your chat support tool.

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How to create a high quality B2B targeting list

When you do outbound sales for lead generation the most important aspect is to create a high quality B2B targeting list for your campaigns.

If the targeting list is not right, everything else is just waste of time and resources.

The most important factors that you will have to take into account while creating your targeting list are:

  • Having a well defined Ideal Customer Profile
  • Prepare a list of prospects and their emails
  • Verifying the targeting list before campaigns

Use a well defined ideal customer profile

When you do outbound sales then even before writing your first cold email template you need to identify who are the most prominent buyers of your product or services.

The process of identifying the right prospects falls into the purview of creating an ideal customer profile.

Ideal customer means that you have a clear understanding of your buyers profile that is where do they live, which industry they fall into, how many employees they have in their organisation, how much revenue they have.

Once you have defined a ideal customer profile then next step is to figure out where to get the information of your prospects i.e their company and decision makers information.

Check out: The guide to creating a killer Ideal Customer Profile

Prepare a list of prospects

In order to prepare a list of prospects including the decision makers information and their emails you can use EasyLeadz tool.

Let’s say your ideal customer profile is following:

  • Industry of prospect: Retail, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services
  • Location: United States
  • Size of the company: Mid size firms i.e having 50 to 500 employees
  • Title of decision makers: Head of marketing, VP of marketing, Director of Marketing

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool EasyBot you can instantly create your B2B targeting list.

Create B2B targeting list

You can also use other tools like:

Verify your targeting list

Once your targeting list is ready then before sending out emails you should verify the email list.

If you send emails that get bounced back then your domain authority goes down which means your future emails will either go in SPAM or in promotion box.

Its always better to have a clean email list which has 100 prospects instead of 1000 prospects whose emails will go bounce.

If you use EasyLeadz then you don’t have to verify emails as all emails are pre verified with 10 step AI based SMTP verification process.

If you use other tools to prepare your emails then you may have to verify your emails.

There are two great tools that you may use to verify your emails in bulk:

You can simply upload your bulk list in excel and download the list back with information of whether emails are verified, not verified or catch all emails.

Always prefer to send emails to only verified emails.

Once you are ready with your verified list of targeting accounts and contacts then you can focus on other aspects like writing an effective cold email, using sales automation tools to send email campaigns.

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Top 10 B2B cold email templates that gets better response

Businesses thrive on both inbound and outbound sales and if you do lot of outbound sales then you need to master cold emails.

Based on our experience of sending over 100K emails we have compiled together bunch of cold email templates that have given us better response rates.

Feel free to edit and use them as per your business needs.

First cold email template

Subject Line : Nitin, quick question

Body of the email:

Hi Nitin,

I wanted to give you a quick shout to introduce EasyLeadz , a new BOT that works like your B2B inside sales assistant.

It researches right companies at right time, find decision makers and automatically send them email or connections requests over Linkedin.

Let me know if this is something you are interested in?

Email signature

Second cold email template

Subject: Looking for a sales contacts in EasyLeadz

Body of email:

I wanted to contact someone in EasyLeadz who looks after Sales Development. We have launched a new tool that works like your B2B inside sales assistant.

It researches right companies at right time, find decision makers and automatically send them email or connections requests over linkedin.

Microsoft, UBER, 99Tests, Amazon, VYOM labs are already using our platform.

Are you the right person at EasyLeadz to talk to about this?

Email signature

Third cold email template

Subject: Quick, can we talk?

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

I know you’re super busy, but wanted to see if you were the right person to talk to regarding improving sales at EasyLeadz.

Can I show you how our AI assistant can double your sales/leads productivity?

Shall we setup a time to chat?

Email signature

Fourth cold email template

Subject: Nitin, need more productivity in sales?

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

Can I show you how our AI assistant can double your sales/leads productivity?

Our product is proven to offer these improvements:

  • 40% increase in sales opportunities.
  • 70% increase in finding decision makers emails.
  • 40% increase in response rates.
  • 60% reduction in time spent on sales prospecting.

Compelling, isn’t it?

If you confirm a time on my calendar for next week, I will prove to you in black and white how I can increase your B2B sales productivity by at least 30–35%!

What do you say?

Email signature

Fifth cold email template

Subject: Nitin, you checked our website

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

My team of robots have alerted me that someone from your team visited our website 

Since every single visitor is important for us, we’ve decided to check if ABC is looking to scale their B2B sales. 

Are you the right person at ABC to talk to about this?

Email signature

Sixth cold email template

Subject: EasyLeadz, do you need virtual assistant to find leads for you?

Body of email:

Hey Nitin,

It seems you missed my last email.

Are you tired of identifying the right companies to target, contact details of decision maker in those companies and following up with them?

EasyLeadz finds companies using intent signals, their decision makers & reaches out to them automatically for you.

It’s like having your own inside sales assistant that finds leads for your business.

Uber, Microsoft, 99Tests grow their B2B sales by an incremental 20-30 %.

Want to schedule a 10- minute walkthrough ? We’ll go through it quickly.

Email signature

Seventh cold email template

Subject: Can we help EasyLeadz with B2B leads?

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, three of the fastest growing companies in the country use Easyleadz to find new leads every day, that too automatically.

I suspect that we could be helpful for EasyLeadz as well. Can we schedule some time to talk?

Email signature

Eighth cold email template

Subject: Did I lose you?

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

I have written a few times on helping @companyName acquire new leads using sales automation. But there is a thin line between following persistently and flooding your inbox with more emails.

Could you hit reply and let me know 1 / 2 / 3 so that it helps me know whether to reach out to you again or not?

