How we got our first 50 paying customers

For a startup especially the bootstrapped ones like us, early paying customers are most crucial. First 50 paying customers not only bring revenue but also validate your value proposition and help you grow in the right direction.

It becomes even more important that you listen to them and their feedback, on the other hand, don’t get every customer on board who are willing to pay in early stages, as every customer is not a fit.

They might pay you but if they eventually become a pain in the a*s and you have too many of them, it will drain the team more and impact long term growth.

As a small team starting out with limited resources at the disposal it is really important to pick the right and few battlegrounds and go all in on them. You practically can’t be targeting every marketing channel to get the first 50 paying customers.

So here is a lowdown on how we went about acquiring our first 50 paying customers.

The Process

Step 1 – Narrowed down on channels we would be focussing on

Step 2 – Worked on lead generation tactics for each channel.

Step 3 – Analyse how each channel performed, rinse and repeat.

We decided to focus on the following 3 channels and hit the mark of 50 customers:

1. Cold E-mail Outreach

Since we help companies with building B2B contacts list, it was a no brainer. We cook and eat our own cake.

Source: Giphy

E-mail outreach is a much better channel for quick revenue realization in early stages as SEO/Content Marketing take time to build and drive results. You can’t be entirely dependent on your Inbound marketing to kick in results.

We built our e-mail lists based on the following criteria –

  1. Industries – We picked Industries where companies are B2B focussed.
  2. Employee Size – 50-500 Employee size companies.
  3. Designations – Marketing/Sales Heads/VP’s/Directors

Next, we worked on our E-mail templates varying the content depending on which Industry we were targeting and used an E-mail automation tool using which we could set a cadence of 4-5 follow-ups.

You can check out the templates that worked for us – Top 10 B2B Cold E-mail Templates

We tracked open, click and reply rates consistently and optimised our campaigns for higher response rate.

Cold E-mail outreach is still a big part of our lead generation process and drives close to 40% of our monthly revenue.

Our advice would be to start small with your outreach campaigns and examine how well your targeting, content, and scheduling is working and scale up from there.

2. Quora

Here are some interesting facts about Quora (Source: Similarweb

  • Quora has more than 600 million monthly visits 
  • Almost 20% of traffic coming from India 
  • Of the overall traffic, 70% of it is coming from search

What does this mean?

This means people are searching in google for answers and end up on answers in Quora because questions asked on Quora get indexed in search results.

This means if you answer readers’ queries in your niche in an in-depth manner, you are likely to get visitors who are not only interested in your product/service they already have a fair idea of what problem you can solve.

To top this as per this Gartner report close to 88% of buyers encounter information during their decision-making process and one of the easiest ways to disseminate information about your services is Quora.

So what did we do? We went about dedicatedly answering the questions in our niche and adding value for the readers and buyers in our own unique way.

Now there is a whole process to finding the right answers on Quora to balance the amount of effort you should publish and visibility it can drive for your product and services. Deserves a well-explained post in itself, we will write about this one soon

Blindly answering every question that comes across in your feed is like burying your head in the sand and then expecting the storm won’t hit you.

A few basic checks you can follow while starting out are –

  • Pick a few niches where following is big and answer consistently
  • Look at follower to answer ratio. 3:1 is good and anything above it is great. Don’t just leave a question because the above ratio is low if you feel you can write something which can really benefit the readers, go ahead and write.
  • Make use of the Answer wiki’s, edit/create them wherever you think your product/service is the right fit.

Not only did we start getting traffic from Quora, as we kept on posting, but traffic also started converting into leads and leads into revenue.

3. LinkedIn

Being the largest Professional network, its a heaven for anyone looking to sell to businesses. You can not only target your audience but also engage with them and build relationships.

LinkedIn is the most effective social channel when it comes to generating B2B leads. Don’t believe me, read this post from Neil Patel LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing. As per his research, almost 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn.

