Everything You Need To Know About Enterprise Sales

The world of sales has changed more than most industries in the last decade. Consumers have more power than ever and information is literally at their fingertips. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to evolve their enterprise sales strategies to meet current consumer needs.

If you’re looking to adopt enterprise sales techniques in your organization. But, if you aren’t sure where to start, this blog will help! It covers everything. Let’s get started!

What Is Enterprise Sales?

Enterprise sales is selling to large businesses or companies. In other words, enterprise sales is a channel of distribution that allows you to sell your products/services directly to corporations. This can be done through direct sales, business development reps (BDRs), or consultants who work on commission and get paid based on the size of their contracts.

Enterprise sales is different from small business sales because of the size of the companies you are selling to and the amount of money you can potentially make. Enterprise sales is often done over a longer period of time than small business sales, which makes it more strategic and complex.

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Importance Of Enterprise Sales

Enterprise sales is really important for businesses due to the following factors:

Build brand credibility with your customers

As an industry leader, you need to build trust with your clients by showing them how reliable and trustworthy you are as a company. Plus, they’ll want to do business with you again in the future if they see how much value you provide them now.

Kick-start your revenue with well-executed deals

If you’re a startup or an early stage company, there will be a point where your revenue will not be enough to sustain your business. One of the ways to get past this hurdle is through enterprise sales. This can also help you gain more experience in dealing with bigger clients and their needs.

Deepen your relationships for the long haul

Even if you don’t land an enterprise sale right away, it’s still worth pursuing because it can lead to long-term success with a single customer or client. In fact, many companies use enterprise sales as an opportunity to build relationships with their customers so they’ll come back again and again in the future — even if they don’t need something right now!

Challenges Of Enterprise Sales

The most common challenges of enterprise sales are:

Sales cycles are longer

In most cases, you can’t just jump on a call and close the deal within 24 hours. Enterprise sales often require multiple meetings over several weeks or months, so your prospecting strategy should change accordingly.

Selling motion needs to be airtight

When it comes to enterprise sales, there are no shortcuts — you can’t just tell someone “Our product is amazing!” and expect them to sign on the dotted line right away. Instead, you need to lay out your case in detail and give them all the information they need before they can make an informed decision about whether or not your product is right for them.

How To Create An Enterprise Sales Model?

The enterprise sales process is complicated, but the basic steps are simple. Just remember: It’s all about selling the right thing to the right person at the right time for the right reasons.

Sell the right thing

When you’re selling to enterprise customers, it’s not just about having a solution that fits the problem. You need to have a solution that fits your business.

Selling to enterprise customers means understanding how different companies work and what makes them tick. You need to understand the priorities of your target customer and connect your product or service to those needs. So, focus on selling one thing really well.

Focus on the sweet spot in your market

Enterprise sales often come down to prioritizing your accounts — deciding which prospects are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t. How can you strategically allocate resources so that each salesperson works closely with the most promising clients?

The temptation to expand into every market is strong. To avoid spreading yourself too thin, focus on the markets where you have the highest chances of success and forget about everywhere else.

Get into “solutioning”

This means working with customers to understand their pain points and helping them find solutions rather than just selling products or services.

How To Succeed In Enterprise Sales?

Here are some helpful tips on how to succeed in enterprise sales:

Understand the customer’s pain points

Before even getting started with the sales process, it’s important to understand what your customer’s pain points are. You can do this by speaking with them directly or looking at their website or marketing materials.

By getting a sense of what they’re trying to accomplish and what challenges they’re facing, you’ll be better equipped to demonstrate how your product or service will help them get closer to their goals.

Understand the customer’s business needs

Try and get a better understanding of the customer’s business needs. Why do they want your product or service? What problems does it solve? How does it fit into their overall strategy? These questions will help you tailor your pitch so that it addresses exactly what they need right now instead of trying to sell something that doesn’t make sense for them right now (or ever).

Understand the customer’s buying process and buying decision-making process

You need to know how many people will be involved in the decision-making process, who they are, and their roles. For example, if your customer is a large corporation with multiple divisions, each division may have its own budget and purchasing requirements.

Understand their organizational structure and culture, as well as how it impacts purchasing decisions

For example, if your customer is a small business with few employees but lots of owner involvement in decision-making, then your product might not be suitable for them because only one person would be able to benefit from it.