  1. This could be useful for us – let’s setup time next week
  2. This is not a good time – call back in a couple of months
  3. I have no use for this. Please don’t follow up anymore

Feel free to let me know and I can plan accordingly.

Email signature

Ninth cold email template

Subject : Nitin, do you need more leads for your software testing business?

Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

Software testing is a competitive market and continuously generating quality leads in this space needs innovation.

I wanted to give you a quick shout to introduce EasyLeadz , a new BOT that works like your B2B inside sales assistant and can also find right person, their valid emails and direct mobile numbers.

99Tests – a company that provides software testing solutions – have been using EasyLeadz sales tools to scale their lead generation process.

Here is how they are using EasyLeadz – click to read their case study.

Let me know if this is something you are interested in?

Email signature

Tenth cold email template


Body of email:

Hi Nitin,

I know you’re super busy, but wanted to see if you were the right person to talk to regarding improving sales at EasyLeadz.

Here is an article that explains how Easyleadz can find more relevant companies for your software testing business.

– It can track recently funded startups that have mobile apps. As these companies will have money to invest in technology.

– It can track companies that are hiring for software testing persons. These companies will have projects in hand for software testing.

There are many more targeting criterions that you can build using EasyLeadz.

Shall we setup a time to chat?

Email signature

Key points while using cold email templates

  • Always use personalisations in your email. In all our templates we have addressed the person by their first name.
  • Keep your subject line and content of the email super short. Ideally less than 300 words in case of body of email.
  • Always start with addressing the problem of your prospects rather than directly pitching your product or service.
  • Always add a call to action at end of email. Example: Can we connect over quick call? or Shall we setup a time to chat?
  • Send emails via your own email account and not from a third party server and a generic email address like
  • Always give an option to opt out from your emails i.e add an unsubscribe link so that your prospects can opt out from getting any further email from you.


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How to quickly get B2B leads for software testing business

There are over 25800 software testing business in India.

Its a competitive market and has low defensibility in business which is why many companies start their software testing business every year.

In order to generate high quality B2B leads for a software testing business you cannot simply apply the traditional methods.

You will have to start thinking ahead and start using tools and insights that helps you compete with these 25800 other software testing businesses.

In this article I will share some productive methods and tips on how to generate B2B leads for your software testing business.

Target recently funded companies

In order to generate good quality leads start tracking companies that have raised funding recently. A company that has raised funding recently will be investing money in following areas:

  • Technology upgradation i.e investing in software testing, outsourcing their web or mobile development.
  • Expansion to multiple cities and opening up new offices.
  • Hiring more people and specially in technology if they are into technology.

There will be many more opportunities for vendors in this case, it depends on company to company.

You can use an automated B2B lead generation platform in order to track recently funded companies and instantly reach out to those companies.

Target companies that are into BFSI or Ecommerce sector

The reason why companies invest in software testing is because they cannot afford to have a single bug on their website.

Their revenue or business depends on the customer experience.

If its a financial sector company or a banking company then its even more critical to have a bug free software because of the nature of the business.

That’s why a software testing company can reach out to companies in BFSI or Ecommerce sector specially and instantly generate good quality leads.

Using an email automation tool with multiple follow up sequences can help you generate more responses from your B2B email campaign.

Target SAAS i.e software as a service companies

A SAAS or software a service company is where the software is available for use over internet i.e cloud.

If you want to use an excel you can either install it on your laptop or computer or you can use Google excel online.

In this case, Google excel which you can use without any installation is a SAAS application i.e available online without any installations and can be used anywhere and anytime with just a login id and password.

A SAAS company relies on a good customer service and providing a bug free software that can be used online and from anywhere.

In order to generate good quality B2B leads for your software testing business you can target SAAS companies.

Target companies hiring for software testing roles

If a company is hiring for software testers then it means its already having project and budget in hands for services related to software testing.

Thus, tracking such companies and reaching out to them helps you improve your B2B sales targeting and reach out to the right companies at right time for quality lead generation.

EasyLeadz virtual AI based sales assistant automatically tracks all of the above targeting criterions.

It can reach out to the right decision makers and also automate sending them emails and follow up emails for improving your B2B lead generation.

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How To Find Email Id For Anyone In Seconds For Free

Sales people have many problems including how to find email id of their target customers is one of them. We have dealt with that too so we understand the pain. I am going to give you some hacks for so that you can find email id of almost anyone in seconds and verify them as well.

1. Use pattern based approach to find email id

In just 3 steps find the perfect and verified email id. Follow the steps below.

Step One: Finding the person

Suppose you want to find email id of Founder of Easyleadz so you can either search their name on Google and or go to linked and search. find email id easyleadz   Now you know that Nitin Bajaj is the founder of Easyleadz so let us keep aside following info: First Name: Nitin Last Name: Bajaj Domain/website: (you can find this too from google search)

Step Two: Generating email patterns

Enter your values of first name, last name, domain in the excel sheet or simply create your own patterns in your own excel sheet. find email easyleadz

Step Three: Verifying email and finding the right one

Use any free email verification service like Neverbounce or Mailboxlayer to verify email id from your patterns. Enter one by one your patterns of emails that you want to verify and find the right email. Or you can also use their bulk verification service. If SMTP == True it means email id is verified and SMTP is false it means its not the right email. find email id easyleadz

2. Use EasyLeadz free email id finder tool

Go to EasyLeadz free tool on this link and find anyone email id using domain search. Check below small 15 seconds video.    

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  I hope both these tricks help you get rid of annoying and time consuming email id search and you are able to reach out to your target customers for free. Share this post with your colleagues, your startup cofounders and help them in reaching out to more and more customers. Happy selling.  

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