There are many tactics which can generate leads on LinkedIn right from having your own company page to participating in groups.

We will focus on tactics we adopted to drive leads:

1. Content Publishing  – We continuously post about our learnings, best practices, B2B lead generation tips and add value to the network using free giveaways like one of these posts which generated close to 2M views.

There are a fraction of people who like, comment and directly interact with your content and then there are lurkers, who simply observe and absorb value from your content for a time and then when they are in buying mode they know where to look.

2. Prospecting and Direct Messaging – LinkedIn is a great platform to prospect your target audience especially with all the insights you get to know about your prospects can be used for personalized outreach. 

First, start with connecting the right prospects in our case it was people working in Sales and Marketing roles across companies. 

Don’t simply hit send when you are sending a connection request, personalize your request by adding a note and follow up with a conversation using the insights you have about them. It can be about workplace promotion, their social activity or any great piece of content they wrote. 

In all honesty, we tried both the things directly pitching our services right after the connection was accepted out of eagerness and pitching after a few rounds of messages has been exchanged.

The second approach fared better, warmed up the other person, built a level of familiarity and created a more solid pitching ground for our services.

These are not the only channels which can help get early paying customers. Now we have also started focussing on SEO and Content Marketing.

You can always experiment rapidly with a bunch of channels and settle on few that would work. The operative word here is few as a small startup team you ought to be focussing and optimizing on every calorie of energy spent rather than fighting on all fronts.

Let go of the good ones for great ones at least for reaching from zero to 50 paying customers.

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How to generate quality leads for travel business

If you are into corporate travel business then your sales team will be working hard to find the qualified prospects and convert them into your customers.

Corporate travel is a highly competitive space and staying relevant in this space demands lot of sales efforts and a good customer service to retain the existing clients.

You need to understand which kind of customers will be more likely to spend money on corporate travel and approach them effectively.

I am sharing few tips on how you can target the right companies for your corporate travel business.

Target IT, Pharma, Management Consulting companies

As per a report published by Business Traveler, in USA alone companies spent 45 billion USD in travel.

Information technology, Pharma, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Construction companies spend the most on corporate travel.

So if you are a corporate travel business then you can reach out to companies in these industries and optimise your sales outreach.

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool you can setup an EasyBot which can find companies in above segments and reach out to the decision makers over email automatically on your behalf.

EasyBot capturing Pharma companies

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding are the ones who will invest money into expansion and growth of the company.

They will be hiring more people and opening new offices in new locations. Hence an inherent need for more travel in coming months.

If you reach out to these companies right after they raise funding then your chances of converting them into a client improves a lot.

EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool tracks recently funded companies daily and automatically triggers a personalised email to the right decision makers, as preset by you.

List of recently funded startups

Target companies who launch new products

Companies that launch new products invest money in distributing those products into multiple regions. The people responsible for distribution travel a lot.

Track all recently launched products specially physical products and reach out to those companies at the right time.

Using a sales intelligence tool like EasyLeadz can solve your problem of finding such companies and reach out to them at scale. Thus helping your sales team to scale the process.

While doing all these targeting you will have to also work on following:-

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Corporate Travel Leads

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

Sales Intelligence

How to generate quality leads for corporate gifting

You reach out to 100 companies and then you get disheartened that they are not replying to your emails. This is what a normal day looks like for a sales person.

This post is focussed on lead generation strategies for a corporate gifting business. Companies like Amazon are too in this space with their corporate gift cards. Others like Sodexo are also competing for the same pie of customer wallet.

So how can you compete with these big companies that have deep pockets?

By using these simple strategies you can reach out to more relevant companies and generate high quality leads for your corporate gifting business.

First and most important aspect is to understand who is more likely to spend money on corporate gifting and when are they more likely to invest.