On the other hand, if your customer is a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees but limited ownership involvement in decision-making, then your product might be perfect for them.

We hope the information provided here will be beneficial for you.

You can increase your sales 2x with the help of Mr.E tool, by EasyLeadz, the B2B contact data provider of top management.

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Master The Art Of Technology Selling With Farhana Haque, Microsoft

Are you in tech sales? Do you want to master the art of technology selling? Or do you want to understand the tech sales better?

If either is the case, this Masters of Sales podcast featuring Farhana Haque is for you. The world of technology is a fast-paced and exciting place. So, tech sales are an important part of a business. And to succeed in it, you need to use the right approach.

But, what’s the right strategy to make tech sales consistently?

Let’s dive in.

This image represents a quote by Farhana Haque that says, "Technology Selling is about building that trusted advisor status where the customer wants and trusts you to solve the problem for them".

Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of EasyLeadz – the B2B contact data provider, invited Farhana Haque on the Masters of Sales platform to make you learn the hidden secrets of technology selling. Currently, she is the Group Director for Devices at Microsoft.

She is a tech sales veteran with two decades of experience in technology selling. Before Microsoft, she worked with Vodafone, Infosys, and IBM. She is a perfectionist who has a “Never Give Up Attitude” to accomplish her personal and professional goals. She does everything possible that helps in meeting the client’s unique requirements.

During the podcast, Farhana shared her deep insights about technology selling by bringing its hidden secrets to light. Moreover, these secrets will not only help you in your tech sales but also boost your business development skills.

Role of Farhana At Microsoft

Talking about her day-to-day role at Microsoft, Farhana revealed that she has a fun job. She is responsible for working with all the partners who empower the Edge, or all the OEM partners. Her job is to work with them and see how they can build better solutions for their customers and consumers.

Before moving further, here is a pro tip for you to improve your technology selling:

The image represents a pro tip on technology selling which states that you do not have to be a technology expert to succeed as a technology seller. You just need to be a person who knows how to engage your prospects and close the deal with your clients.

Let’s get started.

A Basic Element of Technology Selling

Farhana has been selling technology in the country for the last 12 years. According to her, technology in the way we deal is internally always being critical. For example, through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, entrepreneurs can set the conversations with the right stakeholders. It also helps them to identify connections and build conversations with those connections.

But, before leveraging technology, you must understand the basic foundation of sales. Sales are about relationships. In fact, even technology selling is also about building that trusted advisor status where the customer wants and trusts you to be able to solve the problem for them. It is a bit of consulting, a bit of being an advisor and very little selling.

So, you must have a Sales Navigator to identify who are those connections who can help you to build that trust level.

This image represents a quote by Farhana Haque that says, "If you can't understand the customer's need or explain how you can solve the problem, you may not be able to be a good seller".

Will Hybrid Work Culture Stay Forever?

Speaking about hybrid work culture, Farhana said, it is totally acceptable to have meetings online, hybrid meetings, negotiations and closures. Because the hybrid work culture is going to stay for a longer period. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to work and grow at your own pace, which is the beauty of it.

A New Microsoft Emerging Out of India

When Farhana was asked, “Will a new Microsoft come out of India?” She responded that why we even need that. As already there are original tech startups in India. For example, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, etc. These companies also started from scratch and now they are ruling the nation.

Do Startups Sell Aggressively?

Putting her thoughts on this, she said, “Everyone has their own culture, when you start small, you have to be known for something. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) should be a function of what your startup is.”

She also added that startups are not aggressive while selling. Actually, when they have a new business model, they just need to work aggressively to build that ecosystem for selling.

Where To Invest 10,000 Dollars?

During the podcast, Nitin asked her if he gives her 10,000 dollars to invest in one startup/industry today, then in which startup she will invest.

To this, she answered, “I would put something in and around sustainability or good living, that cuts across segments, it could be retail, healthcare, or manufacturing. But we owe to our children to make the world a little better. As there is so much carbon emission happening, so I think if we could support all of those companies working in that space to make the world greener. I would like to invest in that.

This image represents a quote by Farhana Haque that says, "Career is not a Sprint, it's a Marathon, it has ups and downs, pauses and sprints".

What Aspect of Selling Works In One Sector But Not In Other?

Technology selling is always about business selling. According to Farhana, the one foundation stone of selling that always works in every sector is to understand that there is no one size fits all. Even in the same sector, companies operate separately.