One time is when there is a festival and the other time is a business milestone or a strategic employee or consumer promotion. Following are the use cases when a company buys corporate gifting or gift cards so to say:-

  • Employee gifting on birthdays etc
  • Sales incentives to sales people
  • Festival gifting like Christmas, Diwali, New year
  • Promotion for its customers like a giveaway campaign or reward program
  • Gifts to distributors or channel partners tied to their sales

Depending on where your use case is most relevant you can time your outreach according to that use case.

If your gifts are more used for Festivals then reaching out to corporates during that time is more relevant. However, if your gifts or gift cards can be used for other use cases then you can do your outreach all year using certain intelligence that I will share below.

Let’s see how you can compete with others and improve your lead generation.

Target companies with focus on employee wellness

One way is to target companies with a large number of employees (over and above 500) and the other way is to further optimise your outreach by targeting companies that are already investing money in employee welfare or wellness.

But how you can find those companies?

You can start by tracking companies that have a job role related to employee wellness or employee welfare or companies who are actively hiring for these roles.

These companies are already having a budget and dedicated team that focus on employee wellness so why not chase these companies that resonate with what your business do?

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can put this tracking on auto pilot mode. The tool will find such companies daily and find the right decision makers and reach out to them over email so that your sales team do not have to spend time manually on researching such companies.

Companies hiring for employee benefits

Target companies into channel sales or distribution

One of the major contributor to gifting business is distribution business. A company that has retail or distributors partners incentivises its partners using certain reward programs.

If that retail partner do a certain size of business then they are rewarded with a gift card.

This is major chunk of business for many corporate gifting companies.

If you are not thinking of this use case then you are missing out on a lot of business.

If you want to do such targeting then you can either do manual research on Linkedin or Google to find companies that have distribution or you can use EasyLeadz B2B sales automation tool to find such companies and reach out to decision makers.

Companies in channel sales

Target companies in consumer space

Companies that are into ecommerce sales or entertainment business keep on running promotions on their channels. This promotion helps them engage their user base and reward them time to time.

Reaching out to these companies effectively can give your business an edge over the others by not just giving you business but also establishing you as a brand when the other company use your brand as a way to reward their users.

Reaching out to such companies is an easy task if you use EasyLeadz sales automation tool.

List of ecommerce companies

Sales incentives to employees

Companies that have a direct sales team or customer support team can use your gift cards or gift products as a method to reward their sales team or customer success teams.

This gift can be linked to their performance and can be given by the employer to their sales or customer support/success teams.

Once it becomes a part of their program the business will keep become recurring.

You can search those companies over Linkedin and see which companies have a large sales team or customer support team.

Alternatively you can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool to find such companies like SAAS business who are more into direct sales and customer success and reach out to them automatically using the fully automated sales tool.

List of SAAS companies in USA

Also remember while reaching out to these companies make sure you also work on your email subject lines. Having a good subject line improves your email open rates and having a good email template helps you improve your response rates and meetings with these prospects.

Once you start reaching out to these companies keep working on your email deliverability and improve your response rates.

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Corporate Gifting Leads

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Sales Intelligence

How to get quality leads for web development agency

There are lakhs of web development companies in India and United States. Everyone is competing for the same customers and trying to win more clients.

Its a tough market to be into. If you do not innovate then your revenues will not grow at a pace that you expect it to grow.

Generating high quality leads for web development agency is not hard if you understand your customers well and prepare a targeted accounts list based on relevancy and stop targeting companies randomly.

I will share some targeting criterions that will help you target more relevant companies and generate good quality leads for your web development business.

Target recently funded companies

When are the companies more likely to invest into web development or mobile app development?

The answer is : When they have money to invest and when they have a need to invest and on top of when they want their product to be revamped or likely to grow fast.

All the above factors are checked when a company raises funds. As this company will be now keen on investing money into product upgrade, technology and infrastructure upgrade and already have a need to grow fast.

Thus, targeting companies who have recently raised funding becomes the number one priority for any web development company.

You can use google news to search for such announcements daily or you can use a fully automated sales solution like EasyLeadz using which you can find recently funded companies, find the right decision makers in those companies and automatically trigger an email to the prospects.

Easyleadz – list of recently funded startups

Target companies hiring for web developers

Who else is more likely to invest into outsourcing their web development work to an agency?

The companies who are already showing an intent that they have web development projects in hand.

The companies who are actively hiring for web developers or similar roles are already investing money into projects related to web development.

Thus, they become more relevant when it comes to targeting companies for your web development agency.

Instead of randomly targeting companies if you can streamline your targeting criterion and reach out to more relevant companies then it will give you a better targeting approach and improve your response rates on your sales campaigns.

You can use either job portals to track companies actively hiring for roles related to web development or you can use EasyLeadz to track such companies and put your outbound sales on auto pilot mode.

EasyLeadz sales prospecting tool will automatically track such companies daily and reach out to the decision makers in those companies and send them an email.

Companies hiring for web developers

While reaching out to these companies there are few things that you will have to remembers:

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

Web Development Leads

How to generate quality leads for cloud business

I have been writing articles on lead generation for several use cases. One that always fascinate me is cloud computing specially because everything is moving to cloud these days.

Digital transformation is pushing every business to adopt cloud solutions for their business processes and their products or services they offer to their consumers.

This gives immense opportunities for cloud service providers. I will talk more about how you can leverage sales intelligence to reach out to right companies for your cloud business and generate high quality leads.

Target recently funded companies

Most funded companies press the pedal on growth instantly after they got money in their bank. This growth can be scaled using a cloud server or a service provider that can support this growth.

If you reach out to these companies right after they have got funding then your chances of having a high quality prospect improves a lot compared to if you reach out to the same companies before or too late.

In order to reach out to recently funded startups, you can either do google news search daily or use tools like EasyLeadz using which you can put your sales outreach on autopilot.

EasyLeadz sales automation tool will automatically find recently funded companies and find the right decision makers in these companies and reach out to them over their emails.

Recently funded startups

Target ecommerce & SAAS companies

The companies who are more inclined towards cloud solutions are consumer focussed companies that serve massive user base.

Ecommerce companies are on cloud usually and also companies who provide software as a service (SAAS) to their customers.

You can reach out to these companies in order to optimise your sales performance and improve your ideal customer profile persona and lead generation.

The process of finding ecommerce companies or SAAS companies can also be automated using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool.

Ecommerce companies in USA

Target companies actively hiring for roles like cloud

The companies who are actively hiring for roles like data analytics, big data, cloud security, cloud computing are the companies who already have a cloud or they are planning to upgrade to a cloud server.

Either ways it means your outreach to these companies becomes relevant.

Reaching out to these companies will improve your conversion rates compared to randomly targeting companies.

EasyLeadz can track companies who are hiring for cloud computing roles and automatically reach out to the right decision makers in these companies.

This automated sales solution can save you hours of manual research and help you scale your lead generation process.

Companies hiring for cloud computing

While reaching out to these companies you will have to work on your email templates and always experiment with your cold email subject lines.

A good subject line can improve your open rates and having a good personalised cold email template can improve your response rates.

Once you have started to reach out to these companies you can work on improving your cold email deliverability by using best practices.

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How To Generate Quality Leads For Advertising Business

Thousands of advertising agencies and software tools exist today and its a competitive space. Finding more clients in this space is challenge to sales representatives.

The reason most sales people struggle in finding leads for their advertising business is because they rely too much on referrals and often do random cold calling to companies.

I am going to share some tips on how you can generate high quality leads for your advertising business.

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding from investors will have money with them. The first thing that any company do after they have money is that they invest in marketing and growth.

So reaching out to companies at this point will lead to a higher conversion because their focus will be to grow marketing function of their organisation.

An advertising agency can reach out to these companies and customise their offering according to the business of the company and generate high quality leads.

List of recently funded startups

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can automate the process of finding recently funded companies, find the decision makers in those companies and reach out to those decision makers over email.