For Farhana, selling is not about numbers, driving revenue and pushing things. The basic 1:1 sale tip for any seller is to give respect to your customers and you can give respect to them by understanding their industry or organization.

Moreover, as a salesperson, it is his/her duty to show respect to the organization (customer’s organization) by understanding what they keep their priorities. Customers always come first. In sales, you cannot push your story, it is about understanding what your customers need and how you can help them.

Does Partner Marketing Work For StartUps?

Enlightening her views on building a partner marketing channel for startups, Ms Haque stated that it is really important to have the right partners. When you are setting up a partner ecosystem, keep these points in your mind:

  • Understand who are the partners or which are the channels more relevant for you (who are you selling to)
  • Identify which is the best channel that routes to market for you
  • Then identify who are the best people in that channel who can help you communicate in this vision
  • Start with less partners like 1 partner or 2 partners
  • Focus your entire energy on enabling your partners to be successful in their jobs

One of the biggest pitfalls is that startups have so many partners so they are not able to enable them correctly. But, if they have 1 or 2 partners in different channels, then they can scale depending on their business model.

Is Partner Marketing Useful For Product-based Business Or Service-based Business?

According to Farhana, when you are selling a service, you will always have much stronger people, but that does not mean you can avoid partner marketing. You still have to do partner marketing, but the flavours and programs will be very different. There is always a balance in the sales cycle, whether it’s a product-based business or service-based business.

This image represents a quote by Farhana Haque that says, "Don't throw people into the problem. Throwing them into the problem never solves the problem".

Farhana’s Secrets Behind Acquiring Customers

There are two things that Farhana followed religiously during her 20 years of experience in technology selling.

  1. Be yourself:- Be authentic or honest. If you know something, you know and if don’t know, you don’t. If you are true to yourself, your job, and your company, you will do really well.
  2. Always be open to learning:- The only way to evolve is to learn and to learn you do not need to change your job.

Tools That Make Life Easier While Selling

Apart from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Premium membership are some mandatory tools to have especially while selling. These tools help you reach millions of professionals and identify the quality prospects for your business.

Hope this helps you out in your journey of technology selling. To learn more useful insights for driving sales in various sectors, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

Watch the entire video to find the hidden secrets behind technology selling.

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Chase Your Sales Goals With Nishant Varshney, Sprinklr

This Masters of Sales podcast features Nishant Varshney, Sprinklr. In today’s competitive era, every salesperson desire to boost their sales. But, are they following the right marketing strategy to generate higher revenue? Let’s find out with the help of Nishant’s live examples.

“Success in Sales is the result of discipline, dedication and sacrifice” – Thomas Roy Chromwell

Nitin Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Easyleadzthe B2B contact data provider, hosted an interactive session with Nishant Varshney, a perfect blend of EQ and IQ. During the session, Nishant disclosed his deep insights on sales and marketing using wonderful analogies. He is a Sales and Business Development leader and a phenomenal personality who always leads by example.

More so, Nishant has 12+ years of Sales Experience in SAAS, Cloud & Managed Services. He has upskilled constantly by working in the organisations like Crown Worldwide Group, Nippon Express, ADP, Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd & Freshworks. Currently, he is working with Sprinklr as the Director – Sales & Business Development.

Besides this, his positive attitude to get things done is contagious. Nishant, a fully energetic & enthusiastic person, is also an exceptional leader who holds a PGDM degree in Retail & Marketing Management.

His core experience in Enterprise & Mid-Market sales across various industries resulted in building up a business from scratch, driving revenues, and maintaining client relationships. His way to manage people makes him outshine and very different from others.

Moving ahead, Nishant started his sales journey by selling mobility solutions in the Crown company. But, he stepped into the world of technology through ADP.

How to chase Sales Goals?

From his more than 12 years of work experience, Nishant shared deep factors which should be considered while driving sales, revenues and businesses. These factors depend upon the demographics, analytics and marketing strategies.

While performing for different locations, he revealed having an understanding of the marketing culture for those locations is the first step towards making sales. For example, you cannot run the same marketing campaign in India as well as the US. As there’s still a chance to convert a “NO” into “YES” from Indians. But for the US people, No means No. So, at that point calling them again for selling doesn’t make any sense.