Target companies hiring for specific roles

Companies who are hiring for roles like digital marketing, advertising, media planner are the ones who have already decided that they want to invest more money in advertising and marketing function of their organisation.

As an advertising agency if you reach out to these companies at the right time there will be better chances of conversion and a potential client.

Hiring is a big aspect of a company focus area. If any company is hiring for SEO it means they want to grow their SEO and have a budget allocated for SEO.

Companies hiring for marketing roles

EasyLeadz sales automation tool can find these companies on a daily basis and find the right decision makers in these companies.

Once it has found the decision makers it will start reaching out to them over email using a personalised template that you can setup in the dashboard.

Target using niche sectors like Ecommerce

The other targeting criterion can be niche sectors like Ecommerce companies. You will have to understand that the kind of companies who invest more into advertising are more consumer focussed companies and they invest heavy chunk of their money into offline advertising.

So in order to optimise your cold email conversion you can start targeting companies sector wise based on whether are Ecommerce or not.

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can find list of ecommerce companies and automatically reach out to the decision makers in those companies over email.

List of e-commerce companies

Key to generating good quality leads is understanding your Ideal customer profile and having a good email subject line and a well defined cold email template.

Once you have these things in place you can then focus on improving your cold email deliverability and use a proper sales follow up sequence to improve your response rates.

Advertising Agency

B2b Leads

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

Sales Intelligence

Sales Research

How to automate follow up emails & increase b2b leads

Lead generation is hard for several reasons. One of them is not having a proper follow up email strategy. Most of the sales people send one email to their prospect and then expect them to reply.

It is said by several experts including Harward Business Review that a good follow up email sequence includes around 7-9 email touch to a prospect and that’s when salespeople get the most of the responses.

Why is having a sales follow up sequence so relevant?

When you send a cold email to a prospect then its said as per your timing and this do not include factors that are out of your control like:

  • your prospect is travelling
  • your prospect is working on something really important and they have not checked your email
  • your prospect is on vacations

Now lets say you send one email to your prospect and wait for them to respond you back. If they fall into any of the above criterions then chances are your email went into ignore zone.

Now let’s say you have sent one email and waited for 3-4 days and sent another follow up email. This time, your prospect was available and had some time to check your email.

Your chance of getting a response have increased a lot in this case.

How to create a follow up email sequence?

The reason why most people do not send follow up emails is because they have to keep a track of it manually and do not get time to track which of your prospect have replied you back and who have not.

By using a reply tracking and automated email sender tool, you can get rid of this problem completely.

There are several tools which can help you in automating your email follow ups:

EasyLeadz has an integrated sales follow up email sequence manager which can track which of your prospects have replied you on the first email. Once they reply, it will stop sending them further emails. If they do no reply on the first email then it will automatically send them a follow up email after 2-3 days of interval.

You can add as many as follow up emails as you want and set interval gap.

Follow up email campaign dashboard

In order to create a follow up email sequence you will have to create a good cold email template including follow up emails.

Having a good email copy improves your chances of getting responses.

Another critical factor that needs to be considered is email subject lines.

Email personalisation

Once you have your email templates ready including follow up sequences then you can setup all your emails in either Easyleadz or any other tool of your choice.

Using a proper follow up email sequence will improve your response rates by atleast 30-40% if not higher.

Once you have setup your email campaign then you can monitor its open rates, response rates and also work on improving your email deliverability.

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Email Automation

Sales Automation

How to get leads for chat support tool

Every day the job of the sales person is getting difficult because of low attention span of customers.

Sales people reach out to 1000 prospects and get only limited replies and often get disheartened.

There can be many reasons for not being able to generate good quality leads, few of them are:

  • Not defining your ideal customer profiles
  • Not having a well targeted B2B list
  • Poor quality database
  • Not having an effective email template and follow up strategy
  • Not improving your targeting consistently based on results

We at EasyLeadz too faced this challenges in initial days, that’s why we built our own tool EasyBot which can research companies for us, find the right decision makers and initiate a conversation with them over email.