In order to boost your sales, he recommended it is really important to know the customer’s requirements as well as consumption. Because, if the customer does not consume the product more than 60% then there’s no sense in selling that product to the customer. The consumption rate will decide the retention rate. Moreover, the consumption rate of a customer from Day 1 is becoming the first metric to analyze the sales growth.

Apart from this, Nishant has disclosed many basic things to boost your sales that sales professionals often ignore. To figure it out, come and learn sales with Nishant Varshney by watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this content, for more such informative sales concepts, stay tuned to EasyLeadz.

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The Curious Case of Right TIMING in B2B Sales

Businesses fail just because of TIMING. Don’t worry if I started with a bad note. Like every Bollywood movie, things will end happily at the end. Or not, I am an Anurag Kashyap fan.

Launching too early or launching too late. Pitching too early or pitching too late. Proposing too early or proposing too late.

All that matters is the TIME when you do it.

While you cannot predict, but you can always optimise.

Sales also have this element of TIME in it. Every sale that happens, happens at a TIME when the buyer needs your services or products the MOST.

That’s why it’s important to understand this curious case of TIMING in terms of B2B sales.

Let’s break it down and see where all TIMING can impact your B2B sales and closure rates.

Prospecting stage

When you reach out to a company for pitching your product or services, you need to understand at what stage the company is in the need of your products.

Let’s say you offer digital marketing services to startups. Now if you reach out to every other startup, at random time, the chances are that you won’t hear back anything from the decision-makers.

The right time for you to pitch your digital marketing services will be:-

Funding round

The startups who have raised funds are the ones who will be now at a stage where they want to invest into digital marketing and that’s the right TIME when you should reach out to them to pitch your digital marketing services.

This is the TIME when the investors will push the founders of the startup to start investing in growth, start hiring for an agency to push their mobile app downloads, increase website traffic and drive quality leads to the startup.

This is the TIME when a digital marketing company or perhaps any company selling to startups, should ideally reach out to the startup, if not any other time.

Hiring a digital marketing person

Another important TIMING milestone is when the startup decides to hire a dedicated digital marketing person.

This means, the company has budget allocated for digital marketing and more importantly their focus is to grow digital marketing.

That’s the perfect time for any company to pitch digital marketing services to the startup company.

While there will be many startups who will strictly be looking for a dedicated and full-time person as an employee, there will be many who are more likely to outsource to a third-party digital marketing agency, if the value proposition is aligned.

Launching a new product

A company that has recently launched a new store, a new mobile app or a new product is more likely to invest in digital marketing than a company who has nothing going on from last year.

This is about the TIMING of launching a new product.

Let’s say you launch a new product, what would you do next?

Promote it through offline or online channels.

This is what everyone would do and this is what you have to find out and reach out to those companies who have launched new products or apps or stores etc.

Decision-making stage

Let’s say you have moved passed the stage where the company has already shown interest in your product or services.

The next stage is where you will have to flow in the river of several follow-ups, pushy sales calls, stalking the buyer on social media and many more such Anurag Kashyap’s thrillers acts, like this.

All this becomes overwhelming when there are many such customers in the pipeline.

It’s important to identify where you have to invest more energy and resources when you follow-up with those customers.

A customer who opens up your email 2 times a day has more chances of closure compared to someone who has never even clicked on your website.

All these signals help a salesperson identify the time and the opportunities to schedule a follow-up email and sales calls.

There are many tools that will help you track such important events and help you prioritise the timing of your follow-ups and calls.

So next time when you think of sending a cold email to a prospective customer think about it hard and understand where in the lifecycle of their business, the customer is.

Identify the critical milestones and reach out to the customers at the right time to optimise your lead funnel and closure rates.

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Top 5 sales triggers you can track easily and sell more.

sales triggers

Whether you are looking for a new deal or figuring out how to move existing deals forward quickly, tracking sales triggers adds momentum to your efforts.

What are sales triggers?

Sales triggers are events that signal an opportunity for cross-selling, upselling or new customer acquisition. 

In sales, timing is everything, as per Craig Elias, author of Shift Selling, your odds of closing a sale improve by 74% if you reach out to the decision-makers at the right time

Tracking sales triggers provide sales reps with unique business context to initiate highly personalized conversations at the right time. 

Sales triggers help you uncover actionable insights both at the account and prospect level.

Getting the information about an event is only half the job done as your competitors might also be receiving similar information. How you use the insights to make a conversation relevant to your prospect gives you the real edge. 