Based on our experience of working with many chat support tools I am sharing some effective tips that can help you generate quality leads for your chat support tool business.

Target recently funded companies

The reason why recently funded companies are relevant to any chat support tool is that these companies have now money in their bank and they can invest this money in improving their customer support function.

Now, if you are a customer support or chat support tool provider then reaching out to these companies can improve your chances of generating a quality lead.

There are many ways to track such companies:

  • Crunchbase
  • Google news articles
  • EasyLeadz automated sales intelligence tool

If you go to Crunchbase then you can find daily alerts of funded companies globally. The only challenge will be that in their free plan you cannot setup email alerts or download the list.

You will have to manually go every day (infact every few hours) to track these companies.


The other method of tracking recently funded companies will be setting up Google news alerts.

You will receive notifications whenever there is a keyword mention like “startup funding” in google news. The problem with this approach is that you will miss lot of these companies as not everyone gets a news article coverage for their funding announcement.

Google alerts for recently funded startups

The third approach is using EasyLeadz sales intelligence platform that will automatically track recently funded companies and even find the right decision makers in these companies and reach out to them over emails with a personalised email template that you can edit.

Recently funded startups EasyLeadz

You can filter companies based on industry, their headquarters and employee size. There are advanced filters like Ecommerce, SAAS and technology used by the companies.

Once you setup an EasyBot – it can literally work like your sales person 24/7 and start finding funded companies daily and reach out to the decision makers over their emails via your connected email account.

We use the same method to reach out to B2B companies who have recently raised funding as they will now spend more money on sales and can use tool like EasyLeadz.

Target companies hiring for complementary roles

The other effective strategy is to track companies who are hiring for roles that are complementary to your business.

In your case a company that is hiring for chat support or customer support or customer service roles are more relevant.

Why you should care to track such companies?

Its simple. If a company is hiring for customer support than it clearly means they have more need for customer support and this company is already having a budget to afford a person for customer role and is determined to address challenges in customer support function.

A company that is already investing money in this function is the one who is more likely to invest money in a tool for customer support.

You can use following methods to track such companies:

  • Google job search
  • Job portals like Indeed, Naukri
  • EasyLeadz sales automation tool

In Google job search enter roles like customer support, chat support and track such companies daily. After tracking these companies you can also use free email finder tools to find the email id’s of decision makers in these companies.

Reach out to these companies to identify whether they have a need for a chat support tool or not.

Google job search

The challenge will be if you want to further narrow down your search and do it daily then it becomes too much manual work for any sales person to do.

The other option is to go to job portals like Indeed or and track companies who are hiring for customer support roles.

Job portal Indeed

The challenge will still remain the same i.e how to do it manually at a scale and narrow down your search by size of company, industry of the company, location of the prospects, further advanced targeting criterions like SAAS, Ecommerce and many more options.

Third option is to use Easyleadz sales intelligence and automation tool to track companies who are hiring for customer support role and setup an EasyBot to capture those companies daily.

Once EasyBot captures these companies it will start finding the right decision makers as per your defined criterion and start reaching out to them over email with a personalised email template added by you.

EasyLeadz hiring intent signals

Target companies by technologies they use

The other targeting criterion is by identifying what kind of technologies your customers are using.

By technology I mean if they are already using your competitors chat support tool then you can reach out to them.

You can always customise your email campaign based on this particular targeting criterion and include in your email copy more information on how you are better than your competitor’s chat support tool.

There are two methods to find such companies:-

  • Builtwith technology finder tool
  • EasyLeadz sales intelligence & automation tool

If you have a tool which is similar to Intercom then you can search for which companies are using Intercom already by using Builtwith or EasyLeadz.

Once you have that list you can find the right decision makers either over Linkedin or use a free email finder tool like EasyEmail finder.