Here are 5 sales triggers you can track easily. We will also cover how to track and effectively use them.

1. New Funding round or Additional Funding.

2. Geographical Expansion/New Market Entry.

3. New Product/Service launch.

4. New Hirings.

5. Management changes

1. New Funding or Additional Funding round  

Any company raising funds is an indication of an increased budget for spending across functions. Companies’ focus areas of investing fresh money may vary depending on the stage at which they have raised new or additional funding.

An early-stage company might plan to spend more on product and services that help accelerate growth from a marketing and sales perspective, whereas, a late-stage company may look to expand to a new market or geography or build a new product line.

Based on the stage identify which companies can benefit most out of your product/services. 

How to track – 

Globally on an average 1000-1200 companies raise new rounds of funding and there are multiple sources you can use to stay fully updated – 

1. Using Google Alerts, you can set daily funding alerts globally or any specific geography.

funding alert

2. Use Easyleadz to access recently funded startups and contacts, list is updated on a regular basis and download needs a small share and love from you.

recently funded startups

3. You can use Crunchbase Pro to set alerts for receiving regular updates about funding.


How to personalize messaging

Your prospects would be getting Congratulatory messages left, right and center. Congratulate them but go beyond just congratulating and immediately making your ask. 

Use insights from funding information to share how exactly they stand to benefit from your product/services at this point in time. Create urgency without being pushy.

For e.g.

It takes persistence to build a thriving and growing business, on top of it getting the validation from the investment community is commendable. I wanted to congratulate you for the recent funding round.

At this phase of the growth, businesses start adopting processes to build a scalable customer services team, with it comes to the need for implementing a scalable customer service software.

We at X  helped companies like {similar customers to the one you are approaching} at the same stage {benefits}.

2. Geographical Expansion/New Market Entry

An existing customer of yours might be having plans to start pitching their product to a new market or a foreign entity may be planning to move into the geography you already serve.

In such events budgets are already lined up for expansion and the time is right to make a move and engage the decision-makers early. 

This is also the time when companies start making new hires. 

How to track –

1. Business expansion news via Google Alerts

2. LinkedIn sends Daily Rundown every morning and covers majors Industry and Company events. Follow target company pages and any company related mentions or news will appear in your feed.

news alerts

3. Twitter is another free source where companies send out such announce via their official handles or you can use Twitter’s advanced search functionality to search for specific keywords.

twitter search

How to personalize messaging

Expansion to any geography or market brings its own set of challenges like identifying new vendors, hiring locally, looking for new office space, etc. 

Identify the pain points your product/service stands best to address. Be specific with how you have helped other companies post-expansion. 

If you have helped a competitor and it has been a success even better.

For e.g.

I came across the news of your companies plans of expanding to X {location/geography/market} and having an immediate conversation would be valuable.

We at {company name} have helped companies like A, B, and C in building a talented team of software developers by connecting them with top-notch talent in X {location}

3. New Product/Service Launch

Whenever new product or services are launched or about to be launched, there are budgets and resources already allocated. 

For e.g. An e-commerce company moving to an omnichannel retail strategy by opening up a line of stores.

Generally, there are two types of opportunities that open up – 

  • When there is an announcement of an upcoming launch.
  • When a company has recently launched.

Depending, in which scenario your product/service could benefit you can track either or both.

How to track

1. Use Twitter to get information about upcoming and recent launches using keywords like “recently launched” and “launching soon”.

2. Google alerts

3. Follow company pages on LinkedIn for updates.

How to personalize messaging

Product/service launches present a short window of opportunity. It’s important to do your homework before reaching out to your prospects as to how exactly your product/service can make the launch successful.

For e.g.

With the launch of your new upcoming stores across 5 major cities, I thought to drop by and ask if we can connect and discuss, how we can help furnish your stores.

We at {company name} have helped companies like A, B, and C during their pre-launch phase of expanding their stores across the country.

4. New Hirings

Information about hiring patterns of a company can uncover a lot of insights which would otherwise be hard to find. All you need to do is access job boards regularly mostly free of cost.