After you have the list then you can start reaching out to these prospects over email and follow up if they don’t reply you back. This too can be automated using several tools like Replyup or Mailshake or EasyLeadz.

Builtwith Intercom

Builtwith is a great tool which can be used for your initial research.

The only challenge will be to automate this process because once you have the list of companies after that you will have to apply several other factors like location, job roles, company size, industry, company type in order to narrow down your company targeting.

The other option is to use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool to automate this process of finding companies using Intercom and reach out to the decision makers over email.

Companies using Intercom

EasyLeadz will keep tracking such companies and reach out to the right decision makers all by itself thus saving you tons of manual research.

Target companies by their business model

Depending on what type of companies are your existing users you can narrow down your search criterion by targeting companies based on their business model and reach out to right prospects.

If your chat support tool is used by B2C companies like ecommerce companies then you can track ecommerce companies and reach out to them.

If your chat support tool is used by mostly technology companies like SAAS companies then you can just focus on SAAS companies in order to generate more effective leads.

This can be further narrowed down by the industry of the company like if your chat support tool is more relevant to fashion based ecommerce companies then you can do that.

In order to target ecommerce companies or find list of SAAS companies you can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool.

Ecommerce companies in USA

EasyLeadz sales automation bot – EasyBot – will automatically find more ecommerce companies and start reaching out to them over email and follow up with consistently to generate more leads on its own thus saving you manual hours you may otherwise spend on researching companies.

SAAS companies in USA

Thus, the need to do manual research can be eliminated by using sales automation tools or you can still do the same thing manually by using free information providers like Google and generate more quality leads for your chat support tool.

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How to create a high quality B2B targeting list

When you do outbound sales for lead generation the most important aspect is to create a high quality B2B targeting list for your campaigns.

If the targeting list is not right, everything else is just waste of time and resources.

The most important factors that you will have to take into account while creating your targeting list are:

  • Having a well defined Ideal Customer Profile
  • Prepare a list of prospects and their emails
  • Verifying the targeting list before campaigns

Use a well defined ideal customer profile

When you do outbound sales then even before writing your first cold email template you need to identify who are the most prominent buyers of your product or services.

The process of identifying the right prospects falls into the purview of creating an ideal customer profile.

Ideal customer means that you have a clear understanding of your buyers profile that is where do they live, which industry they fall into, how many employees they have in their organisation, how much revenue they have.

Once you have defined a ideal customer profile then next step is to figure out where to get the information of your prospects i.e their company and decision makers information.

Check out: The guide to creating a killer Ideal Customer Profile

Prepare a list of prospects

In order to prepare a list of prospects including the decision makers information and their emails you can use EasyLeadz tool.

Let’s say your ideal customer profile is following:

  • Industry of prospect: Retail, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services
  • Location: United States
  • Size of the company: Mid size firms i.e having 50 to 500 employees
  • Title of decision makers: Head of marketing, VP of marketing, Director of Marketing

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool EasyBot you can instantly create your B2B targeting list.

Create B2B targeting list

You can also use other tools like:

Verify your targeting list

Once your targeting list is ready then before sending out emails you should verify the email list.

If you send emails that get bounced back then your domain authority goes down which means your future emails will either go in SPAM or in promotion box.

Its always better to have a clean email list which has 100 prospects instead of 1000 prospects whose emails will go bounce.

If you use EasyLeadz then you don’t have to verify emails as all emails are pre verified with 10 step AI based SMTP verification process.

If you use other tools to prepare your emails then you may have to verify your emails.

There are two great tools that you may use to verify your emails in bulk:

You can simply upload your bulk list in excel and download the list back with information of whether emails are verified, not verified or catch all emails.

Always prefer to send emails to only verified emails.

Once you are ready with your verified list of targeting accounts and contacts then you can focus on other aspects like writing an effective cold email, using sales automation tools to send email campaigns.

B2b List Building

B2b Sales

Cold Emails