Tracking hiring can help you identify – 

  • Fast-growing companies. If any company in small-mid size range has a lot of job openings across different functions that is your cue.
  • Technologies used by companies. Not all technologies used by a company can be uncovered from the outside, either you ask someone or look at which roles they are hiring for and indirectly identify. For e.g., If a company is hiring for Salesforce admin (given the company is not a hiring agency or technology services provider) they ought to be using Salesforce.
  • Product/Services they may need. Depending on the role a company is hiring for and growth in a particular function will help you identify if there could be an arising need for the product/service you are selling. 

We at Easyleadz have used New job hiring for prospecting and sending cold emails to companies hiring for B2B sales, Inside Sales and similar roles. Using this approach our response rates increased by 30-40% across all our campaigns as compared to targeting companies who are not currently hiring.

job hiring campaign

For one of the campaigns, we targeted startups hiring for Inside sales roles via Angel.co and got a 28% response rate primarily because we reached out at the right time while they are expanding their sales team and trying to drive more revenue.

How to Track – 

1. Set up customized job-alerts via Angel List For e.g., If you help companies in providing talent for Data analytics, set up job alerts for the hiring of Data analytics, Big data analytics, data science, and other similar roles.

angel hiring alert

2. Use LinkedIn Job search to track the number of open vacancies for particular accounts you are looking to target and more filters to create a targeted search.

linkedin job search

How to personalize messaging

You can use new hiring as a conversation starter, it also shows your prospect you are making efforts to know more about their company than just being generic.

For e.g.

My army of robots told me that you are hiring for Inside sales at @companyname. 

I thought of dropping a quick note about how we can help your expanding sales team by providing contact details of right decision makers for lead generation campaigns.

5. Management Changes

Whenever senior management changes take places, it leads to changes in how decision making is done at any organization. Creating an immediate impact at a new job is a top priority on every new hire’s agenda and more so at the C-level. 

If you can make a new VP make a positive impact at the start of their stint through your product/service, you not only have a loyal customer but also an advocate.

Track these changes – 

  • When a new senior-level management shift happens at your existing customer.
  • Senior-level management shift happens at an account you had been targeting. 
  • A senior-level manager at an existing customer moves to a C-level position at a new firm.
  • Promotions, a bit underused but you can use it to great effect with someone in your existing network or when you come to know of a new prospect moves from managerial to executive level.

Initially build a relationship and start pitching about your product/services down a few months into their tenure. Don’t pitch just when they have joined/moved as initially mostly it is about settling down and getting familiar with the new workplace. 

Decisions worth making generally start to take priority 2-3 months down the line. It is the most opportune time to close the sale.

How to Track – 

1. Set up Job alerts for senior-level executive positions relevant to you via Linkedin or Angel List

2. Use sales navigator to track job changes at positions you want to track along with other targeting criteria applicable. Linkedin also gives you a notification when someone in your network gets promoted or starts a new 

linkedin navigator

How to personalize messaging

Don’t just congratulate your prospect, everyone would be doing that instead take this opportunity to show your prospect how you can help them make an impact in their new role.

Keeping the conversation only to a congratulatory note would be the waste of an opportunity. 

For e.g.

I wanted to congratulate for assuming the responsibility of the VP of sales at @companyname. 

Hope you are settling down well in your new role and thought of sharing a few articles which might be helpful for getting started in your new role.


Wishing you success!

Here is what to do next

1. Tell us which sales trigger you have used and how

2. If you are curious to learn more about sales triggers. You can read more in this post by Hubspot

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How to generate quality leads for travel business

If you are into corporate travel business then your sales team will be working hard to find the qualified prospects and convert them into your customers.

Corporate travel is a highly competitive space and staying relevant in this space demands lot of sales efforts and a good customer service to retain the existing clients.

You need to understand which kind of customers will be more likely to spend money on corporate travel and approach them effectively.

I am sharing few tips on how you can target the right companies for your corporate travel business.

Target IT, Pharma, Management Consulting companies

As per a report published by Business Traveler, in USA alone companies spent 45 billion USD in travel.

Information technology, Pharma, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Construction companies spend the most on corporate travel.

So if you are a corporate travel business then you can reach out to companies in these industries and optimise your sales outreach.

Using EasyLeadz sales automation tool you can setup an EasyBot which can find companies in above segments and reach out to the decision makers over email automatically on your behalf.

EasyBot capturing Pharma companies

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding are the ones who will invest money into expansion and growth of the company.

They will be hiring more people and opening new offices in new locations. Hence an inherent need for more travel in coming months.

If you reach out to these companies right after they raise funding then your chances of converting them into a client improves a lot.

EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool tracks recently funded companies daily and automatically triggers a personalised email to the right decision makers, as preset by you.

List of recently funded startups

Target companies who launch new products

Companies that launch new products invest money in distributing those products into multiple regions. The people responsible for distribution travel a lot.

Track all recently launched products specially physical products and reach out to those companies at the right time.

Using a sales intelligence tool like EasyLeadz can solve your problem of finding such companies and reach out to them at scale. Thus helping your sales team to scale the process.

While doing all these targeting you will have to also work on following:-

B2b Sales

Cold Emails

Corporate Travel Leads

Lead Generation

Sales Automation

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How to generate quality leads for corporate gifting

You reach out to 100 companies and then you get disheartened that they are not replying to your emails. This is what a normal day looks like for a sales person.

This post is focussed on lead generation strategies for a corporate gifting business. Companies like Amazon are too in this space with their corporate gift cards. Others like Sodexo are also competing for the same pie of customer wallet.

So how can you compete with these big companies that have deep pockets?

By using these simple strategies you can reach out to more relevant companies and generate high quality leads for your corporate gifting business.

First and most important aspect is to understand who is more likely to spend money on corporate gifting and when are they more likely to invest.

One time is when there is a festival and the other time is a business milestone or a strategic employee or consumer promotion. Following are the use cases when a company buys corporate gifting or gift cards so to say:-

  • Employee gifting on birthdays etc
  • Sales incentives to sales people
  • Festival gifting like Christmas, Diwali, New year
  • Promotion for its customers like a giveaway campaign or reward program
  • Gifts to distributors or channel partners tied to their sales

Depending on where your use case is most relevant you can time your outreach according to that use case.

If your gifts are more used for Festivals then reaching out to corporates during that time is more relevant. However, if your gifts or gift cards can be used for other use cases then you can do your outreach all year using certain intelligence that I will share below.

Let’s see how you can compete with others and improve your lead generation.

Target companies with focus on employee wellness

One way is to target companies with a large number of employees (over and above 500) and the other way is to further optimise your outreach by targeting companies that are already investing money in employee welfare or wellness.

But how you can find those companies?

You can start by tracking companies that have a job role related to employee wellness or employee welfare or companies who are actively hiring for these roles.

These companies are already having a budget and dedicated team that focus on employee wellness so why not chase these companies that resonate with what your business do?

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can put this tracking on auto pilot mode. The tool will find such companies daily and find the right decision makers and reach out to them over email so that your sales team do not have to spend time manually on researching such companies.

Companies hiring for employee benefits

Target companies into channel sales or distribution

One of the major contributor to gifting business is distribution business. A company that has retail or distributors partners incentivises its partners using certain reward programs.

If that retail partner do a certain size of business then they are rewarded with a gift card.

This is major chunk of business for many corporate gifting companies.

If you are not thinking of this use case then you are missing out on a lot of business.

If you want to do such targeting then you can either do manual research on Linkedin or Google to find companies that have distribution or you can use EasyLeadz B2B sales automation tool to find such companies and reach out to decision makers.

Companies in channel sales

Target companies in consumer space

Companies that are into ecommerce sales or entertainment business keep on running promotions on their channels. This promotion helps them engage their user base and reward them time to time.

Reaching out to these companies effectively can give your business an edge over the others by not just giving you business but also establishing you as a brand when the other company use your brand as a way to reward their users.

Reaching out to such companies is an easy task if you use EasyLeadz sales automation tool.

List of ecommerce companies

Sales incentives to employees

Companies that have a direct sales team or customer support team can use your gift cards or gift products as a method to reward their sales team or customer success teams.

This gift can be linked to their performance and can be given by the employer to their sales or customer support/success teams.

Once it becomes a part of their program the business will keep become recurring.

You can search those companies over Linkedin and see which companies have a large sales team or customer support team.

Alternatively you can use EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool to find such companies like SAAS business who are more into direct sales and customer success and reach out to them automatically using the fully automated sales tool.

List of SAAS companies in USA

Also remember while reaching out to these companies make sure you also work on your email subject lines. Having a good subject line improves your email open rates and having a good email template helps you improve your response rates and meetings with these prospects.

Once you start reaching out to these companies keep working on your email deliverability and improve your response rates.

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How to generate quality leads for cloud business

I have been writing articles on lead generation for several use cases. One that always fascinate me is cloud computing specially because everything is moving to cloud these days.

Digital transformation is pushing every business to adopt cloud solutions for their business processes and their products or services they offer to their consumers.

This gives immense opportunities for cloud service providers. I will talk more about how you can leverage sales intelligence to reach out to right companies for your cloud business and generate high quality leads.

Target recently funded companies

Most funded companies press the pedal on growth instantly after they got money in their bank. This growth can be scaled using a cloud server or a service provider that can support this growth.

If you reach out to these companies right after they have got funding then your chances of having a high quality prospect improves a lot compared to if you reach out to the same companies before or too late.

In order to reach out to recently funded startups, you can either do google news search daily or use tools like EasyLeadz using which you can put your sales outreach on autopilot.

EasyLeadz sales automation tool will automatically find recently funded companies and find the right decision makers in these companies and reach out to them over their emails.

Recently funded startups

Target ecommerce & SAAS companies

The companies who are more inclined towards cloud solutions are consumer focussed companies that serve massive user base.

Ecommerce companies are on cloud usually and also companies who provide software as a service (SAAS) to their customers.

You can reach out to these companies in order to optimise your sales performance and improve your ideal customer profile persona and lead generation.

The process of finding ecommerce companies or SAAS companies can also be automated using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool.

Ecommerce companies in USA

Target companies actively hiring for roles like cloud

The companies who are actively hiring for roles like data analytics, big data, cloud security, cloud computing are the companies who already have a cloud or they are planning to upgrade to a cloud server.

Either ways it means your outreach to these companies becomes relevant.

Reaching out to these companies will improve your conversion rates compared to randomly targeting companies.

EasyLeadz can track companies who are hiring for cloud computing roles and automatically reach out to the right decision makers in these companies.

This automated sales solution can save you hours of manual research and help you scale your lead generation process.

Companies hiring for cloud computing

While reaching out to these companies you will have to work on your email templates and always experiment with your cold email subject lines.

A good subject line can improve your open rates and having a good personalised cold email template can improve your response rates.

Once you have started to reach out to these companies you can work on improving your cold email deliverability by using best practices.

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How To Generate Quality Leads For Advertising Business

Thousands of advertising agencies and software tools exist today and its a competitive space. Finding more clients in this space is challenge to sales representatives.

The reason most sales people struggle in finding leads for their advertising business is because they rely too much on referrals and often do random cold calling to companies.

I am going to share some tips on how you can generate high quality leads for your advertising business.

Target recently funded companies

Companies who have recently raised funding from investors will have money with them. The first thing that any company do after they have money is that they invest in marketing and growth.

So reaching out to companies at this point will lead to a higher conversion because their focus will be to grow marketing function of their organisation.

An advertising agency can reach out to these companies and customise their offering according to the business of the company and generate high quality leads.

List of recently funded startups

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can automate the process of finding recently funded companies, find the decision makers in those companies and reach out to those decision makers over email.

Target companies hiring for specific roles

Companies who are hiring for roles like digital marketing, advertising, media planner are the ones who have already decided that they want to invest more money in advertising and marketing function of their organisation.

As an advertising agency if you reach out to these companies at the right time there will be better chances of conversion and a potential client.

Hiring is a big aspect of a company focus area. If any company is hiring for SEO it means they want to grow their SEO and have a budget allocated for SEO.

Companies hiring for marketing roles

EasyLeadz sales automation tool can find these companies on a daily basis and find the right decision makers in these companies.

Once it has found the decision makers it will start reaching out to them over email using a personalised template that you can setup in the dashboard.

Target using niche sectors like Ecommerce

The other targeting criterion can be niche sectors like Ecommerce companies. You will have to understand that the kind of companies who invest more into advertising are more consumer focussed companies and they invest heavy chunk of their money into offline advertising.

So in order to optimise your cold email conversion you can start targeting companies sector wise based on whether are Ecommerce or not.

Using EasyLeadz sales intelligence tool you can find list of ecommerce companies and automatically reach out to the decision makers in those companies over email.

List of e-commerce companies

Key to generating good quality leads is understanding your Ideal customer profile and having a good email subject line and a well defined cold email template.

Once you have these things in place you can then focus on improving your cold email deliverability and use a proper sales follow up sequence to improve your response rates.

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